Rep. Sharice Davids On Kansas GOP Redrawing Legislative Maps 1

Rep. Sharice Davids On Kansas GOP Redrawing Legislative Maps


Kansas Republicans won a super-majority in the state legislature and have begun planning to remove the state's single Democratic congressional district through redistricting. Rep Sharice Davids (D-KS) joins Ayman.

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    1. @John Clarke It’s not just laughably hilarious and it’s not just me. Many, if not almost all here (who participate/informing in the threads, making comments) have debunked your talking points so often, the redundancy has become painful.

    2. @John Clarke I do understand the/your silly “politics” and of you/RNC wanting to continue the discourse but I for one am trying to refrain from perpetuating such toxic and childish ridiculousness.

    3. @MIKAEL S1 So you won’t even point me in the right direction? You won’t even point to a SINGLE instance where Trump said the virus wasn’t real? You’re just gonna do the same tired DARVO tactics on me? Okay. I guess thank the heavens that you’re not a Trump supporter yourself because I’d hate to have YOU as a foe.

    4. @John Clarke toxic ideology and “ride or die” philosophy, correct? I mean… it’s what you, the Republican/”conservatives” have adhered and hitched your wagon to (right-wing extremists/extremism and their radical conspiracies) and in doing so you find it not only difficult but obviously damned near impossible to walk away from. What is it pride, ego or you’re paid to continuously propagate such old non-issues, because the GOP has no substantive-policies and nothing else to offer and becoming ever so obviously impotent and even more important, irrelevant. It is glaringly apparent. (to me)

    5. @John Clarke I am going to be serious with you Ok, John?
      You believe you’re fighting for something, what?
      Show me?

  1. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

    1. @eltorocal The United States of America is governed as a federal republic, and therefore some argue that the U.S. is not a democracy. A republic is defined as a political system in which the supreme power is vested upon the citizenry that is entitled to vote for its representatives and officers responsible to them, while a democracy is defined as a government of the people and by the people exercised through elected or direct representative. It can be difficult to distinguish between a democracy and a republic, and therefore it would be rational to conclude that the United States is both a democracy and a republic.

    2. @Martian Technology “…the supreme power is vested upon the citizenry that is entitled to vote for its representatives and officers responsible to them, while a democracy is defined as a government of the people and by the people exercised through elected or direct representative.”

      You’ve just described what it is that the Republicons are still trying to do… and where their gerrymandering and Voter Intimidation Tact is strengthened by.

      “…a government of the people and by the people exercised through elected or direct representative.”

      This is why the RepubliCons demonize the Progress that our Elected Officials try to bring to America and Americans… “The Squad”, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren… the Republicons live in the past for One reason only… they are OLD WHITE RACIST MEN… scared of CHANGE!

    1. I live in West Virginia. Joe Manchin is not my ideal representative. Unfortunately, he is as much of a Democrat as could be elected in this state.

      Hopefully, we’ll do better in the future. Or die in backward poverty. One or the other.

    2. @Shawn Hartmann I’m a West Virginian and I make it a point to call him regularly to tell him to stop obstructing a functioning government and to get rid of the filibuster so we protect our democracy before it all goes down the tubes.

  2. Why do Democrats keep saying Republicans have to decide if they’re going to support democracy they’ve already decided they’re not going to

    1. Forty-five percent of Kansans are democrats–and believe in democracy. There’s a dangerous authoritarian theme spreading in this country. Democrats need to organize. The governor should really speak out about this. And Michael Flynn should be called back to active duty and court-martialed.

    2. @Kyberik there is a CNN piece, with Ana Cabrera and a Richard Painter (former White-House ethics Attorney) and Richard spells out why (in heated detail) and what military codes Flynn violated.

    3. *_THE GQP HAS GOT TO GO. They lie, cheat, promote racism and a Russian agenda, allow us to die needlessly and protect organized criminal activity, and are openly destroying our freedom and system of justice for all. How long are WE THE PEOPLE going to let a minority of hate mongering traitors control our country? THE GOP SUPPORTS TRUMP. They ignore the will of the people in favor of their agenda which serves only themselves and the wealthy._*

    1. @Brian Jones So why don’t you show all the massive gerrymandering that happens in dem controlled states? Or are you going to pretend that they don’t have laws in them that creates things to make the redistricting procedures independent of party?
      Name one instance of the dem party winning an election with the minority of votes cause of corrupt gerrymandering. Just one would be nice.
      The last time there was redistricting….republicans got over 1.5 million less votes in the house of rep and got a 34 seat majority. Thats on top of the states that have congressional repub control even though they got less votes….aka wisconson.

