Rep. Pramila Jayapal: Poverty Is Structural Racism 1

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: Poverty Is Structural Racism


MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian is joined by Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Poor People Campaign co-chair Reverend William Barber to discuss their push to end poverty.
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  1. The u.s government has always bailout corporate America over it middle class and poor families.

    1. Followed by lay offs, out sourcing and plant relocation to inexpensive foreign labor.

    1. Struggle, fight, do what you have to. No one here is to blame on how any of this works.

      It’s time to start doing and stop demanding.

    2. @James Braid Too much attention is spent of the middle class. Face it, you only exist for votes. That is your only influence. Passed that, leave ideas to more brilliant people.

      We need more heroes and geniuses. And we need less people to have control over them.

    1. Agreed. It’s complicated. Everyone has different circumstances.

      But we really need to stop putting the burden of change onto others.

  2. America: 40% of people here don’t have more than $400 in their bank accounts.
    Also America: Billionaires made over $1.5 trillion in the last year during the pandemic.
    GQP: **whistles past the graveyard**

    1. As soon as I figure out how to wire my flux capacitor to my car, I’m going back in time to buy Amazon stock.

    2. The wealthy will be with us always, the poor too.
      Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. are Dems I think (?)


    1. The burden of change is on no ome else but you. Everyone is gonna do their own thing anyway. Might as well do the best with what you have.

    2. All caps makes u seem big. those who ask for praise for good deeds are obviously trying to compensate for something.
      Let me guess… Old WHITE woman. 2 mask?

    3. What is your point? It’s admirable that you help the less fortunate, but many people do that after they’ve worked their shift, and in their spare time. Do you want a pat on the back?

    4. The differencw between a volunteer to help the suffering and a socialist, is that the volunteef truly wanfs to help people (Thank You). The socialist government implements policies to make you poor on purpose so that you have to depend on the government and volunterr workers like you. Thats what gives Socialist Governments more power. And thats why we always struggle the hardest under socialist Presidents. Under Obama millions lost their homes because he bailed out the banks and not the people affected by the illegal loan deals they got. My family of 6 ended up losing our house and moving into a 2 bedroom apartment. Plus gas was around 5 bucks a gallon for several years. We could barely eat. Now look at what Biden is doing and how much worse it is than Obama. We are headed down an extremely bumpy road. Inflation, high gas prices, less jobs due to massive immigration. Over half of America will be in severe poverty by 2024. But at least we will have new solar panels made in Cbina by slave labor right???

  4. A topic much needed on all levels.
    I have a beef with local counties/municipalities that gentrify their neighborhoods, that don’t care about making sure there is REAL affordable housing availability !!! That’s wrong and there should be federal requirements on every city and towns along with lenders (*required byHUD) to provide the community with affordable properties that support home ownership AND rebuild a middle class again!!!!!

    1. Do you remember when the Dems de-regulated sub-prime mortgages? It tanked the banking industry and caused a meltdown.

    1. @Robert Arthurs I agree, however we live within a society and are governed by it’s laws.

      Edit: What are your thoughts on big business and corporate welfare, bailouts, subsidies, taxation etc.

    2. It is… But honestly, I’m starting to see the people as a different entity than major business. And any entity can have power. Juat gotta figure out what your strengths are and play to them.

    1. She keeps telling the socialist LIE, just like the rest of the progressive liberal Dems.

  5. Your thr representative here just get sleepy joe to sign an eo and give everyone a million dollars

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