Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney On Jan. 6 Riot Investigation | MSNBC 1

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney On Jan. 6 Riot Investigation | MSNBC

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) reacts to the breaking news that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg surrendered to face tax charges, and discusses the House's decision to establish a select committee to probe the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that Democrats have been trying to include Republicans in efforts to investigate the attack even though just two GOP members voted to back the committee.

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney On Jan. 6 Riot Investigation | MSNBC


  1. I mean we all know why they don’t want an investigation. Because they share some of the responsibility for it. And they don’t want it to affect the upcomming elections. They want to be able to get back in power.

    1. And youtube think by removing my name that I want exercise my rights to FREE SPEECH or to tell the TRUTH

    2. Some power. Those Republicans who are doing everything they can to stop this seem pretty weak to me.

    3. @Cheryl Pounds They are pretty good at blocking things… And now they are guilty. So it will be worse.

    4. @eltorocal The two are not mutually exclusive?
      The Republican party itself is not SOLELY responsible for what happened. But they do share the responsibility along with Trump and others.
      And they should accept responsibility for their part. But they will not willingly.

    1. he is scared of getting caught for his part in the capital attack right up there with turmp

    2. @Stephen Stretch He doesn’t want to be seen or heard saying the word or pointing at “Drumpf”.

    3. You think you’ll be talkin about John Sullivan that antifa actor that bragged about and made a video a few days before January 6th how he was going to busted Capitol building down you think they’ll be talkin about the second video he made while he was inside the capitol being filmed by CNN reporter bragging how we did this s*** we did this s*** just was wondering if they’re going to talk about that or not since they’re directing so much attention to what’s really going on and bringing this all up again I think the American people really need to see the video of John Sullivan

    4. @Andrew Pepe I knew right away that you were a repugnican because of that perfect example of what a run-on sentence is. That whole diatribe was one sentence, and you left yourself open to more since there wasn’t a period at the end.see? A period. Signifies that I am done writing a sentence. There wasn’t ANY punctuation in your post.

      Now, you’re not alone either. Way too many of you obviously didn’t even pass rudimentary English. Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes permeate most of repugnican posts. Go back to school. Get educated. Then tRumpy will like you because he has said that he doesn’t like stupid people. He does like you as his base though, because you are stupid and can be led around by your noses.

  2. Westwing Wiseguy celebrated disrupting the electoral ballot count…citizen tRump is accountable

    1. Its hard for the democrats to have any credibility on this issue when they were against sending agents to stop domestic terrorists from storming the federal courthouse in Oregon and attacking our democracy. the dncs connections to those domestic terrorists should be investigated.

    2. How Trump is accountable? People can demonstrate against the election in any place and at any time. Some become very aggressive because something went wrong with the election. The fact is that even Biden said he cannot remember to be president.

    3. @david Lavigne the proud boys, being lead by a Puerto Rican, were called a white supremacist group by left-wing media. lol.

    1. @Arwen… they were elected to lead… and ia Full Time Job… not just when things get sketchy.

    2. They also took an oath to protect the Constitution against all threats, both foreign and domestic. Trump is the #1 traitor and he was too cowardly to help his MAGATS who attempted to overthrow the government elected by the people. Imagine how much worse this would have been if he had the cognitive ability to try and pass a grown up test, like the SAT examinations he allegedly paid someone to take for him. Person, man, woman, camera, TV. Bid deal! l am older than Trump, took my own SAT exams, and graduated from a top 10 University at age 20. Graduate degree at 21. Please forgive me if lam underwhelmed at Trump’s magnificent achievement.

  3. Responsibility for Jan 6th:
    1) 90% Trump, Rudy and various politicians.
    2) 10% Anyone who knew about the rally, the police, etc, that didn’t see “white skin” people as a threat, and downplayed the threat, and didn’t prepare, because of implicit bias for whites.

    1. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell who are you calling boy sounds to me like your 12 years old and in you’re mom & dad’s basement

    2. For all time. Donald’s insurrection was despicable, and wholly un-American. Traitors, following the words of a traitor.

  4. Of course most Pubs think it gets to much attention, it was their side that did it. If that was Dems out there, Fox and AON would be talking about multiple times a day everyday.

    1. They already try to blame Democrats. Imagine how they would be if the Dems were actually responsible.

  5. When investigating the Jan 6 insurrection the fastest way to get to the truth is to start with the politicians that are vehemently opposing the inquiry. Other than association and guilt, why would they oppose the inquiry? They didnt oppose 8 inquiries into Benghazi.

    1. @Douglas… that’s precisely it… ask each opposed party member their “reasoning” for voting against the Investigation, and watch them fumble all over their tongues.

  6. These Capitol Hill police, et. al., are beyond heros. What cop expects to go to work and end up fighting for 5 hours straight. Shame on these Republicans. Shame.

    1. @dabe Vautista did you read the FBI reports saying right-wing extremists were framing BLM AND ANTIFA in most gun deaths and rioting during the George Floyd protests? Or see Wray say t forced the FBI to downplay right-wing extremists framing BLM AND ANTIFA? Do you know a capital A in a circle is NOT ANTIFA IT’S ANARCHIST’S?

    2. @dabe Vautista not insurrections of our government!! EDUCATE YOURSELF SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN FB & Fox “news” You are the true meaning of “IGNORANCE”

  7. Yeh, this is orderly tourists behavior by that Trump’s sycophants called Andrew Clide from Georgia. I wish he is a tour guide that day.

  8. How can Mccarthy legally get away with ordering senators not to cooperate in an investigation into treason? Pretty sure that’s a crime in itself.

  9. Not surprising nor shocking that the Republican members think January 06, 2021 is showed to much.

  10. If Republicans don’t want to be involved, it begs the question “what are they so afraid of?”

  11. Kevin McCarthy has put his political ambitions above his duties to this nation and the oath he took as an official representative of this nation and it’s Constitution. The question now is will he lie under oath when questioned about that phone call with donald trump on January 6, 2021 and his subsequent assessment of the events of that day and who was to blame for them – before his trip to Mar-A-Lago to kiss trump’s a**!

  12. Republicans: “It wasn’t Trump supporters! It was BLM and Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters!”
    Democrats: “Ok. We’re going to investigate and punish those responsible.”
    Republicans: “No, no. It’s ok. We don’t want to punish BLM and Antifa.”
    Democrats: “Well, we’re gonna investigate anyway and see if you’re right or not.”
    Republicans: “NO! PLEASE NO!”

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