Rep. Sherrill: Politicization Of DOJ ‘Should Concern Every American’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The USA is not the only democracy, the only Common Law country nor the only country that adheres to the Rule of Law. But if it does not stop it’s current direction it will be the country in history to surrender all three simultaneously. If you want to see where your going, any corrupt South American dictatorship or oligarchy will do.

  2. Trump’s shouldn’t be the law for everyone…,…Trump and Barr need to be thrown under the jail.

  3. This appalling actions together with the obvious and ridiculous lies of this administration have moved into the realm of a continuous power show; we do just what we like, what you gonna do about it?

  4. The tRumpie DOJ will have to be dismantled & de-funded & put back together from top to bottom by the Democrats because of tRumps judicial criminal corruption!

    1. Bunker Baby dRumph : Only so long as we, the people, are prepared to defend these elections, and defend our Republic? They’re stealing the elections, right now. Fight for your Republic, America ✌️👍

    2. @Ash Roskell i agree we must be ready to fight for our country, i have already faught for it in Iraq and i most certainly will here

  5. Some day, kids in school will read about this.
    It will be in history class, and the topic will be “how the fourth Reich came to be”.

  6. Corruption in plain sight. Shame on the Republicans who remain silent and on those who vote for Trump.

  7. brilliantly said, ty rep sherrill and mr o’donnell, not a surprise though. low-barr needs to see prison time as soon as his co-conspirator is out of office!

  8. I thought criminals are supposed to be in jail, so why are tRump and Barr in power running the country?

  9. This is likely nothing compared to what Trump and Barr have planned for the SDNY. Barr is actively clearing ALL issues that will get Trump charged. Actively deconstructing the Mueller file in order to dispose of the evidence. And he directly tried to install Trump as a dictator with martial law. Time to impeach him for sedition.

  10. The only erson in the confederate government charged with treason was their last president. He was not executed after two years in prison for one reason, he *did not deserve* the adoration given to martyrs.

    Trump deserves the adoration of his Twisted Traitriots, but he *should not be executed* for his heinous crimes because his miserable demise can never pay for them. Relentless public shaming of his failures is more fitting. His enablers, supporters, and apologists are part and parcel. They should be the ones that read the names of his victims to him in the public square morning noon and night

  11. Biden2020 🇺🇸 or China trump 🇨🇳 2020 , (trump asked China for help this year in the presidential elections) Biden 2020 make America safe and free and equal for all Americans

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