Rep. Seth Moulton: Biden ‘Missed The Boat’ On Evacuating Afghan Allies 1

Rep. Seth Moulton: Biden ‘Missed The Boat’ On Evacuating Afghan Allies


Congressman and military veteran Seth Moulton (D-MA) says he is doing all that he can to get Afghan allies as well as Americans in Afghanistan out of the country, but worries that the Biden Administration did not act proactively enough and time is running out

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  1. The end was inevitable. The stunningly swift abdication of Afghan leaders testifies not to any miscalculation on anyone’s part, but rather to a basic truth that was learned 50 years ago but somehow forgotten: Fractured countries can’t be repaired at gunpoint, and futile occupations never end with a parade.

    1. @Dee See President Biden is not a coward. The fact that you are projecting cowardice towards someone you consider your political rival demonstrates you are the coward. The accusation you launch against others reflects your strong desire to hide your very own cowardice. By projecting you have proven your cowardice since projection is one of the weakest defenses you can use.

    2. @Edison Moore the only coward is B-B-Biden who slinked away back on vacation as 86k allies and an estimated 5k+ American citizens are trapped in the clutches of the Taliban. What a complete traitor to America and those who trusted in it. Total weak old coward.

    1. the way i see it is that they are the only ones that should be given respect instead of us civilians.

  2. We should have left when Bush said mission accomplished. We didn’t have the right to stay and rebuild. And Congress should have stopped it.

    1. @Angela Siegfried Nobody cares what 70% of the population wants. In a democracy we are in charge so we get what we DEMAND.

      Your boss wants you to work hard but if he does not demand it, you might not work as hard. The boss has to TELL you that THIS MUST happen or your fired. There was almost no pressure for getting out of war. You can win elections without having to do anything about it.

      Same for healthcare. 70% don’t DEMAND healthcare, they just desire it so there is not need for politicians to give it.

      We get what we DEMAND. If we REALLY want something we get LOUD about it and their internal polls show that if they deliver it means VOTES and if they don’t it means loosing. THEN and only then do they do something.

      That is how it works. They NEED our votes to stay in power so we need to get MAD enough that we start pulling enough votes that they get scared. Until then you are wising on a star.

    2. @Angela Siegfried If all you do is vote, you are wasting your time. A vote without demands and accountability is a wasted vote. IT’s a blank check.

    3. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel Yes constiuants have to keep up the pressure but nobody needs to DEMAND anything from anyone. 
      I do a good job because I have a good work ethic not because my employer forces me or demands it. What’s next? off with their heads? Let me guess. You were at the failed coup attempt on 1-6.

  3. Do they control all airspace? Can maybe use helicopters, rappelling in , etc. You have the lists. Is it possible?

  4. Biden at least takes full responsibility in place of lies… hey, how are all the reps and senators doing on that account themselves???? Shall we talk jan 6th now???? Talking about colossal blunders!

    1. Absolutely. He said, the buck stops with him. He’s the only one with balls that has finally made the decision.

    2. @Mal C I agree 100% and congratulations to our president God bless the United States of America and God bless our President and God bless The Afghanistan people also.

  5. They all did. Including the British. Did the corrupt Afghan government do a deal with the Taliban behind our backs?

    1. @thebigwarthog Yes with terms regulations and conditions. Taliban are terrified of Trump after he wiped out all of isis! You don’t know what you are talking about. Biden is the laughing stock of the world. Taliban took afganastan in 3 days right under Biden’s watch. He is the most incompetent leader this country has ever had!

    2. According to the Spokesman of the Russian Embassy in Kabul, Nikata Ishchenko, the former President of Afghanistan fled the country with four cars and chopper full of cash.

    3. @Russell Hopkins since when did the Taliban ever comply with terms and conditions? You are a delusional trump stan.

  6. my question to everyone during this time. Do you really stand up for what you believe in. Do you really think that everyone should have equal rights for all. because what I am seeing from the actions of america. It really doesn’t look like it. The only that i think should have an opinion on the war is the people that fought in it. At least they are the ones who understand what it means to be a hero.

  7. Well, my opinion on this major news item evolves as quickly as things change on the ground. Everything hinges on the final result long term. We all knew that the Taliban was going to take over so expectations are starting low no matter what happens. I still think this was a worthwhile century project.

  8. All the talking heads come out in force with their pointless would’ve could’ve should’ve are irrelevant
    Get everyone out

    1. Taliban has been practicing and planning this take over since that former dud negotiated with TERRORISTS (Taliban) in February 2020. When a US president negotiates with a non-governmental Gang and not the legitimate Afghanistan Govt, that US president “legitimizes” the Taliban as being the ones in charge. Plus, Afghanistan Govt was not paying their security forces, but the Taliban did offer Afghanistan forces to “surrender” or quit or lay down guns. There was no magic. This was put into motion in February 2020, and when an Afghan wants to save their own life, and not pledge allegiance to an Afghan president that abdoned them, you get a total collapse of govt.

    2. They say, when US is hiring Afghan from his village to sign a contact for few years and join Afghan security force, some of those just bury their AK in the garden and become government solder. But once their contract is up they just go back and dig the AK out of the dirt. I saw several TV programs during years where they showed how it worked and same happened at the time of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. I am sure, there is a lot of heroes there, and they wanted to live in a free country. But magical disappearing of Afghan army proves, there is also a lot of those who just didn’t care about our democracy and helped us as long as we paid them well, and then just turned the sides.

  9. Just research the last 4 years in Afghanistan and tell me who orchestrated this mess.
    Just get our people out, all of them.

    1. Was it Pakistan?
      Who gave them the billions to buy a victories for their Taliban mercenaries?
      What now will the bankrupt unrepresentative Afghanistan have to do as consequence?
      How will the USA use the frozen accounts to recover its weapons?
      Who wanted to win the responsibility of taming an unschooled undeveloped religiously blinded dreamers?
      The seeds of discontent are now deeply embedded in young Afghani’s whom contrast with their unschooled despots.
      Can young smart educated youths outsmart inflexible medieval thinkers.
      Time will tell?
      At times it pays to be careful what’s wished for?????

  10. We never should have been there in the first Place.
    There are enough problems to deal stateside, we should try to solve those.
    We should never have been there, Period. History showed this, but arrogance rules.
    I find negotiations with the Taliban W/O the Afghan Government a backstabbing Trump move.

  11. The GOP should now be asked what their thoughts are on the Trump Hannity interview, more the other live televised part when trump openly lavished praise on the despot Taliban , calling them really smart people , say no more

  12. The Russians pulled out after ten years. Why did the US stay twice as long? Blame enough to go around, but even so, how does that help? It doesn’t.

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