Rep. Schiff: Some Republicans Proposed For Jan. 6 Committee ‘Just To Disrupt’ 1

Rep. Schiff: Some Republicans Proposed For Jan. 6 Committee ‘Just To Disrupt’


Rep. Adam Schiff, who is a member of the January 6th Select Committee, tells Ali Velshi that "we are not going to allow ourselves to be deterred" by Republican members, including three who voted to overturn the election, who are "being put on just to disrupt." Rep. Schiff says, "We are going to get to the truth of all the facts regarding January 6th."
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  1. are you kidding me???? NO! no one who voted against certifying the election should be anywhere NEAR that committee! Or did you really want this to be an embarrassing farce of nothing???
    Starting to worry about you democrats…do YOU even WANT a democracy??? or are you just throwing us shade?!

    1. Since most of the Republicans in the house voted against certifying the election there were only so many to chose from.

  2. Democratic leadership has to realise that you can’t reason with people who are determined to act in bad faith. Get tough ffs.

    1. By bad faith do you mean like making a bipartisan deal to vote for a bill and two hours later saying you won’t sign it unless they give you another bill that doubles the spending

  3. Nancy Pelosi is fighting to save your right to vote the most important thing we all need above all else. She fights everyday. And I don’t want JJ to have any say so in anything that affects me or anyone else.

    1. I detest Jordan. He’s an arrogant weasel. I like to see the arrogance wiped off his face.

  4. Nancy Pelosi has full control and veto power to choose whoever goes on that committee now. She should outright demand McCarthy that Adam Kinzinger gets on board for cutting even more grass under McCarthy’s feet.

  5. There are no Republicans of good conscience. We need a new party, a Green Party going forward to our national recovery from this totalitarian nightmare.

    1. Funny how it’s Biden’s administration that’s telling Facebook what to censor and asking phone companies to spy and censor Americans private conversations. Funny how Democrats are defending Cuba’s communist government. Funny how Democrats can fund raise and demand violent antifa and blm rioters to be free. Funny how Democrats refuse refugees fleeing from Cuba. But sure keep acting like republicans are the problem lmao what a joke

  6. Mccarthy has been down to Mar-a-lago to coordinate testimonies and received his instructions of who to put on the January 6 Commission.

    1. Trump is like a mixture of Jim Jones and Hitler, although he would like his followers to believe he is more like Wavy Gravy.

    2. @Ralph Sims Why did Every RepubliCon vote against the committee and the investigation in the first place?

      Yeah… Reich!

    3. @Ralph Sims Yes… simply replace “Hitler” with “Trump”… and what do you have…?

      All Reich!

  7. Gym Jordan and trump’s other retrumplican minions should not be on the committee to investigate the January 6 Capitol attack period.

    1. @eltorocal not sure what you’re carrying on about, anyone with a new account is a troll ?

    2. @Connor McDouchebag Ohhh… Ummm…


      TROLL ALERT!!!

      You were recently booted off… again… so How many does this make?

  8. We don’t need any obstructionists or any Dump picks on this committee! Enough! Use that veto power, Nance!!

    1. Then open it up to all members not just a few.there problem solved .committees to often hide what they find .

    2. @Marshall Miller Why did Every RepubliCon vote against the committee and the investigation in the first place?

      Yeah… Reich!

    3. @eltorocal They were using a procedural method of forcing the senate inquires to progress ahead of the house.Mark Warner is more trustworthy than Adam Shiff is in the house.The Senate intelligence chairman works closely with military intelligence and the defense intelligence agency as the house more closely monitors the cia and nsa and homeland security .The senate controls DHS and continuity of government.

  9. Gym the fast talking used car salesman jordan, diverting or avoiding the truth in matters since college days…

    1. I thought the goal of the committee was “Just to disrupt” the business of the government. i remember him saying that he had undeniable evidence to convict the former president. Was he lying?

  10. Good old Jim Jordan. Turing a blind eye to insurrection just as he turned a blind eye to student wrestlers getting molested under his watch
    Good old No Jacket, “If the ref didn’t see it it didn’t happen” Jordan.

  11. Republican have shown over the past 4 years their unwillingness to follow the evidence , and investigate in good faith any situation involving Trump …Pelosi needs to deny GYM Jordan a spot on the committee …perhaps explaining Jordan WILL be called as a witness before the committee ..

  12. GOP “leadership” are not afraid of The Base, they are afraid of X45’s dossiers on each of them.

  13. Looking at how Rand Paul was allowed to just shout over Dr. Fauci when he tried to answer questions, I expect nothing from this committee.

  14. Who funded the weapons, assembly permits, hotel rooms, plane flights, or bus rides of the January 6 Rioters?

  15. Jim Jordan being on the January 6th insurrection commission is like letting Matt Gaetz judge the next miss teen USA pageant.

  16. Move on, Nancy. As usual the Great Obstructionist Party are doing their thing to slow everything down.

  17. So, McCarthy wants to turn the House Select Committee on January 6 into a Republican clown circus, as usual. Big surprise.

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