Rep. Raskin On GOP’s Jan. 6 Coverup: ‘I Just Can’t Take The Lying Anymore’ 1

Rep. Raskin On GOP’s Jan. 6 Coverup: ‘I Just Can’t Take The Lying Anymore’

Rep. Jamie Raskin: “I probably am representative of most of my Democratic colleagues and even some of Republican colleagues in that I just can’t take the lying anymore. I don’t want to be party to propaganda and disinformation and the suppression of the truth.”
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  1. The current trend of ” just lie about it until people think it’s true” needs to stop and quick….

    1. @Mimi K Trump initiated Project Warpspeed, put emphasis on border control with testing, and ceased travel to and from China, the viruses origin, which Biden objected to and called xenophobic, even though it saved more areas from being epicenters of spread.

      The few mask free rally’s Trump did dont even compare to the virus spread during close quarters BLM protests and riots, even the ones with masks were useless because people were going everywhere and touching everything.

      Looking at India and a ton of other countries that did far worse in containment, the Trump administration didn’t do that bad at all. The death toll, when subtracting the people who died of the yearly flu or were already dying from other health conditions, was minimal. For most it hit less then the flu, many with no symptoms at all.

      Have you noticed how while big MSM news are talking about the numbers of deaths being super high, and yet the local news barely have any reports of mass deaths?

    2. @Janpre2001 because there are MORE videos that show Clyde was utter incorrect. Clyde was lying, and twisting the truth. He is trying to say because he said “it would seem they were tourist” that he did not equate them with tourist… He did. He is playing semantics with his testimony under oath.

    3. @james overholt I am sorry you feel that way. As I said, you are closed minded and fail to even try to see positives. Your opinion is a waste of brain cells because it is not based on fact or logic. You have a good one. I hope someday you understand your loss. I would again, recommend Campbell.

    4. @Dale Hartley religion is a mental illness. Saying it has positives is like saying at least someone who has multiple personality disorder is never alone. The sooner we rid humanity of the insanity of religion the better off we will be

    1. I hand painted a sign that reads “stop the steal? Stop the lies!” I live across from a golf course on a busy street so hundreds of people see it everyday. I have had golfers arms folded glare at me when I am outside. so tired of the lies from the past 4 years and those who help donnie propagate them. Adolescents in adult bodies. Glad to see the adults stepping up.

    1. I hand painted a sign that reads “stop the steal? Stop the lies!” I live across from a golf course on a busy street so hundreds of people see it everyday. I have had golfers arms folded glare at me when I am outside. so tired of the lies from the past 4 years and those who help donnie propagate them. Adolescents in adult bodies. Glad to see the adults stepping up.

  2. It’s slowly coming to a head. The gqp will go down in flame’s.80 percent of Americans won’t put up with it much longer!

    1. @Nichole Dawn
      He won’t tell you, but I will, Donald Trump!!! he wants to be like his butt buddy Putin!

    2. @Nichole Dawn
      TheRetrumplican virus tells lies about the Border, to keep the attention off of the VOTER SUPPRESSION BILLS that the Radical Right Wing Retrumplican Cult Senators are passing after midnight in at least 42 States with Retrumplican administration’s! Remember the Motto of the Retrumplican party;

      Deny, Deflect, and Blame Someone Else!

    3. @Temo Palmer
      Well, of course Trump supporters are there, they can air up the tires on their homes and follow people around to rallies!

    1. @gacj2010 next to Pelosi he is the worst congressman in the United States between him and her the hate they have is incredible!

    1. @LG Roots you’re wrong .. a trump backed candidate just lost a election in Texas. That speaks volumes

  3. The right all knew what trump was, long before his escalator ride news-bite or his hand ever laid on a bible.
    They knew, and most openly hated him and mocked him. He was an anti climactic punchline to a bad joke.
    You didn’t have to gaze into a crystal ball to see what would happen if he brought his wrestling match antics into politics.
    It would turn into a circus.
    And here we are today.

    1. @S. Z. For all the smarts the punditry claim McConnell, Graham, Grassley and others have, they and many others in the GOP have allowed in more and more uninformed and unethical people, including as elected officials, probably starting in the Gingrich era, but certainly with the Tea Partiers, thinking that the old warhorses could keep them in check. They failed with the Tea Party. You’d think they would have learned their lesson, as Trump and his minions emerged, but no, they deluded themselves into believing they could control a populist movement of anarchists, who only want what they want, and that doesn’t include a representative democracy, since it won’t always give them what they want. Now, the old-timers understand that they cannot win without the anarchists, and they are stuck. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are almost certainly toast, unless they run as independents with Democratic support. Were McConnell, Graham and others patriotic, they would have let happen in 2016 what happened in 1932. Yes, that would have meant ganging up on Trump even after he won the nomination and allowing Hillary, flawed candidate though she was, to win. Why they didn’t, I can’t imagine. They would have been able to deal with or obstruct Hillary, just like they are able to deal with or obstruct Biden. On the other hand, they cannot deal with Trump, but only give into him, because that’s the way Trump and his supporters look at things. There is never a win-win situation, only win-lose. Worse than that misperception of reality is the fact that they _like it that way_ . That is not good for the country, any more than it was for Germany in 1933. “Either you join our side, or our side, despite it being a minority at first, will obliterate you in the end. You either help us and survive or oppose us and don’t. Sorry, but we don’t offer you another choice.”

