Rep. Schiff: Gen. Milley Could Be ‘Possible’ Jan. 6 Committee Witness

Rep. Adam Schiff says it is “certainly possible” that Gen. Milley could be called to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee. 
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  1. I am personally tired of all the could be, happening soon news cycles. Lets see some actual outcomes!

    1. The FBI and multiple district attorneys don’t investigate and seat grand juries based on dreams.
      They have evidence.

    2. Zachary, do mean the chatter back before Jan 6 flooding far right social media, that the FBI was warning of, or the FBI Warning again that the chatter is starting to ramp up for August, that sort of nonsense

  2. I imagine that unbeknownst to tRump the military was on alert all 4 years and also had gauntlets set up to keep him from doing something insane, even for him (think, the “football”)!

  3. It isn’t a case that Trump would stage a coup. It’s a case that IF a coup was staged, he would absolutely take the post coup leadership position.

    1. @Alvinius Alviniathan Yes, and Milley is far from the only one. There have been over 400 retired US generals over the last few years that have stated that trump was clueless on foreign policy and the use of our military

    2. @Pete 913 yeah he didn’t want us in wars. Without wars not only are generals fairly useless but the contractors they work for after retirement don’t sell near as many munitions and weapons

    1. @Edward Riley Fun fact: Throughout the 1970s, 80s and into the 90s, organized crime white-supremacist military veteran cells robbed several banks in the 10s of millions of dollars that ended up in Southern Republican political campaigns. This was the beginning of what would later be referred to as “dark money.”

      The GOP in their pursuit of absolute power, has added Kremlin money (and god-knows-who else’s) to their list of dependable financiers.

      This is a plan to install global oligarchal ethnofascism. And it’s happening almost everywhere on the planet now.

    2. @Stirling Fletcher was Reagan ever conected to any?lol. He’s the granddaddy of the RUSSIANpubliCON swamp crud party. Him and t met alone with Russian leaders. I wonder if this was going to bring the treasonous plan to sell America to Russia to fruition.
      I’m puzzled at right-wing extremists working with republicans in the 70s and 80s due to Nixon and Watergate.

    3. @SolidSteele
      No. Hitler did not win power by murder. He started murdering big time AFTER he won power.

    4. @Scott Harrison
      Trump cult logic:

      “BLUE LIVES MATTER!” – (except when we’re storming the Capitol, refusing to award commendation medals to Capitol police and passing national LE funding).

      “…protecting LIVES…!!!” (except if/when it means getting vaccinated, passing common sense gun laws, etc).

      Trump owes $1.7m to police security details for his KKK super spreader rallies.


  4. Gen. Milly deserves a HERO’S MEDAL! I had a gut feeling that Trump was going to pull some crap. It was clear that when he replaced the generals in uniform to civilians in suits who had NO experience for those positions

    1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. These generals are just political hacks in uniform. I’m reminded of a Smothers brothers song. “If you buy an outfit you can be a cowboy too.”

    2. @Victor Singery Asking for a coup, in public, as a retired general? He should be court martialed, found guilty, and given his blindfold and last cigarette. That’s treason under UCMJ and he knows it.

    1. @Scott Harrison Dude you’re totally lost in the alt-right wing propaganda media bubble. What happens when the bubble inevitably pops and you realize that you’ve been duped about those “evil” Democrats? The lying right wing disinformation media will soon be held accountable for their lies and inevitably follow that pig of a man Limbaugh to it’s much deserved demise. Being gullible, selfish and weak minded is not a good look for any man.

    2. @Scott Harrison
      Please state the crimes Obama, Biden and Clinton were a part of.
      Trumps violated the Hatch Act. The Logan Act. Rico laws. Embezzlement of funds from Trump charities. Tax fraud ( state and federal). Campaign finance fraud( using campaign funds to payoff Stormy Daniels)
      Your turn
      By the way democrats widen their leads in the house and senate in 2022. Trump handed the democrats two senate seats in Georgia last election

    3. these idiots got “patriotism” and “nationallism” mixed up…they obviously have their minds set on “ONE” way and have no sense of logic and reasoning bc they’re set in their “ways!” and most of them are dumb as f..k! It all mostly start from how they were brought up, so it’s passed on from one generation to the next most off the time. Sad but true!

    4. @Brian Hibbs Remember the famous quote: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”? That may be true, since people can call themselves patriots without having to perform a single brave or generous act. It’s just talking the walk.

    5. @James Arnold – NOPE. The Democrats will definitely lose the House. And they won’t be holding on to that Georgia seat in the Senate.
      The Democrats are behind the 8 ball going into this election because the statistics are just not behind them. The House or the Senate or both always swaps parties after a change of party in the White House. IF and only IF the Democrats keep majorities in the House and Senate, they will have to cheat again to do it.

