Rep. Reed: GOP & Democrats Need To 'Listen To Each Other' After Trump Presidency | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Reed: GOP & Democrats Need To ‘Listen To Each Other’ After Trump Presidency | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) discusses how Republicans and Democrats should work together after the Trump presidency. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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Rep. Reed: GOP & Democrats Need To 'Listen To Each Other' After Trump Presidency | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. He’s a member of a party the head of which incited sedition. That party cannot be treated as a normal, reliable political party. The Republican party has to purge the elements that believe lies, such as those Congress people who chose to deny that Biden won the election and incited the mob, like Cruz and Hawley. All these fine words from the Republicans about unity are disgusting.

  1. Republicans were self declared obstructionist for every day of the Obama Administration and them enabled Trump for 4 years
    now all of a sudden they think we all have to work together and play nice?

    1. i voted for clinton(Bill) and gore, and trump. i vote for who i think is the best for our country not the party, we trump people have a mind of our own, havent been brain washed

    2. @rox m Anybody who dismantles strong alliances we had in the world and betrays the United States to our adversaries isn’t the best person for our country. Toss in treating the White House like it’s some kind of freak show, and you have enough motivating factors to get people up off their duffs to resoundingly send him packing, and that’s what we did. The only thing that could have possibly saved his behind would have been getting out in front of the pandemic, and he muffed that so badly that nobody wants to see him at the helm for the next crisis.

    3. @Constituent A people would have lived longer if they hadnt been scared to death, when somebody are sick anyway, they dont need to be scared, then they give up,thats what happened to most of the people that lost their lives,they were terminal already,you know that

    4. @Constituent A i would have said take this job and shove it, even though i knew that was what the dems was pushing him to do

  2. What “they”, and I mean every one, needs to have a debate about what sort of community America needs to be in the future.

  3. Sorry, dude, but if you’re gonna talk about “massive voter fraud” and child pornography pizza parlors, we’ve got nothing to discuss. Can’t argue with cult members.

    1. you need to quit saying reps. im a registered dem,only know dems, and were all for trump we strongly believe right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who does it

    2. @Timothy O’Brien who knows, must have been sleepy,not to worry this is my last night on here,i am no help to trump. and dont care about the rest

  4. Yeah. Let’s listen to Kim Jordan, Gohmert and Gosar…. Chryst. Ton’ s of objectivity and common ground.

  5. The GOP aided, abetted, and gave comfort to the United States’ greatest enemy.

    It is time to bring the full might of the Constitution to bare, in defense of truth.

    14th Amendment.

  6. No forgiving or healing while the wound is still fresh and bleeding. They need to expel Hawley Cruz and other majorette cheerleaders of the insurgent mob

  7. I remember when gym Jordan said in Congress that “We can go lower” you certainly did. And we are not impressed

  8. When republicans thumbed their noses at democrats for 4 years… where was all this civility then? The Senate republicans behaved as Trump’s private Brown Shirts. Now that they have lost power… they want to change their tune… really?

  9. I love the call for decency once Democrats control everything. Where was the bipartisan attitude when it was Republican controlled?

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