Rep. Porter On Marjorie Greene: GOP Need To ‘Stand Up And Do What Is Right’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior. Prob b/c of what the media is saying about her in their propagandized smear campaign.

    2. Because she is incapable of fulfilling her oath of office. I guess I could go online and find a copy of “The US Constitution for dummies” and “Clue”. However I doubt she would bother reading it. You can lead a Q cultist to knowledge but you can’t make them think.

  1. I was waiting for the whiteboard to come out. You know she’s serious when she starts writing facts on that thing.

    1. I also want to point out that AOC and her colleague ran to Katie Porter’s office for help, and Katie Porter came to the rescue!! Thank you, Katie Porter for speaking the truth and being a hero

    2. Bernie’s mittens are his “white board”. Grown men quail — if they’re sensible — at the whiteboard!

    3. REP (R-CA) Kevin McCarthy IS NO DIFFERENT than Senator (R-Wisconsin) JOSEPH McCarty (blindly supported Roy Cohn (pure evil; Donald Trump’s Mentor) that destroyed so many lives of Great American for Political Gain and Self-Enrichment at the Expense of America. Kevin McCarthy is a pathetic, follower who destroying: US Military, US National Security, US Constitution, US Rule of Law, US National Intelligence, while also destroying the Republican Party.

    1. “Exactly Congress Woman Porter”. Is a get to the point no nonsense type of person and politician. I bet here kids principal and teachers never had to inform her of low grades or misbehavior. She knows how to seriously multitask and get the job done. Republicans need to take a very hard look in the mirror ASAP !!!!

    2. I can see Katie’s point of view. Like it or not, she has to work with these people. It is very difficult to work with someone every day that you cannot trust. A lot of republicans are just afraid speak the truth. The old saying is true: Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line.

    3. @Red WRONG 88 Democrats fall in love with dictators and now they put one in power. We don’t even need congress anymore.

    1. Kevin McCarthy lacks principles, courage, and dignity necessary to fulfill the needs of his office. The obvious way is not always the easy way. After Greene’s statements, it is obvious that another committee assignment would be appropriate. The fact that McCarthy had to go see Trump to get advice makes it obvious that he is incapable of thinking and acting for himself. A more courageous and decisive person is needed to fill that position. Liz Cheney might be a good candidate.

  2. porter is the best, promote this woman, brains and well spoken, a force to be reckoned with, well done porter

    1. Our genuine reps and senators need us as much as we need them! We must raise the Voice of the People to relentless levels. We the People must join in and do our part to clean up and reclaim our rightful place in our govt. of, for and by the People. We need to let members of Congress hear from us, those from our own state and, at times, those like Rep Porter, who is exactly as you describe and even more. She is genuine, dedicated and there to do the Work of the People. We need to call and leave voice mails for our own US Reps and Senators to insist on the immediate removal of Greene, Boebert, Gosar and Hawley, for starters. That all involved in the Insurrection 1/6, from Congress to private citizens, be investigated and, where indicated, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This deadly, destructive attempt to overthrow our govt. and a fair election must be met with the most severe consequences for those who participated in any way. We need to leave voice mails for our own US Reps and Senators, and ask our friends and families to do the same. Many have already done so, and our Voice is gaining notice. Such calls take only a few minutes, yet make all the difference. Main Congressional switchboard 202-224-3121, or use home state office numbers. PS The more civilized, civic action we take, the more members of Congress like Katie Porter we will gain 🙂

    2. @angela bluebird60 I agree that all voters should let congress know how we feel. But, please be careful. You talk about defending fair elections, but then you say people who were fairly elected should be removed. You can’t have it both ways just to suit your own political beliefs.

    3. @Red WRONG 88 It is way beyond anything so petty or casual. I am well aware that these people were, presumably, fairly elected. At the very same time, it is also true that these individuals have incited death threats and violence against members of Congress and others. Members were told not to put their location on social media…one terrorist posted the location of AOC, who is often a target of extremists. IF you look into their record/background, you will find a deadly dangerous willingness on their part to defy our Constitution and laws, encourage and support assassinating members of Congress, overthrowing our govt. and the fair election of our President. They have rendered themselves unsafe-unfit. THAT is more important. Duh.

  3. brilliantly said, ty both. greene needs to be expelled. and the gop will not do the right thing, they have shown us that as a fact.

    1. Funny that a goofy Democrat tells the Republicans what they should be doing. Glad she crawled out from under her desk.

    2. @David Eby What’s really funny is that you have FAKE NEWS OAN, Newsmax and FOX in your fav channels list.

    3. @David Eby So Goofy is running California? I am so confused. Oh, and her desk was up against the door, just FYI.

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