      Add to that the fact that Biden is doing a horrible job.
      — He increased illegal immigration by 2 million JUST THIS YEAR!! That’s a Republican Campaign Ad.
      — He caused a bigger shut down of small retail business, far more than Obama did, and is now threatening to raise taxes and their costs on them!! HOW Stupid can Biden be? LOL
      — He was handed the best and strongest economy the US has ever seen and turned it into an inflation economy and threatens even more inflation! DUMB!!
      — Not to mention the overzealous Wokeness.

      Yeah! NOPE!!! The Democrats do not have a chance. The ones who are backing Biden will lose their seat.


      Joe Manchin might keep his job.

    1. Can’t until Congress officially agrees that something bad happened. Republicans blocked the bipartisan investigation.

  5. There’s some questions that needs to be answered leading up to the insurrection and those answers were in the white house.

    1. LOL!! The 2 people who were trolling Pence with a rope and chanting “hang Pence” are in jail! LOL. What more do you want? They will be charged for it.

    2. @Thorny Turtle Ranch – My pointed-headed friend. When people are saying things that you don’t agree with are not always lying. They are just not agreeing with you.

    1. @Tueri Senikuraciri nice to see you speaking the truth about how republicans are destroying our democracy, glad you see the truth, welcome to the Democratic party, thanks for joining us in fighting Trump and his cult…

    2. @Mike Kelley you are a real demonrat. The original or true Democratic party is no more….now we see a different party of activists politicians falsely using the name of the party to further their hidden agenda. I called them Demonrats.

    3. @john smith The flavor’s name is William H. Music with multiple troll accounts. He’ll have this deleted. When I mention who he is and what he’s about he deletes my comments. I worked on him last year the through the FBI. He had to shed his 576 accounts and now he’s at it again. Just warning you about the pos troll.

    4. There is a one man multi account troll controlling YT. When his real name is mentioned he deletes my comments.

  6. So… long does it take to put a traitor in jail, how long does it take to put Trump in jail.

    1. @Brandon Smith Yes because that’s EXACTLY what trump would have done if he could! As well executing as ANY journalist who dared NOT to say “nice” things about him!

    2. I was thinking about people who had done terrible things to harm & betray the US. Richard Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen. Trump appears to fit in well. Get well soon guys & gals. 👍

    3. @Brandon Smith But he is not going to jail for political reasons. They going to put him in prison because he is a criminal and a danger to humanity. As we stand today, he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary covid deaths.

    4. Brandon Smith Jailing x Presidents that are trying to have a coup, overtaking an elected government, stopping the counting of elections, killing thousands of American because he did not take measures to keep Covid under control, plus we are still living in this nightmare that never ends,Jail him ,I say off with his head!!.

    5. @Clint Willfully ignorant Trumpo apologists can’t use logic and don’t understand irony. And they certainly don’t want to remember that the key phrase that separates 3rd world countries is “without cause”. France just locked up a criminal former President. So have the South Koreans. So can we.

  7. Bless Gen.Milley and the military. They saved the day on 1/6 along with Capitol police. (The ones that were there) RESPECT.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Republicans yelling that Democrats are socialists whilst they themselves are simultaneously descending further into fascism.

    1. It’s sorta like all a hammer sees is nails. All a fascist sees is communists. Once you’ve gone down that rabbit hole, any reasonable political thinker is a threat and by definition is to you political left (you can’t get more right than pure fascist). See Liz Chaney (IRL pretty far to the right) now considered a RINO.

    2. They know that there voters won’t Google either of these words ‘ FASCISM or SOCIALIST ‘! 🤦‍♂️

    3. Probably, since he said he would do anything to stay in office!!! Seems regardless of what century it is!!!

  9. truly awful that the GOP treats a former POTUS as the current POTUS taking his words and executing them…true definitions of traitors and sedition. Trump needs to go to prison for traitorous and seditious acts.

    1. Agree totally. Only when Trump becomes a liability for the GOP..i.e. voters turn away from him, his promoted candidates fail, the party fails will Trump be abandoned as the delusional failure we know.
      Until that time the party will revolve around his lunacy.
      Solution : Vote vote vote vote vote.

    2. @captain swing Exactly! Vote! Make sure we go to the pole or take whatever voting ways available for us, even if we are living in the red states where the controlling GOPs are trying to block us by their new voting restrictions.

  10. Simply all these questions about whether the election can be overturned speaks to guilt. A president who respected elections would not even ask.

    1. @Pete 913 Funny thing about Hitler. He was NO military genius. That myth was created to excuse the French and especially the Russian generals’ incompetence. Hitler’s generals however, were scary good. It’s a good thing the meth finally caught up with him, he went nuts and quit listening to them.

  11. He would be one of the few witnesses that can expand our knowledge of the behind the scenes reaction.

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