Rep. Pressley: McConnell Is ‘Disconnected From The Hardship’ Americans Are Facing | The Last Word

Rep. Pressley: McConnell Is ‘Disconnected From The Hardship’ Americans Are Facing | The Last Word 1


  1. The elite are salivating at the prospect of another real estate crash where they get to swoop in with all of their tax savings and COVID-19 relief money that they didn’t need to buy up countless billions of dollars worth of real estate at pennies on the dollar, while throwing their occupants out into the streets to starve to death without healthcare.

    They have completely forgotten the lesson King Louis XVI learned as his head was rolling around in a bucket. It’s time that we the people remind them.

    1. World wide Uprising’s coming! They chose to bring this upon themselves! Heads on a swivel World Citizens

    1. Dumb rationale. If America stops producing and working…then the economy collapses.

      Free stimulus money is only a pandering opportunity for democrats. Republicans with their white privilege HS diplomas, college degrees…understand that unemployment benefits are a better return on investment than giving people chump change money….most didnt spend the original 1200 so why would the next round(s) be different?

    2. @Juan Valdez your latino SES is showing…sad that u truly arent my equal. If you think that there arent metrics out their that depict how people SAVED THE 1200…than you are a dumb lefty bluepill who has a 3rd grade level of understanding of how any given economy works…unemployment benefits offered the best return…people actually used that $ unlile the $1200 that 80%+ of people saved….not spent. Hence why saving in banks have gone up from 8. Something percent to over 22%…

    3. I still work but I know that there are people not working because they were forced to shut down. I don’t need free anything cause I rather work for my money.

    4. @Lukasz Madej I agree with you about working. I’m now retired after a lifetime of work. But, there are many who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without work during this pandemic. You are fortunate to still have a job.

    5. @Downtown Big City the freedom caucus is the reason we can’t pass any stimulus. They don’t care about the unemployed, the hungry or the tsunami of evictions.

    1. There is a reason MSNBC puts out clips like this that outline absolutely no detail other than just saying “its Mcconnell’s fault right?”. Real journalism would outline the relief plan being proposed. A clip like this does absolutely nothing for anyone other than divide people. Seriously, think about it for a minute. Why would a news source put out a 2 minute video that doesn’t inform people like oh say… what the news is supposed to do, but instead only serves to push a narrative? What exactly does this do for anyone? The role of government should be to serve the people and the news should outline very clearly what the government is proposing. But we’re at a point in history, where our media prefers click count on a video platform rather than informing the voters. Let that sink in.

    2. @hobsdigree2 You are all too correct in your assessment of the media across the board. On my planet, there would be a clear sequence to the resolution of any and all issues by our politicians as well as thoughtful analysis in the coverage of the news. Beginning with:

      1) What is the issue clearly defined and agreed upon 2) A resolve to put politics aside to remedy the issue 3) State each proposed solution, with its projected benefits, impact and cost 4) Review all sectors and circumstances where this solution might have an adverse impact 6) Weigh the pros and cons and then proceed from there 7) Proceed with any and all counter=proposals using the same protocols 8) If there is an impasse, have an impartial committee review each of the proposals and make recommendations as to how to move ahead 10) Have a “time-sensitive” date whereby a plan of action is put into effect with efficacy and afterward, peer review. 11) Rinse and repeat for any and all issues facing us as a great caring nation today.

    1. ​@The Tech Librarian so when white American Christians at the cia dedicate themselves and Europe as the “first world” other asiatic countries as “the second world” and everyone else as “the third world” you cant see any racial connotations in there? this is why propaganda works

  2. You liking the increase in cost of living? Keep handing out money. Tuition, food, rent, utilities, will keep rising.

    1. There are at least a 100 different ways that democrats have come up with that will force the cost of living and all our monthly bills to dramatically increase over the next 4 years and beyond. Financially irresponsible ideas come with a heavy price to taxpayers in the long run as the cost of those ideas keep increasing year after year. It’s unsustainable. Making matters worse will be the next flood of illegals that will head our way starting next spring.

    1. I wish we could all wake up n stand up for this land. They are the 1%. They don’t stand a chance against the 99%….but sadly to many americans still believe the government is there friend.

    2. @Jasmin Taylor I agree! They are the few and we are the many but many of the many are brainwashed boobs who think we are tin foiled hat wearing conspiracy nuts. I will not enjoy watching as these fools realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

    1. No, we Republicans, and we are united in this. We do care. We want to see you pay for what you have done to our nation. We want to see you suffer in starvation and exposure to the elements this winter.

    2. Have you bothered to find out both sides of this issue? Nancy Pelosi gave 25 million dollars to the Kennedy Center last time around?

      that representative that married her brother-apparently he just got a major chunk of change from the government for the covid pandemic? a business that has nothing to do with the covid pandemic?

      Are you sure you know what is going on?

    3. @TheFoolinthe rainn I don’t think you know what’s going on. Kennedy Center funding was requested by individual 1, because he had just named Mike Huckabee as a trustee to the Center. Kushners and trumps paid themselves PPP funds. What do their businesses have to do with COVID?

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