Rep. Sherrill: Congress Will Fulfill Its Constitutional Duty Today | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Sherrill: Congress Will Fulfill Its Constitutional Duty Today | Morning Joe | MSNBC


House Armed Services member, Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-NJ, joins Morning Joe to discuss Congress' counting of the Electoral College votes and what two potential Democratic Senate seats could mean for Congress. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Rep. Sherrill: Congress Will Fulfill Its Constitutional Duty Today | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. First since 1932 to lose the house, the senate and the presidency at first term after holding all three.

  1. Trump is a legend in his own mind. He is a joke and disgrace to call himself the leader of the free world. The democracy and constitution of the USA will prevail.

    1. @William Saunders as your neighbour to the north I feel the embarrassment you all must feel of your nation. I hang my head in disbelief of how this day is unfolding. A country divided and so mush energy going into trying to stop that is destined to happen. Put that energy into getting the pandemic under control and providing food and shelter to the millions of Americans struggling each and every day as a result of neglect. A sad day in the history of America

    2. It’s not a joke that people have died from the pandemic because T,#$& was stumbling around pretending to be president.

    3. Trump doesn’t have the capacity to feel other’s pain. He does not understand what it means to have a democracy and follow the constitution. He truly doesn’t. That’s what he was dangerous. He is a sociopath and a narcissist.

    4. @Debra Deroos yea but his time is almost finished no more power that he never should have been allowed near

    1. No, no, no, no! Thank the African American people of Georgia. Thank Stacey Abrams. Thank the folk that have been standing up, with straight backs, proudly, to the oppression of their people for over four hundred years now. They literally saved this nation from the brink of collapse. And no, I’m not trying to be “woke”, or a kissup. I truly believe every word that I just typed, with all of my heart.

    2. @The Genial Decepticon I agree with every word.Georgia you are american heroes,you’ve more in service of this country than those whose job it is to do so!!!

    1. “Debra Deroos”: Absolutely!! And he will. He’ll also be going after the Republican Senators who committed treason and sedition by trying to destroy democracy, and rip up the Constitution.

    1. based on what i have sean republicans rely care more for businesses than the American people. in my opinion it should be equal. giving millions of dollars to businesses if not billions during this pandimic and arguing over 2000 dollers a person to help the people despicable.

    2. @Michael Van Zandt Republicans have always been for less government and more power to the big businesses leaving the average Joe holding the bag. Big businesses run this country, I understand that, so that leaves the Dems in a position to be the voice to fight in Congress. Now that we have some leverage I believe things will get better, but not much I’m afraid.

    1. I wish that was true, but these millions of fanatical MAGA-morons are still Republicans and will keep voting Republican unless Trump creates his own “Orange-party” to run as the leader of his own cult/Political party…
      Trump kills everything he touches, but the stupidity of the morons supporting him lives on…

    2. @Jonnis The stupidity did not start with Trump unfortunately. We have been cutting our public education system for years and this is what we get a country of morons.

  2. I was hoping that the “good guys” had a plan to protect us from the enablers & criminals. Thank you

    1. That is the spine belief of every decent person regardless of gender,religion,race or any other distinction. And that’s why i am so disappointed in Comey suggesting Trump should be immune to any investigation of his corrupt actions

  3. As a USMC conservative veteran, I stand with the constitution and American Citizens. Trump lost. Fair and square.

    1. That would matter more if your group was united in its opinion. As it stands you speak for yourself, not USMC vets

  4. When the left takes the House, Senate, and the White House, they need to REMEMBER how Republicans have acted these past 4+ years.

    1. They also need to fulfill their promises so the people will see the difference between gop traitors, and the Dems

    2. The democrats are not the left. They have been shown to be the true patriots the last 4 years. Who stood up to the orange russian mole and moscow mitch? In English classes, this usage is called “glittering generalization”. Your terminology is outdated. Based on the evidence accumulated over the last four years, the republiCONS and the orange circus ring master are the left, for they sided with Kim and Putin consistently during this period.

    3. @Agave Mac As a conservative of the William Buckley school, I must say you make an interesting point about Kim and Putin. However I would counter that Trump along with McConnell are neither left or right. They are simply totalitarians that have no political agenda except to maintain their own power. Especially Trump who wanted to be president for the singular purpose of expanding his ego, thus the attraction to “strongmen” like Kim and Putin. Some republicans like Jeff Flake and John Boehner found out the hard way what it was like to not tow the party line. Some like Jim Jordan… Well you can put lipstick on Jim Jordan, but he’s still a pig. Thank you Georgia for breaking the strangle hold that McConnell had on the senate. 😉

  5. The Republicans objecting to the electoral certification is dumb since some of them were elected in the 2020 election

  6. McConnell haven’t just denied Democrats ability to represent their constituents and debate their legislative interest, he has denied Repulicans the same. For a decade.

  7. Trump destroys everything he touches – 6 bankruptcies, farmer’s livelihood’s, the Republican party, and American lives!

    1. @10cody7 better than we are today. This year(among other things) was an absolute low point for politics and government. Not since 1865 has there been so much hate and turmoil in this country. And we can all thank little Donnie Trump for that.

    1. Need to dump more Republicans in 2 years as well. They have to learn not to be foolish again.
      Let’s Make Congress Great Again- a pun intended. lol

    2. It also makes it a lot more consequential. As they can now be impeached if it’s found they broke any laws or if this is a premeditated attempt at a coup

    1. @James It is only if Schumer makes them. Not so sure myself how far he’ll go outside the donors. Him and Pelosi are makin’ cake.

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