Rep. Schneider To Introduce Censure Resolution Against Rep. Greene 1

Rep. Schneider To Introduce Censure Resolution Against Rep. Greene


"Do I think she should be expelled from the House? Absolutely. But at this moment, the tool we have is censure," says Congressman Brad Schneider (D-IL), who is drafting a resolution to censure Rep. Greene over her Holocaust comparisons.
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  1. The Angry Possum is not bright. At all. She is a perfect MAGA leader. Pro-Israel/Anti-Semitic with no clue as to the irony.

    1. Opossum! .I couldn’t put my finger on just exactly what she looks like, you nailed it!

    2. @Tessa Bristow Yes, it seems to be that once people are born, too many Republicans couldn’t care less about any other lives but their own. Sort of like their leader, don’t you think? Hypocritical, isn’t it? Concerned about embryos and fetuses but not children.

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra I respectfully disagree. That flag once flew over the only Democracy on earth — back when Kings, Queens, and Dictators ruled over every other nation. Yes, the Far Right has stolen it for themselves and no, this nation has never lived up to the ideals that flag stands for. But I think there’s still hope. I say we take it back for ourselves, instead, and strive to live up to the liberty and freedom and equality it once promised.

    1. Probably MTG’s grandfather actually fought against the Nazis. She is defiling his name.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas it wasn’t necessary to force him to resign, he left by his own choice . Republinazis, excuse me Republicans in this era of trumpolitic ideology double down on their lies to cover their butts she. Accused.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas
      Agreed !
      They’re made out to be Immoral, “loose women” or, at the least, willing participants even when they’re showing that they weren’t.

    4. @George B. Wolffsohn I don’t want to be affiliated with a political party that manufactures its reality from lies.

    5. In order to take the lead and do the work you need a SPINE which the retrumplikkkans don’t have and will never have. It’s all about lying, cheating, stealing, racial profiling, disrespect, insurrection, trying to change the outcome of an election that they LOST and continuing the BIG LIE. There’s no there there, no bamboo no cheese dust no lasers shooting from the sky. Just pure unadulterated

  2. “Karen” Taylor Greene is not an anomaly. She is exactly what the GOP are. She represents the seditous, racist, fascist, GOP.

    1. @Hermann Goring you’re absolutely right….. It’s far worse. Not one thing they claim is true until you look at what they’re saying. Like the pedophile ring=qupublikkkans, Satan worshipers, thieves, con people, in essence everything thing that is evil. Fraudulent voters=qupublikkkans, tax cheats . Democrats are not perfect by no stretch of the imagination but at least they are trying. The only thing qupublikkkans do is give tax breaks to the elites btw of one you are not and trying to see how much illegal stuff they can get away with.

    2. The “face” of the Republican Party? She a horrible monster and shame on the Republicans for feeding her.

  3. I Had a Feeling she was Going to Talk her way out of her Job Hey MTG Trump is Going to Rikers Island

    1. @Johnny Zeee De Santis can delay it but it is mandated by the Constitution and we have a whole bunch of Originalists on the SCOTUS.

    2. @Johnny Zeee if he used the post office at any point for criminal activity the postal police and postal investigations can grab him anywhere in the USA.

  4. Candidates for higher office should have to pass a psych eval before being permitted to run. We require it for other jobs which are far less important.

    1. @Jeremy Ramey Yeah, her opponent pulled out because she sent her supporters to attack his house and threaten his family. So he dropped out and left the state.

  5. She’s a representative of the people that support Trump, Republicans want these peoples support, the gop are finished as a decency party

    1. The gop is done as a party
      They can’t win a primary without trumps support
      They can’t win a presidential election with it

  6. The GQP will not join the Dems on this. Dems need to finally get it through their heads the GQP will not be bipartisan and will block any progress.

    1. @Michele Z I’m offended you called that retch a man. She’s a lizard in a skin suit, just watch how she blinks

  7. “She has become the face of the republican party” and he is hoping the other republicans will join his censure? that is embarrassing…

    1. He’s likely using it to show how republicans will defend her outrageous comments. just gathering ammo for 2022

    1. I’m not so sure abt that, because after all, 11 Repubs voted with the Dems to strip MTG of her Committee assignments. I think at least that many wd vote to censure her.

  8. MTG got elected because no one else ran against her. I bet its gonna be different next time…

    1. I doubt it. The Democrat who was running against her pulled out when his CHILDREN’S lives were threatened–not HIS life, but his CHILDREN were targeted. THAT is the kind of people we’re dealing with here. Despicable excuses for “human beings”.

    2. She gets millions of dollars from her donors. She’s not going anywhere. We all know money gets you elected.

    1. @Kim Tocker precisely! New Zealand is where I wanna move to when I’m older, quality of life just seems so much better there and I’d be privileged to call New Zealand my home – full of sensible people making sensible choices!

    2. Uhmmm, Are you really that sure she’ really is a woman? Take another look at those “man hands” again.

    3. @Martha Martha Just watch, sales of heavy arms will skyrocket in Texas in preparation for the south’s attempt to rise again. The FBI should keep tabs on that.

    4. @Kim Tocker The “South” wants to rise again…. And take the whole Country down doing it.

    1. @William Ess **you mean,,, accurate comment!!! You caught numbers always cry,, lie!!! When someone speaks the truth,,,!!! Like the boy who cried wolf,,,, no one believes you!! At least,,, no one with an ounce of intelligence!!!***


    3. @William Ess maybe so, however completely accurate. Shall we show videos of such behavior? But then again you wouldn’t believe your lying eyes.

  9. Wrong” they need to get her out. M.T.G. She is no one, but a inserectionest with trump.

    1. Biden is the insurrection and the BIG LIE….You need to do some unbiased research and be on the right side of history in the making.

  10. Completely ignorant of history, completely devoid of conscience and reason.
    She is not an abnormal GOP.. if anything shes a super-normal GOP.

  11. “The face of the Republican party” looks like its parents were into cranial deformation. Great look

  12. Censure will have absolutely no effect on MTG. She should be removed from office immediately!

  13. The GOP has pledged allegiance to an orange man and not their party. This is the same thing that happened in Germany with Hitler and it’s not an exaggeration to compare the two.

    1. Indeed it is not. The German people have pointed this out, and they certainly should know! Hitler and Trump, both of mediocre intellect but charisma together gullible masses.

  14. She’s hoping DT wants another daughter,and when she got her pat on the head from dear leader she didn’t realize she became his fool tool. Her loud,crude unintelligent rantings shows how low class she is. I’d like to know what legislative policy she’s written or how she’s helped her district.

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