  4. New Normal :
    If you don’t like losing an election, just don’t accept it.
    Lie. Invade the Capitol. Destroy America.

    1. It must be exhausting to constantly oppose for the necessity of it and to try to keep up with their own propaganda..

    2. @Aaron Dutton trump had advisors who were agents of foreign countries, how many of his best people went to jail and he had to pardon them on his way out the door. Oh and also, too as well as, in his last six month, before his eviction, trump ordered the execution of more prisoners, than had been executed in the US in the previous ten years, and you want to support this guy?

  5. A recently-fired incompetent, tried to force himself on America.
    Against America’s will. Using extreme violence.
    He is still at large.
    So is almost everyone who tried to hold America down for him.

    1. He’s like that Drunk Uncle (who gets a little “handsy” after he’s had a few) that all the young girls try to avoid at Family Gatherings. The other Adults try to keep him distracted so he won’t try to take the Stage. Once he gets near a microphone, abandon all Hope of him ever shutting up.

  6. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. Since your “daily reminder” is BS, here is a more important and factual daily reminder about January 6: an unarmed military vet, Ashli Babbitt, was murdered by Lt Michael Byrd.

    1. That small little man Raskin needs to get over his foolery .He’s done enough damage to the Country.

  7. There has to be consequences for the pervasive lying. Freedom of Speech is not freedom to lie with impunity.

    1. @Scott Ferguson No it isn’t, so if someone threatened to bomb the WH and was arrested for the threat, they can claim freedom of speech? Facts are facts and no BS changes the facts.

    2. @The Conscientious Perfecter yes! He repeats phrases like “build the wall” “stop the steal” over and over again until his cult starts repeating it. Thats how brainwashing works. The ones who support him now will never leave him. They have nothing else.

    3. @Scott Ferguson It’s never be an unlimited freedom. You can’t just smear a person or an entity with patently false accusations just because you can. Thus, libel laws.

  8. Subpoena the republicans who say it was nothing more than a tourist visit. Get them under oath and let them lie to Congress.

    1. I wish it would make a difference but I honestly don’t think it would make them talk or act any different! Their true colors are emblazoned on their faces and because we dems took away their 45, lol, they will continue to lie, be nasty and show their soul less selves, because that is who and what they have always been!

    2. When is the last time someone went to jail for lying to Congress?
      No consequences = no change in behaviour

  9. When these people lie to congress, even if they are in congress, they need to be thrown under the bus.

    1. The whole idea of taking it for granted that politicians lie needs to be done away with. It used to be that even though they would fib and twist words so as to be technically true they wouldn’t risk getting caught in a blatant lie. Thus why it was so common to hear wording such as “I can neither confirm nor deny” or “No comment”. But those days are over. Politicians now will tell blatant boldfaced lies that are demonstrably false and apparently suffer no consequences. For example categorically denying something later proven to be true (e.g. the Stormy Daniels hush money) or admitted to be true (e.g. paying actors to cheer on Trump as he descended the escalator). Lying to the public should be considered so unacceptable as to cause IMMEDIATE censure. And then the only voting over it would be regarding for how long or if it should be followed up with removal. Furthermore any acts of corruption or even actions taken for personal gain over top of the public should be considered a violation of the oath of office and grounds for removal. These are supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS working ON OUR BEHALF.

    2. You don’t seem to grasp the concept of the tired expression you’re using. Throwing someone under the bus is when someone is forced to take all the responsibility for something negative that happened where one or more others are actually responsible. That does not apply here.

    3. You mean especially if they are in Congress they should be thrown under the bus. We need to start revoking citizenships and deport them for using their offices to tell lies to the American people and causing unnecessary division in our nation.

  10. It’s because there aren’t any consequences. They feel like they can lie or be in denial. That has to change by expelling those who threaten democracy and truth.

    1. They feel like there are no consequences because so far there hasn’t been any consequences. Every time someone says we need to move on, that has only made the Republicans more powerful. When you don’t hold an evil person to account, you strengthen them. You strengthen evil.

  11. Congressman, We feel for you & appreciate your efforts. America has a high expectation that if Nixon’s watergate can result in 69 indictments, we will have at least that with these idiots.
    We demand indictments with no leniency for sedition or Treason.

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