Rep. Ron Wright Dies After Covid-19 Diagnosis | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Ron Wright Dies After Covid-19 Diagnosis | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Ron Wright has died after a coronavirus diagnosis. He is the second elected member of Congress to die after contracting the disease. Aired on 02/08/2021.
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Rep. Ron Wright Dies After Covid-19 Diagnosis | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. That whole “after November 3rd you’ll never hear about COVID again” prediction from Trump really worked out.

    1. @Trapkos , so if he would have gotten the flu and died, what do you think the report would say? We both know it would say he lost his battle with Cancer. Too much politics involved with this virus.

    2. @Trapkos I take it you hate freedom, jobs and America. Don’t worry, your weak, frail, corrupt, creepy puppet Joe China is working hard to destroy all that.

    3. @Charles Bucholz lol trump hated America. He stole tax money, insulted disabled military, insulted mentally disabled people, he is responsible for allowing 400,000 Americans die, and is responsible for 22 million people losing their jobs. He created the pipeline illegally without permission from the native American families that lived on the land so tons of people were evicted from their home. It created toxic air and contaminated drinking water. He paid millions of dollars to multiple countries and gave Americans 600 dollar stimulus checks. He lied to multiple people about there being election fraud, he incited riots at the capital, he tried to commit coup and treason, he tried to get a governor to ignore the people’s votes and asked to be handed the win. He sexually assaulted multiple women. That’s just a few of the bad things trump has done. There’s way more

    4. @Trapkos You are such a tool. The democrats just love feeble minded people like you. Nothing I say or prove to you will change your mind, but please…. even if just for a minute… take your head out of your leftist bubble and think a thought all on your own.

    5. Does anyone know if he took the covid 19 shot when it became available to members of congress on December 18th???

  2. I thought a rich orange man told us this would all magically go away after election day… guess he was orange and wrong.

    1. @Fluffy Furry Buddy he never said anything about bleach injection asshat…it was disinfectants. He wasnt far off the mark bc some meds do have disinfectant in them and some procedures are being done using uv light. Now…how smart are we??? Oh…btw… there are several doctors from Africa who recommemded hydroxychlororquine, however, they were shut down gere in the stayes. Sooo what does this tell you??

    2. @Fluffy Furry Buddy no need to test the vaccine on animals when Biden said we can test it on colored folks

    1. @Annie A yes but people get lung cancer and live for a few years with it. Co tracking covid did not help, hmmm let me think, why gee a person with a debilitating lung disease got a virus that directly attacks the lungs.

    2. @ImaDopedUpNancy are you joking? You are a complete Qanon moron. Do you want my girlfriend to take pictures in the hospital and send them to you? Face the facts. You know trump politicized masks don’t even act like he didn’t. There are way way more trumpers in hospitals than regular people.

    3. @Thomas Mize” I choose truth over facts”- Clown Jao Bi’Din! So your word is fact? Oh ya your from the land of whatever I say is fact! Now you go away! Have you ever heard of hearsay? Look it up or better yet google it! Lol
      Ok now you can go away!

    1. Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong too. Let’s start with the Democrats.

      Democrat leadership
      Jaime Harrison, president Biden, vice president Harris, , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

      Republican leadership
      Senator Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Cheney

      Q Anon leadership
      Donald J Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, yellow streak Lindsey Graham, Big Mouth Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, and one of the biggest crying babies that ever ran for the House of Representative
      Rep. Jim Jordan and your wannabe leaderships Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , Lou Dobbs , Michael Flynn , Rodger Stone , Marjorie Greene , and the most embarrassing and sloppy is hygiene Steve Bannon are your Q Anon leaders and many more.

      (Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong to in the three-party system)

    2. Does anyone know if he took the covid 19 shot when it became available to members of congress on December 18th???

  3. For those commenting about him having cancer anyway…my dad had Covid in November. He’s 81, has stage 4 pancreatic cancer with Mets to his lungs, Type 1 diabetes, 4 stents in his heart, and on chemo for a year. He lived.

    My mom, 78, also had Covid in November. She had none of those things and died on November 21, after suffering alone and scared. According to the hospital her lungs looked like a honeycomb, she was failing to oxygenate and had to be intubated. Still failing to oxygenate, the strain on her heart sent her into afib, and her kidneys started to fail. Her death certificate lists heart and kidney failure as complications of Covid as her cause of death. THIS is how Covid kills you.

    Condolences to this man and his family. Didn’t like his politics but no one deserves this kind of cruel death and the pain and anguish from it. There’s more to people, and life, than politics. Try being a decent human being. We need it more than ever.

    1. @ArtOfWaveTv People who don’t smoke get cancer young and old. She stated that he has type 1 diabetes so that has nothing to with diet, he was BORN WITH IT! The cardiovascular health issues can also be linked to him being diabetic and is one of the things that many who have diabetes are prone to.

    2. Does anyone know if he took the covid 19 shot when it became available to members of congress on December 18th???

    1. The darwin award only applies if the person dies before procreating or is left without the ability to reproduce before procreating.

  4. remember, Trump said that the virus was going to go away after the election
    “like a miracle” he said.

    1. ​@Alex Schwarz I never said it was a hoax.

      I’m pointing out the hypocrisy in blaming Trump for the covid response while at the same time defending Biden.

    2. @Pikushisu Biden is in office for 2 weeks. He takes COVID seriously and does not rely on “miracles”, but on hard work and public policy. This congressman contracted the virus on Jan 22. So what could have Biden done for him? There’s a public health policy failure in the US. And it’s on Trump, not Biden. Trump intentionally lied to the public, knowing it was dangerous and downplaying it and continued with rallies, which amounted to super-spreader events. There’s no hypocrisy in those facts. So, if you want to claim that regardless of Trump’s failure the situation wouldn’t be much different, we can debate that. One of the problems the US of today has that this is not a human disease you have to confront as one society, it’s a political, partisan issue. And that’s also a part of the failure of Trump as an American leader. As a European, I’m all out of f**ks about you in the US, but if you don’t see at this point that you’re in a self-destruct mode, nobody can help you.

    1. Don’t forget when the German Communist Party initiated their Kiss a Nazi Campaign. Oh, wait, they had enough sense to fight against the Nazis. Unlike you.

    1. @michael dileo Listening to what experts who go through a lifetime and training and learning on a subject is liberal?

  5. The guy was against masks, I support his decision. I think no Republican should ever wear a mask, let’s thin the herd of stupidity

    1. You want innocent people to die from a fake illness because you dont agree with them about politics…. hmm you must be one of them little yellow bus idiots.

  6. Welcome to Whack-a-doodle Central… comment section makes Sci-Fi look mundane. Peace and healing to all who have suffered a loss due to COVID.

  7. He is a Trump loyalist who promoted the crazy lie from Trump calling COVID hoax. Now he is a victim of his own stupidity and insanity. Justice served.

  8. Look at me, I got 8 doctors to treat me with a magic potion and got over it. What are you COMMON people afraid of?

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