Rep. Porter Says Child Care Is Infrastructure 'Full Stop, Period' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Rep. Porter Says Child Care Is Infrastructure ‘Full Stop, Period’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Women have been hit especially hard by the economic strains of the coronavirus pandemic. As President Biden aims to push his new infrastructure package through Congress, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) urges that child care is infrastructure and requires investment to fix the longstanding challenges working women have faced. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Rep. Porter Says Child Care Is Infrastructure 'Full Stop, Period' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Child care and elderly care are things that need to be done, so we need the infrastructure to do them, just as for anything else.

    1. Cuomo knows about elderly care.. Sloppy jo’s border surge has shown how much our government care about children.

  2. Why can’t all US House members be as smart, as articulate and as good looking as the woman from California? Why can’t Florida find someone better suited to serve in office than Matt Gaetz. Porter is informed and committed to making our entire country a better place… Come on America, let’s raise the entrance bar to Congress.

    1. Yeah, we really like her (overall) here in California. (I’m in the next district to hers, in Orange County. She had to be very good to finally win over that long time conservative district)

    2. Red States, like Florida, elect idiots like DeSantis, who want to take away voting rights for people who will not vote for them. This means they want to restrict voting rights for all minorities and women, and the educated who can see through their BS.

    1. I do also. The fact of the matter is that this country has for a very long time interfered in all five Central American countries to the point that El Salvador had a monetary system and the equivalent to the dollar was called pesos and for the last fifteen years many wealthy people have moved there, now the running currency is dollar, and where now mister money runs the place and in turn displacing the poor, and the result: moving to the good old USA. Do some research and know really what is going on.

  3. I love this woman. Hang in their Ms. Porter your time will come in the White House. You will make an awesome President.

    1. @Tranja Vanadbia She has an awesome legal mind. Is an awesome legal representative. What she does in her spare time is her business. What she thinks in her spare time is her business. Ich habe keine idee warum sagst du dass. Du bist eine aschloss. Schade.

  4. A very smart person, she calls it as it is, a very real factor. I am retired now but I still remember how hard it was for me to find a good person to trust my children to.

    1. @J There are still over 600 children that were separated from their families, under the Trump administration, and they still trying to fix his mess.

    2. @J It’s amazing how people are still finding ways to defend Trump’s hideous actions…generally by deflecting and blaming. So predictable.

    3. @J I didn’t assume anything….I said “people”. And you were defending Trump by deflecting and blaming.

  5. Whenever I see Porter’s face on my recommend list I click it, I admire and respect Katie for her no nonsense intelligent politics.

    1. I do the same thing and I have never been disappointed by Ms. Porter. I wish I could vote for her.

  6. I look forward to the day when we as a society have evolved past the “women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant” stage of our development.

  7. “Congress Woman Porter Does Not Play Games With Peoples Lives”! She Knows A Family Of 4 Just Going To Dennys Is A Luxury For Some Families In America. Plus She Sneezes Like A Real Person During Allergy Season. God Bless You !!!

  8. I believe the Chinese symbol for opportunity is a combination of danger and crisis. So yes, the pandemic can actually be an opportunity to improve this situation.

  9. Porter is awesome. I love to watch her question these people and take them down. One of these days she will be our president. She is brilliant.

  10. How many jobs would this open up if we had child care centers across the U.S.? This would be a great opportunity for so many people I can’t see why it isn’t put high on the list!

    1. And the staff needs a living wage! Early Childhood Educators are some of the lowest wage earners in the USA. Even Starbucks pays more!

  11. Sneezes on air! How much more real can you get?? KT is as real as it gets. i’m an old guy, and i hope i’m around to see KT as POTUS. KT becomes POTUS and America becomes quantum leaps greater.

  12. I love this woman! She stands and is for the people and really truly represents her district!! Wish she was my Representative !

  13. I’m a Canadian but I adore Katie Porter and hope she is able to maintain the fervour she shows now, forever! Even after she becomes president!

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