Rep. Schiff: Donald Trump Is A ‘Grifter From Start To Finish’ 1

Rep. Schiff: Donald Trump Is A ‘Grifter From Start To Finish’


Congressman Adam Schiff, who investigated Donald Trump in the first impeachment trial, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the criminal charges against the Trump Organization are not surprising: "It's just the same kind of grift in private practice that he imported to the White House."
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  1. Lock him up. Lock them all up. Of course, I don’t believe he’ll ever pay for anything he’s done, I cling to a very small hope.

    1. Thanks to Democrats we now have higher gas prices and don’t say he shut down the pipeline for he’s Green New Deal if that was the fact he wouldn’t have lifted the sanctions on Russia’s pipeline what’s the matter the green New Deal doesn’t matter over there! Why should people go to work when he sends them extra $600 every week to stay home on unemployment economy Wrecker and don’t get me started on the genocide at the border he’s created thousands upon thousands of Latinos dying trying to get into this country cuz he Joe hide your daughters Biden said the borders open wake up you BRAINWASHED Democrat sycophants take your party back from the criminal coup regime

    2. @Con.Troller418 you know you did don’t lie oh wait I forgot you’re a Democrat sycophant lying’s in your nature😵

  2. Seriously, who could have predicted a guy who ran a scam “university” & “Charity” would be a crook?

    1. @3LD if you forgive that kind of horror w an apology, do you forgive Trump? Probably not….hypocrite , kkk supporter..

    2. @deborah lariscy you are a winner! Irony is lost on you tho…..that bill was horrible, combined w the assault weapons ban…it was the worst thing our gov has perpetrated…

    3. @3LD also, no lives matter until dolphin lives matter! Stupid stupid racists….coddling someone based on skin color is also racism…..

    1. Maybe now he’ll finally pursue that implied goal of building a hotel in Moscow, and move there to do so. That way he could see his good buddy Putin every week.

    2. @James Irwin so long as putin is alive and allowing him to live there. if putin goes . lol. so does trump. but this is a pipe dream in trump’s mind. he would not dare attempt something like this. it’s pretty much admitting to everything he said he “didn’t do”.

  3. We’ve known this LONG before him seeking the presidency was even a thing. He’s been grifting since the 80s with his failed casinos and R/E devs.

    1. But his base of moronic followers don’t care all because he shares their racist bigotry and not afraid to show it! He is their racist God!

    2. You guys think that’s bad…. Did you know Trump wrote the 94 crime bill that imprisoned and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans based on skin color? It’s the reason why we have this police state that killed Beryona Taylor, George Floyd etc….. there’s nothing trump did EVER, that compares to the compass and scope of that single bill! I can’t believe he did that! Thank god BIDEN THE SAINT is in office…

    3. Donald Trump has been grifting long before the 80’s. Take a look back at him and his father Fred’s dealings. I think Fred taught him all he knows. Hope he’s turning in his grave.

    4. @paranoidandroid It’s actually painfully evident that there is a very small portion of the population that knows or remembers the history of The donald. Some that do remember or learn that history just deny it in favor of being part of the cult of personality. He has always been a disgusting narcissist and that’s what his ill-bred father wanted him to be.

    1. @Steve Madrid go on you can tell us, how much money have you sent that disorganized crime grifting kkkult leader!

  4. Trump should have been locked up for life long ago !, on the good side he will now drag scores of House and Senate republicans with him to serve decades in prison !

  5. Skimming all the profit from a business,then bankrupting it, receiving tax right offs. Rinse repeat. Sounds like embezzling to me.

    1. Sounds legit. Maybe you don’t own a business so you don’t know what is like to write off a business trip.

    2. @evan doe please thats not how you business… only con artists and scammers do it that way!!!

  6. How in heck do his cult following not see him for what he is? As a society how can we have so many deluded people who can’t think for themselves?

    1. @ Jane B – tRump said he loves the poorly educated, they know nothing about him beyond a reality TV show, his name on buildings and that he talks like them (uneducated).

    2. Trump allowed people to hate without the guilt so a large number of his supporters won’t turn against him. Their hoods are off and they are never turning back

  7. I still can’t believe Trump was lying when he said if Joe Biden was elected president we’d never see him again. I really thought for sure he was telling the truth that time. lol

    1. He had a lot of us fooled again we cant seem to get rid of the crazy old man where is his wife

  8. Please Just get on with it and prosecute him to recuperate all of the money he grifted from the American people

    1. I couldn’t give 2 $hits about the money he’s grifted from his ignorant cult, I hope they never see a dime of whatever they gave to him (and doubt the ever will). I’m only concerned about what sneaky things him and Weaselberg (sic) did to us REAL PATRIOT AMERICANS. And I can’t wait to see him and all his cronies dressed in orange jumpsuits.

  9. “I have used the tax laws to my benefit […] I have brilliantly used those laws”
    ~ DJT 2016 Presidential Debate
    Sounds like Trump declared his personal involvement to me….

    1. But he was actually talking about his Chief Financial Officer. The one who he’s going to blame for EVERYTHING.

  10. Was living in the Atlantic City area when he blew in to town way back when. Was still living there when he basically snuck back out after his endeavors came crashing down. He is a grifter. The biggest and most successful con man our poor beloved country has had to deal with. I literally hate the man’s guts.

  11. “Orange Nero” is one of,if not the best con-artist not named Lucifer! His whole life is a true crime story since the day he was hatched.

  12. “Everything about Trump spells corruption” yes, and please hope that one day soon he’ll be indicted for spurring on the Jan. 6 mob rioters who killed five people and injured over 100 other people. Trump has never expressed even one word of remorse for that.

    1. chump has no empathy therefore he wouldn’t and also he reveled in the insurrection. He saw them as his loyal soldiers.

    2. He has never apologized for anything his entire life. He is never wrong. Just ask him. Perfect life.

  13. Adam Schiff is articulate and credible as always in this interview. He’s a credit to his position in the House of Reps. IMHO. A great prosecutor in his legal career, I would not want to be in his crosshairs, that’s for sure.

  14. Why isn’t he being indicted for Obstruction of Justice, as Mueller testified he could be?

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