    2. @Brian Jones I’m still waiting for anyone to put out that list of 100,000’s of dead voters and all those illegal immigrants that voted. Also, you always show I.D. to register……then there is a voter list…and when you vote your name is marked as voted so you can’t vote twice… explain how people’s votes were stolen? as the actually real voters would then have shown up to vote and wouldn’t be allowed to…but that NEVER happened.

    3. @Brian Jones I thought in 2016 after Hillary lost (even though she got almost 3 million more votes) that I would never see a more pathetic display of someone and their supporters not accepting responsibility and acting ridiculous.
      CONGRATS to trump and his cult…they are actually more pathetic then Hillary when she lost and her supporters and the denial they were in for a while…at least Hillary didn’t lie about the vote itself and spend the entire time after the election lying about the election in the hope that stupid people would be dumb enough to fall for it.,
      Also, trump will NEVER see office again….we in america do NOT put treasonous insurrectionist pieces of trash in office…we put them in prison.
      Says alot about trump supporters that they are just fine with jan 6. President was to protect america from its enemies…foreign and domestic…not just put their feet up on their desk gleefully watching the jan 6 attack on the capital and getting off on it while doing NOTHING. Trump did nothing for hours upon hours. ..treasonous trash.

    4. @Brian Jones ; Sir in recent many many years I’ve been vetted and offered communication director positions. By persons I had respected.
      Not one time by a democrat. And I get around. …
      Right before it came down to signing the paper work. Changing district boundaries is #1 on the agenda 100% by republicans. Weird thing was …late into the night in back rooms it was discussed. I’d shut up. Not say a word.
      I decline every time. Never to accept an offer. I’ve been repulsed by how inept these politicians & the new candidates running are complete morons.

      “Dark money”…I turned down big time income. I won’t be trolled ever again.

      You become what you do.

      I’ll leave you with this thought…

      “You do not possess intelligence, nor do you possess ignorance;
      Nor do you possess a mixture of these two.
      You are, yourself, Intelligence-
      An Intelligence that never ceases, never strays.”

      – The wisdom of The Avadhuta Gita

  3. Gerrymandering should be illegal…but the SCOTUS has avoided or has supported this practice…

    If those eligible to vote were allowed to vote and if districts were fairly drawn so as to give representation to the voters, Republican would never win another election or office.

    1. Trump had said as much on a Fox News interview back in September, when he said, “If all Americans are able to vote, you will never see a Republican voted into office, ever again”.

    2. @MTN17 Um… wrong… there were NO gerrymandered districts from Democrat areas. Gerrymandering is a Republicon tact, practiced by Republicons.

    3. @eltorocal That was an AP statistic I googled. It could be they were referring to districts that had been “gerrymandered” some ages ago, before computerized effects. Very true that current republican gerrymandering is an insult to democracy never imagined before. All the more reason we’ve got to take it out of state and partisan hands once and for all.

  4. Maybe she should do like Manchin and run as a republican and work with the democrats because Manchin is a republican running on a democratic ticket

  5. I live in Sharice’s district and gladly voted for her twice. I am hopeful that the courts will step in once again to stop this Republican cheating (as they did in 2011).

    Also, the district in question has swong Democratic in recent years.

    1. Sharice is the remaining Native American in Congress after Deb Haaland’s appt to the cabinet, afaik. So it’s another reason Republicans in Kansas want to get rid of her district. It’s not only because she’s a Democrat. It’s also because she’s an indian.

  6. Reminder: GOP values are so out of style they need to cheat to win

    Reminder: GOP doesn’t like fairness because they can’t win.

    1. so not killing your baby living under traditional family values and not altering your gender are not values that you uphold to? okay you work on that

    1. how do you suppress the Democratic vote when there are more Democrats than Republicans?

  7. GOP’s now the 100% anti-democratic party – it’s the Dem’s need to decide if we’re going to fight for democracy, Independents too. MMA style – initiate contact and quit constantly reacting to GOP junk…

  8. We need to get rid of gerrymandering, electoral college and filibuster. None of that represents the will of the people. Majority rules! I’m tired of the minority running the country!

    1. This is correct! I think until lobbyists are eliminated , congress will be bought & the American people are screwed!!!!

  9. 1/3 of Americans are ok with this type of governing – which means the 2/3 need to vote next year for a free and fair democracy. Cheaters never prosper.

  10. Republicans have already decided that they do not support democracy. That’s pretty obvious.

  11. january 6th 2021 never forget the republicans policy is to overthrow democracy and install a fascist regime.

  12. We need more beautiful Indigenous women like her in government to represent and fight for the forgotten

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