Rep. Porter: ‘Taxpayers Deserve Answers’ On Relief Funds | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Porter: ‘Taxpayers Deserve Answers’ On Relief Funds | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. How about Speaker of the House ? Or before that chairing some important House commitee? Why do so many people think running for president should be the goal of every public servant?

    2. @Karen Byrd we’re just freaked out and emotional, not thinking clearly.🤣😂
      Also, I think some people use it as a compliment. What better compliment than saying “you’d be the best person possible in our highest office!”

  1. Where did $500,000,000,000.00, 500 Billion dollars not 500 million go? Mitch McConnell & Donald tRump stole our monies!

  2. What kind of COMPUTER SYSTEM ‘s is the Government using that doesn’t have Cross referencing to the living and the deceased⁉️

    1. Well everything was going great until someone was playing Zork and Zelda at the same time and the whole system crashed..

  3. She is great. Porter is who I was hoping Andrew Yang would have picked as VP if the media and DNC didn’t give him the Bernie style media shutout. We need a competitive 3rd party established now!

    1. Donna : Hope so. Sorry to say it, but Ms Porter will get nowhere with this, until AFTER the November elections. And, “after the elections,” is the easy part. GETTING free and fair elections? I’m not convinced you’re going to be allowed those, America? The GOP aren’t just sitting around, waiting to go to jail?

    2. Not likely. Whoever Biden picks for VP is almost certainly going to be the first US female president.. Almost certainly…

    1. @CaptWithNoName
      I don’t even care about that. All that is going to show is that he isn’t really a billionaire. He’s blocking it to save his ego and “reputation”.

      I don’t even care about the 1.4 billion to the dead.
      I want to know which of Trumpy’s buddies got part of the “secret” 1/2 trillion.

    2. @Frank P. It will also show WHO he has been doing business with. WHERE his $$ comes from. True, everyone knows he’s not a billionaire; that’s beside the point. My main point was the administration just flips the bird to congress, and really they just send them angry letters. It is a mystery to me why congress has not had the Sgt of Arms pay Mnuchin a visit. The administration thinks it can do this with impunity because congress has failed to act with authority of an equal branch of government.

    3. @CaptWithNoName They don’t want to stomp around too much and set precedent for when they are in the majority one day. Do unto others, etc….

    4. @Tim Smith …and therefore they and the country are being stomped; that is literally killed by incompetence and corruption. The time for playing nice is over.

    5. @CaptWithNoName I agree with the sentiment, but I have no confidence in either party. They are both as bad as each other, in different ways.

  4. Don’t stop, can’t stop Katie Porter! Get it done for the people!
    If *you* don’t want to know where all the money went, then maybe you’re part of the corrupt who took the money & shouldn’t have. I can’t figure out any other reason why American tax payers wouldn’t want to see a paper trail of all this relief. There’s a reason they’re hiding it!!!!
    Loans were applied for with the clearly stated understanding that basic info could be released, so it’s not some bs excuse of protecting the legitimate small businesses, because they received the money knowingly that that could happen.
    Let’s hear it Mnuchin! What are you hiding & who are you protecting? Yourself, your cronies, the president?!? If everything’s on the level, just put it out there & be done with it!


  6. can you imagine how much all people will benefit if Porter and Abrams were running this country and Kamala as AG💯💯

    1. @Ben zz I like Katie but she doesn’t have any power beyond repping the people in her district. She’s on 2 committees and a bunch of caucuses. She’s still in her first term as a Congress person. So she has no seniority so being a commitee chair is a long way off.

      Harris, like it or not, is one of the Senators from the most populous state in the union. So, in a sense, she is way more powerful than Porter.

  7. All that technology and they can do their job. Manuchi is keeping the money for him, Trump and the Republicans!

  8. Democrats have a lot of great people among them. America will benefit from them, if they become majority. They will bring the country forward.

    1. it’s happening, so press on, regardless. #BIDEN CAN, and will,
      ugh uhgm, however, the choice of VP, in light of covid19,
      is very crucial. #SWAMPYDON exposed implode’s,
      #TRUMPUTINinc + BARR = manafort, flynn, assange wikileaks, ++.
      i pray we can have a true laugh over the absurdity of evil this thing brought within our whitehouse, you and i, worse still, our children and neighbors.

  9. This is exactly what all Americans should be demanding right now! Come on the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress and Senate have literally taken OUR FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS AND GAVE IT TO THEIR RICHEST FRIENDS, DONERS AND THEMSELVES WHILE REFUSING US ANYTHING OTHER THAN A ONE TIME $1,200 check that many of us have yet to even see!

  10. Track that money Congress.
    The Tribe has stolen some of that money cause just in case Trump doesn’t get
    re-elected. They are getting their money off the top.

    Track the money down.

    By the way what happened to the $ 45 million dollars unaccounted for Trump’s




  11. You will never find where billions of that money went. Remember the Pentagon’s missing billions too?

  12. Somebody used this Pandemic to steal from the American people, and think $1200, three months ago is sufficient for the TAXPAYERS. Make them account for every penny .

  13. Brit here,as an interested observer on the American condition,I have to say the lady is one the few that look like a proper politician and public servant..

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