Rep. Seth Moulton On Collapse Of Afghanistan


  1. the whole should we stay or go argument is pointless. We didn’t stay in Iraq long enough and look what happen. We stayed too long in Afghanistan and look what happen. Taking out dictators is good but their is a price to pay. All interventions have positives and negatives. There is never a perfect solution

  2. All of these places everybody is talking about Germany,Japan and so on…
    Wouldn’t run like the Afghan Army cowards did!!
    These countries would fight to the last man,woman! They’re not cowards

    1. That’s really not fair to the 100k+ afghans that died fighting. I agree that so many of their army were unfit and or unwilling to fight but there were ones who fought til they ran out of ammo only to surrender and be shot to pieces. The warriors who fought to the death for their country when many wouldn’t deserve more praise than any of us comfortable on YouTube

  3. The failure started 20yrs ago when Bush invaded illegally in another country and the outcome was always the US having to leave with their tails between their balls?

  4. There are bases in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea. The difference being, if America left, there would still be a stable nation and defence force behind. These were nations before America arrived. Afghanistan is *not* a nation. It’s a collection of feudal medieval tribes hemmed in by borders drawn up by the British Empire. If they’re not fighting somebody else, they’re fighting each other. It’s not run by a government but by the will of tribal elders making deals with one another, and almost everything centres around the opium trade.

  5. Had if they started an evacuation a couple of months back, they would have caused the mass hysteria a few months back, it was time to break before we had to send in even more troops, drumpf was the one who made the deal with the Taliban, and excluded the actual government of Afghanistan.

  6. Afghanistan didn’t _”collapse.”_ It just returned to its normal state. After all, the Taliban controlled it before we rolled in, the Taliban controls it now that we’ve rolled out. We need to get over ourselves.

    1. It wasn’t a peace deal as Trumpo called it. A withdrawal deal. “The agreement contained no enforcement mechanisms and included no penalties on the Taliban for failing to comply with its terms.”

    2. Yes the last time the Taliban controlled the Country they trained the 9/11 terriosts. Biden just gave it back to them. Duck and Cover America. Thanks Joe.

  7. The troops there are competing with their religion — Allah oppresses women. You can have troops there for centuries and it will do nothing if they choose to worship an oppressor.

  8. The other countries leaders want us in there countries. The Afghans who want to be in charge don’t. We’re not the world’s babysitter.

  9. Since the World is in a Pandemic with new variant’s, I hope anyone coming into the US and when you are jamming people in a plane would get a covid test, given a vaccine, and given masks.

  10. Warmongers who show concern for little girls are creepy af. And should be looked into. And who is on epstein’s client list !!

  11. It does look like we ran, no wonder why people panicked, they saw us running, it created chaos. I agree with Rep Seth Moulton.

  12. The freedoms experienced by the youth will foment a restlessness that may result in changes in the future. When we stopped hunting Bin Laden we should have brought all of our troops home. Instead we sent them to Iraq.

  13. Instead of “Taliban” it should be “Taliburton”. They get to keep the trillion plus dollars worth of equipment and money we poured into the country.

  14. You can ask why Biden didn’t start evacuations earlier but only after asking why Trump, who had 11 months after he agreed to the surrender deal with the Taliban, start the evacuation.

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