Rep. Ryan Criticizes Leader McCarthy For Mocking House Mask Mandate 1

Rep. Ryan Criticizes Leader McCarthy For Mocking House Mask Mandate


Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, publicly criticized House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week for mocking a House mask mandate. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Rep. Ryan Criticizes Leader McCarthy For Mocking House Mask Mandate


  1. It is astounding to me that the GOP is totally okay with Americans paying hundreds of millions of dollars every year in car insurance just in case we have an accident, but to put on a mask that might save a life a life is going too far? Let that sink in

    1. They are just plain stupid and as we know do are the people who vote for them. Just let them die. T is sad but fewer republicans.

    2. @Mark Mac Which is one of the many reason a con-servative government is no longer viable for this world.
      Every policy is antisocial to everyone and everything but their rich cronies. Corporations aren’t “people too”, despite what Moscow mitch sputters out. But the right filth will give the corporations every consumer right while giving you the consumer, ZERO. And we know who has had major hands in trashing the planet.
      “We steal from the poor and give to the rich!”

      They’re the same in any country you find them, people suffer. They are just sitting on the line of obsolete. Must be why they’re so scared, they know it. Might as well shoot yourself in both feet, than vote for any of them, it’d be far less painful.

    3. @James Kenyon I agree. I have a son that I believe does this. Why won’t he listen to me. I refuse to allow it when I am in the car but he is an adult. I just pray he does not get in accidents. Better yet I hope he has stopped. It really is stupid and very dangerous.

    4. @Andrew Perry SCM is to blame for this inability to face truth.Trumpism made it fashionable.
      Spoilt Child Mentality .

    1. @Carlos Lara that guy with the glasses is write Mccarthy should be teaching discussing with his district (in the UK constituencies) where there thinking incorrectly about the vaccine program etc. Not be so scared as to just go with the flow and hope no one dies. 5 MP’s lost there seats 2019 uk because they didn’t believe in brexit and they couldn’t get their constituencies to change that’s principles

    2. @Scott Harrison let’s get to the bigger problem here. Maybe Texas Democrats would be infected with COVID if their governor, Reps, and senators would actually take this pandemic seriously.

    1. @Kay Surf Blah Blah Blah… I stopped readying your rediculous comment… How is it living in an alternate reality?

    2. @Cecelia Denny Well stated! and tell your daughter thank you for service for trying to protect people’s lives from dying from covid, but yes I am one that has been fully vaccinated and yes I still wear a mask. because where I live there are lots of children around here that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and I do not want to be a carrier and give it to other children, I care for people’s life that is why I’m doing what I’m doing by wearing a mask everyday I go out my door. I just wish these people would wake up and realize that they don’t care for people around them, I guess their self-serving SOB’s.

    1. Does it run in the Family Name? What is wrong with people with McCarthy’s family name with regard to Communism? IGNORANCE!

    1. wait and see how they pivot for the general election to get the independent votes. anyone who is still independent today id a GOP vote.

  2. McCarthy has really dropped his talking points in recent weeks down to Trump’s immature level. It really is pathetic.

    1. @David Martone hahaha no. He is whitewashing it and trying to delegitamize the investigation cause he knows it makes him and his party look bad. He had the opportunity for a bipartisan commitee, but Republicans tanked it even though they got everything they asked for. Now he wants to cry partisanship? McCarthy was on the phone with Trump during the riot. He is afraid of testifying. Notice how he spoke out against Trump after the insurrection and after he went to see Trump he has completely flip flopped. Pelosi Republicans? Give me a break. That is Trump level childishness.

  3. I remember hearing the same argument on Fox News in early 2020. “The transmission rate is only one percent, so who cares?” When one percent is 3,400,000 Americans, I care.

    1. Fox News is not legally liable because they are registered in the FCC as “entertainment”. Not “news”

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice. Sadly, the trend is going the other way. They are digging a hole for which they won’t be able to escape.

    1. His star is rising because he’s authentic and angry. Unlike that faux fury the GOP throws around.

    2. I already have supported Tim Ryan to run for US Senate of Ohio. DEMOCRAT from California

  4. Old KM is trying trying trying everything to distract people from the absolute disaster of the 2021 GOP with the insurrection…..he is desperate.

  5. I didn’t know Kevin McCarthy was a doctor. He is giving medical advice. So he is impersonating a doctor, isn’t that illegal?

    1. Don’t know about the legality, but it sure shows his stupidity. It’s NOT against any HIPPA rules to voluntarily disclose YOUR OWN vaccine status!

  6. Stupid, stupid Kevin. He’s got nothing so he throws everything to see what sticks and makes a complete fool of himself.

  7. “The house is divided…” between people who LOVE, and are willing to think of other people, and SOCIOPATHS who only think about they’re politically careers.

  8. If everyone had just worn a mask at the beginning of this entire mess for 2 or 3 weeks we would not be in this horrible situation! How ridiculous is this!!!!! And sad and pathetic!

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