Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Describes Traumatic Experience At Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. How is it we are in America and the congress is in fear of ech other.
    If people are not held accountable for this in a real way, this just the beginning to a end of democracy, by way of the GOP party. Just watch

    1. @Chad Simmons no one stormed the capitol of the United States.
      It a huge different between, insurrection and protesting.
      Let go back 20 year, Bush/Gore,
      In florida the recount was in process and once Bush got in the lead in the count, the Supreme Court stop the count and gave the election to Bush, after all the counting was said and done completely. Gore had more votes then Bush. I ask you should there had been a protect, or insurrection on the capitol of the united States? I say no to ( insurrection) and it didnt happen and Gore conceded the next day.

    2. @Lonnie Blackmon 4- students were shot by National Guard troop at Ohio State, don’t act like a clash between the gov & anti gov protesters have never happened before, that’s what the leftist are suggesting

    3. @Chad Simmons again a clash on the streets is nothing compared to a insurrection and the four student that was killed was wrong, that was protect, not a insurrection, with that being said only one person was killed during the insurrection, but if that would have been people of black, brown color, it would have been a blood bath, they would be still cleaning up flesh, and blood off the capitol grounds. So protect and insurrection is totally two different type of clashes! So you support the insurrection that occurred january 6, 2021?

    4. @Lonnie Blackmon do I support fighting for a policitial cause? Yes Do I believe Joe Biden is the legitimate president? No!

    5. @Chad Simmons so just for the record, one person tells you, it was massive voters fraud, presented 60 case across the country to courts and lost, one state Georgia count 3 times, once by hand same result ( no voters fraud) and the lawyers for trump when asked by a real judge in court( ARE YOU CALMING VOTERS FRAUD) trumps own lawyer ( giuliani) ( power) and other say to the judge in court( NO WE ARE NOT CALMING VOTERS FRAUD) then those same lawyers turn around and tell you it’s massive voters fraud, those same lawyers when asked ro present the real evidence had nothing and still dont, and i say this because ( giuliani and power) is being sued for defamation both hasnt not present evidence of this massive voters fraud to this day, in fact power is quietly try to back out of this defamation law sue by Dominion, and you still believe it was just because trump says so. Wow
      Im done talking to you, because it clear you are a fool, and never argue with a fool because they only believe their own lies. In joy your trip to make believe land. Peace

    1. Anyone who actually cares about people and also happens to be totally gorgeous, will automatically be hated by right-wing, miserable, unloved little incel jerks. Guaranteed.

    2. Racist hate AOC, especially the powerful rich racist hate her even more, because she is highly intelligent, confident, a no non-sense influential political figure and not afraid speak up. Lets not forget young and beautiful inside and out.

  2. How many of the Capitol police are (not were, are) insurrectionists, and how many are patriots. I think we may need Interpol to come find out. There are too many insurrectionists among us.

    1. Speaker Pelosi has requested Lt. General Honore to come to the Capitol and make an thorough assessment of the Capitol police. I’m sure making sure some aren’t secret seditionists and white supremacists will be part of that.

  3. A right wing nut storms on to the house floor screaming at the top of his lungs and wearing a cave man costume and his supporters call AOC a drama queen. Right!?

    1. @Moving on ! Next ! That’s fine by me. By then she’ll have lots of experience and practice at being in congress.

    2. @Billkwando If you ever find yourself being hunted by a mob of foaming-at-the-mouth yahoos, let’s see how tough you are then.

    3. @Jimmy Grizz Nope, that’s bulshit. If AOC was male, instead of being a hot young female, you would be saying entirely different things about her and you know it.

  4. Capital police let them in telling them come this way 🤪 finish the investigation there are plenty of videos showing this ? Who allowed this ?

    1. @Sarah Shah My point,Karen,was little AOC wants our sympahty while supporting a sexual abuser. You liberal don’t seem to even know hypocracy when it’s slaps you in the face.

    2. @Sarah Shah not true AOC said she knew about it a week before it happened and heard it from others in congress also the FBI knew it was going to happen 2 weeks before and reported it to congress..they have the proof Trump did not cause was already planned before the 6th..that makes it unconstitutional and that is what the Republicans will say first day of hearings and throw it out

    3. @Sunshyne07 Fl The demonstration was planned, they even got a permit for it but going to the Capital building only occurred because Trump instigated his mob into going there. I guess you will only believe it when the impeachment hearings take place and all the video evidence is displayed.

  5. Morning Joe staff that uploads videos either hates everyone on that show or hates viewers because they always cut videos in the freakin middle of a sentence during the good part! WTF?

    1. They have to cut, paste and stitch things together…they can’t let you actually hear the whole thing….duh. You are a sheep remember. Your brain is little.

  6. Would you stop cutting off right in the middle of people speaking. Put the whole segment up there or not. You just cut Kasie right off.

  7. I hope they are keeping a secret service detail on her now. The young congressmen and women are going to have to get used to threats. So we can’t let them out of our sight. Stay safe and stay free.

  8. Maybe Kasie wants to take a moment here to again, applaud Sen Rob Portman (R) for his bipartisanship as she did the other day.

  9. When you have been abused, you learn to trust your feelings. You know when you are danger. You may still question it, but you know it’s not a time to let your guard down at all. One of my abusers was a state trooper. The badge means nothing. The eyes and facial expressions says it all.
    It just does.

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