Rep. Omar Responds To 'Biden Wants A Couple Hundred Thousand More Ilhan Omars’ Comment 1

Rep. Omar Responds To ‘Biden Wants A Couple Hundred Thousand More Ilhan Omars’ Comment


Some Republicans saying they do not want Afghan refugees to come to the U.S. is slammed by Rep. Ilhan Omar, who also responds to the conservative host who said President Biden wants ‘a couple hundred thousand more Ilhan Omars.’
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  1. A lot others like the Irish (famine), prussians (oppressed) and so on came to America to survive and find a better life unlike Donald grandfather who escape to America because he was going to be conscripted into the German army to stop himself from serving his country.

    1. @N 827 That 45’s grandpa dodged the draft in Germany in 1885? Sure, why not, you’ll blame him for your great-grandma’s bunion next.

    2. One thing is receiving massive migrant waves, from similar culture countries. Another thing is from completely different cultures. Check France, where some religious motivated hate crimes, are starting to be usual.

    3. @chez moi Any man born in the 19th century is inherently more brave then some 21st century millenial on youtube lol the lack of self awareness astounds me sometimes

    1. @Swagman21 Trump will make baloney out of the Islam terrorists like he did with a drone to General salami bottom lone Biden is demented and probably listening to the Marxist Omar the racist who trying to get refugees in the same sentence before Americans we owe nothing to Afghanistan we were there to stop Islam terrorists coming to America that’s it and it worked know Omar want to flood America with Afghans because we helped and we tried to help them with trillions of dollars what a waste like Biden mind

    2. @Swagman21 it’s Trump fault like the border the economy the capital and if your against these Marxist elites on the left destroying America from within and what’s coming from without you better wake up peasant as showing the gestopo with papers as they give you all science facts and information

    3. @Swagman21 I’m black and a woman and I’m tried of being called a racist because I’m against the Marxist elites on the left

    4. I’m a Kurd, When trump pulled out in Iraq we all thought we were toast… Trump had negotiations in place with our biggest threat, Turkey & Iran. No Kurd was harmed after US pulled the troops out in Iraq under Trump… As soon as Biden took office Turkey began massacring our people. & Now Iran is joining in to take us out in Iraq once and for all. Say whatever you want, DO not speak for us, we were much better off under Trump then Biden.

  2. The Kindy kid I mentored as a new refugee at the beginning of the war is now a doctor & a truly awesome young woman. Increase immigration.

    1. These Marxist on the left want to bring Afgans to America we owe nothing to them just take care of are own and keep the Refugees in Afghanistan as the Marxist elites want to destroy America with more now flying in its an invasion to make all Americans slaves to government

    2. @Betterdeadthanred Suckmyfatone Had America passed on the talent we have gotten from North and South Asia over the years, we wouldn’t have even ½ that wonderful GPA that we love to tout.

    3. @Some Guy That’s what issuing visas is all about. And if we go back to the early to mid 20th century in this land, we will find that Good old grandpa Adolphus and Aunt Golda, all overstayed theirs, and settled into nice lives hear and were NEVER asked about their ‘status’ for the rest of their days.

    1. @bombastic attitude Try Hunter Biden, mr. stripper Fk’er.. who gets them pregnant and wants nothing to do with the stripper or the child…just his big pathetic self.

    2. @Bubba Holtzclaw can you provide a single piece of evidence that joe biden received a dollar from any Ukrainian business, enterprise or individual?

  3. super left ? you mean healthcare as a human right . along with food shelter and education . far left or the right things?

  4. “is slammed” Oh boy, scary language. “bombshell, slammed, torched”. It never really happens. Boring is boring.

  5. And I’m sure these people still resent the refugees who came to this country after the Vietnam War to this very day!

  6. Typical republican doublespeak. Oh those poor allies who helped us and now we are leaving without a lifeline. Okay, we have a lifeline for them in the form of a ticket out of there. Oh wait, we don’t want to alleviate their suffering, we just want to score political points on it


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