Rep. Ryan: 'No Excuse' For Lack Of Preparedness In Defending Capitol | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Rep. Ryan: ‘No Excuse’ For Lack Of Preparedness In Defending Capitol | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) tells Andrea Mitchell that on Wednesday, there was "absolutely no excuse for us not being prepared with thousands and thousands of National Guard people, with global fencing around Capitol" to prevent rioters from storming inside. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Rep. Ryan: 'No Excuse' For Lack Of Preparedness In Defending Capitol | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. It took them just 8 days to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, so they also can impeach him in 9 days … do your Job!

    1. The dems are happy to do so, it’s the repubs in the Senate who are mainly putting up a fuss over impeachment. Let them go on record, it will destroy them even more. If fomenting insurrection won’t do it, nothing will.

    2. @ldbagwell Your false equivalency of trying to compare the racial and civil unrest across the whole country with BLM – to be equally as dangerous as an armed assault on the capitol by a deluded undemocratic mob who were trying to subvert an election is BS.

      BLM matter protests – or riots if you prefer – were based on real grievances over racial injustice – they have a factual civil rights basis. The unlawful killing of George Floyd brought these tensions to a fever pitch. None of these protests ever created the levels of malice and havoc we all saw at the capitol. Where we saw armed paramilitaries in full tactical gear wandering round with zip locks looking for victims… A mob smashing its way into the heart of government with almost no one there to stop them. You can guarantee that if BLM ever tried to field armed paramilitaries that they would have been shot dead on the streets. Trump would have loved to see that and we would never had heard the end of it.

      The violent events in the capitol were not based on real or factual grievances. The claims about Trump winning the 2020 election DO NOT have any actual evidence that can be tested. They are simply assertions of voter fraud. Even Trump’s lawyers have admitted in all his legal hearings in court that they were not attempting to legally suggest there was any kind of fraud during the 2020 election. His lawyers know they would be made accountable for perjury if they said the same things in court Trump and his enablers do every day on Fox. His legal cases were not simply thrown out of court – his legal representation has never made any effort to present any kind of actual evidence. There was no case to examine.

      This attack on the capitol was rooted in a convenient lie of voter fraud or being cheated which Trump supporters not only want to believe but need to believe if they are not to realize that they are insane. Trump’s cult are angry, they are lost, they are afraid that they are losing their power and control over the country. That no one likes of respects them anymore. The are deluded and fanatical – sadly we are probably going to see worse from all of them. Especially when they try convince themselves that they are no worse than any other kind of protesters and are instead some kind of heroes?

    3. @Esteban Marburry You are still missing the point entirely, this was about Americas democracy – its what makes America great.

  2. It was all a big conspiracy. Not having National Guards with Riot gears when thousands of Brainwashed Zombies out there to hurt Lawmakers is part of Conspiracy. Trump, Acting AG Rosen were behind all this.

    1. @Mr B. i heard that conspiracy theory on other board question if the Senators were taking hostage or killed what would happen? The votes would be cancel? Marital Law is what exactly?.

    2. @TheBase1aransas but we know who these people are. They didn’t hide their faces. They’re on social media. They filmed each and posted it.

    3. @julian shepherd they did see it coming but Trump admin is still in charge and they can’t do anything without authorization

  3. Just look at how they treat peaceful protesters, when Trump want to hold up a bible. They know how to do it, they just do it, when it benefits them.

    1. I saw the after rally video of trump and family watching the protesters, they looked like it was election night and at the end of the video, with a big smile Don jr. says T-minus a couple of seconds here…

  4. There is no “turning the page” for this country UNTIL this Seditious President, ALL who aided and abetted him, and those who they incited into attacking a U.S. Federal Building ARE HELD LEGALLY ACCOUNTABLE.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera And so am I. But that does not mean they all should NOT be held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). Countless Republican and Democrat run cities were ruined long before Trump took office. Why is this acceptable? Why is it acceptable that people can’t support themselves because the minimum wage is too low? Why is the homeless problem acceptable? Our leaders on both sides dropped the ball long before Trump took office. As a matter of fact, they dropped the ball when they let him win. Nobody on either side were smart enough to figure out how to NOT let him win? Seriously? Is everybody on both sides that stupid? Think about it.

    2. @mac daddy Now explain what any of that crap has to do with the subject at hand..? Trump is a criminal. We’ve all seen the proof. That’s the subject.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Yes, he is a criminal. But unlike you, I like to think deeper. Why was our leadership unable to stop a known criminal with an orange suntan from taking the highest office in the nation? Couldn’t they have all combined their brains four years ago and come up with a plan to NOT allow him to win? He isn’t exactly a genius you know. Couldn’t they have come up with a strategic movement better than his? Isn’t that why they were elected in the first place? We are in this mess today because somebody dropped the ball. Can you guess who that was?

  5. I agree with him, not one of the police took out a gun. Why? Especially when the officer was dragged out of the building.

    1. One did take out a gun and shot the lady in the neck who died. They were so grossly outmatched in numbers.

    2. Yo-yolanda, that’s been my biggest question. For none of the officers to shoot, it sounds to me like they must’ve received an order not to shoot. Who gave the order????

  6. “ROE!?” Yes! These officers didn’t “fear for their lives!?” One of them died! They can shoot (some) people in the back and claim they were in “fear of their life,” but people actually attacking them!?

  7. Two cops were part of the riot – AT LEAST. Probably a lot more. So why are they so freaking shocked? People knew.

  8. If you think the election was some how “stolen” and refuse to even consider that maybe t’rump is totally incompetent and America is tired of him, then that says a lot more about you than anything else.

    1. So far all but one or two arrested have been ex military or cops. What are you talking about? OF COURSE IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB, cops didn’t so much let em by in all cases. Just a few bad apples in the outside perimeter backed down. Didn’t ask for backup , looked the other way, (insert example here)

  9. The most disturbing thing about this attack is that many participants were on the inside! That is mind boggling! Seems to warrant top-to-bottom look at all of these people!!!

  10. Distress Radio call:
    “the senate has been over taken”
    “who are they”
    “mostly white guys”
    Over & Out!

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