Rep. Slotkin Calls For U.S. To Respond To Russian Aggression | MSNBC 1

Rep. Slotkin Calls For U.S. To Respond To Russian Aggression | MSNBC


Former CIA analyst and member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), discussed President Biden's first NATO summit as commander in chief and his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She also responds to NBC’s exclusive interview with the Russian President, telling Stephanie Ruhle that the U.S. should respond to Russian cyberattacks with “some sort of arms control regime" or "big strategic plan."

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Rep. Slotkin Calls For U.S. To Respond To Russian Aggression | MSNBC


  1. The Ransom should have never been paid in the first place. Any operation, including Government paying Ransom should kick out their IT departments. We discovered how to fix and restore all files upto 24 hours back in 2012

    1. @Stephen Kershaw yeah and can’t even keep their lights on in the winter. That’s what putting profits over everything gets you.

    2. @David C ½” of snow in one little corner and the entire state is brought to its knees. Not exactly survivors and adaptive, are they?

  2. are you f’n serious. they are parading around in their own country. you want to go to war because they are in their own yard?

    1. Agree! Yet our friends to the north we screw because of a few misguided environmentalist who never look at the overwhelming science and only see what they want to see,

  3. When the aliens come, their ship will likely land on top of Capitol building. Heard there was no survivors that day.

    1. @Lynne D. Oh no. We’ve got plenty. Currently only under direct attack by one, though, which would seem to me to be worthy of an answer.

    2. @Xaviotes Harris And your sure this all wasn’t to make SURE we saw Russian as an enemy?…and keep it that way???……no other nations would benefit from that???

    3. @Lynne D. Dear, I’m not sure of anything, but I do have my suspicions based on having been engaged in politics and the world for decades. My take, my read on the geopolitics is that Russia and Putin are among the many serious threats facing America, and there is ample reason to believe so.

      Your fondness for open-ended questions makes me think you enjoy conspiracies …. Have you read the Mueller report?

    1. @American Nationalist oddly there are wars perpetuating all over the world and only a few have anything to do with religion.

  4. Don’t want Putin to punch us? Then maybe we should stop punching him in the face while playing the victim.

  5. News to the not so wise Slotkin the so called attack was a result of weak “leadership”.

    1. @American Nationalist Oh, look, an intelligence operative trying to shift the focus. FAIL

    2. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have uncensored news….videos on these platforms: plan demic parts 1 and 2… Crimes Against Humanity Reiner Fuellmich….mamm.
      Org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates…..Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Rashid Buttar tell the truth about the v a x on Brand New Tube. C o m

    3. Well they tell so many lies they can’t come out and say anything because the might get the story twisted and accidentally reveal something they weren’t kinda like how the towers were shipped to china to be melted down

  6. So the crazy lady who wore mittens on the congressional floor is on the armed services committee now…?

  7. Hey, Biden already lifted the sanctions on Nordstream pipeline, what else can he do? Let them have the rest Ukraine?

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