Rep. Slotkin: Resigning In Last Two Weeks Is Really Not Resigning In Protest | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Slotkin: Resigning In Last Two Weeks Is Really Not Resigning In Protest | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., discusses the harm the president can cause with two weeks left in office, her concerns about security at the Biden inauguration and why she says resigning in the last two weeks of an administration is not really resigning in protest. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Rep. Slotkin: Resigning In Last Two Weeks Is Really Not Resigning In Protest | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. If a 25th Amendment vote came up would their deputy have to vote in their place or is it just 1 less cabinet position you have to get a vote from?

    2. @Joe McKim just more confusion to cause delay I reckon, while the opportunistic cowards run for cover. All new ground here.

    1. Removed before he can pardon every crook, thug and deviant, otherwise they will simply regroup and come at us again. F’ing Pelosi and Schumer have been beyond useless in their magical thinking that somehow the Republicans will act with honor and decency when they are just power grubbing thugs.

    1. Susan Collins has assured me that he has certainly learned his lesson. I told her the lesson he learned is that you lack the spine to do your job and he will become worse.

    2. Unfortunately, too many voters in too many states didn’t care that their Senators, such as McConnell, Collins, Cronyn, etc., did not convict and remove Trump. Or they were happy Trump escaped removal. In the end, we can only blame the fools or the malevolent who continue to vote for Republicans!!

    3. Imagine you’re a grandchild of this President and you’re learning in history class about all the horrible things your Grandpa did as president. God what a horrible thing to do to a child but nevertheless is a necessary examination of the facts in history. How do you as a kid look at your Grandpa again. I’m a mom and I can’t help thinking about stuff like this.

    1. Dude…AFTER a woman was shot (who later died) and dozens of Capitol Police injured, some seriously (one ultimately fatally), he got in front of the cameras and railed about how he won by a landslide and the election was stolen from him. He declared his love for these rioters who caused all this mayhem, who carried and waved a confederate flag, the flag flown by those who fired on those who flew the U.S. flag, who killed those who bore the U.S. flag. He later tweeted that this is what happens when elections are stolen by massive fraud, as if to say oh well! This PoS will NEVER have the dignity or honor and respect enough to the office of POTUS to resign…he’ll sooner urinate all over the White House to mark his territory and claim it as his even as he’s carried out.

    2. Why csll him Sir..?? Does not deserve it…made his own evil choices..along with the blind followers..

  1. He’s impaired,take the keys from him now,not after he wrecks every thing in his reach.Today may already be too late,why are we still waiting for Congress to act?Today not tomorrow or next week,Today….

    1. Slowly remove the levers of power from him so when he finds out his new secret service detail has handcuffs …

    1. Yes, he put his own Vice-President in harm’s way. That is what is so unbelievable. The reality of this is going to take time to sink in for a lot of people. All of it.

    1. Could actually happen.
      National security means he an’t just go to jail, at minimum we’re talking about a quonset hut in the middle of nowhere.
      tRump won’t be able to trade what he’s learned as Presid…what am I saying, if it didn’t have something to do with a temporary monetary gain…tRump won’t remember SFA…

    2. @Steve Jakubowski I totally disagree. The world did not suddenly begin in 2016. There have been generations of Americans with heads in the sand.
      The quest for positivity has cost us our soul as a country, and it happened long before you could vote for Donald (lame)Duck.
      The Desire to assign blame, and duck guilt, dodge “negativity” has led us here.

      In other words;
      *I Stand by My Original Statement.*

    3. I have been thinking about that event
      The problem I see is that is hard to effectively isolate anyone with all the media options out there
      And plenty of bad actors to hook him up or give him refuge. Technology is it great until it’s not
      I spent 22 years with a dedicated wonderful team making sure it worked.

    1. Sickos … first thought comes to mind. It shows in their character.
      Burn the ship & stepped in the life boat of immense wealth.

      It’s disturbing. Then again most people will enjoy Netflix, bookface, or taking care of family this evening, giving care to a loved one.

      Again …. I know family members well of these two women who “resigned.”
      These two women have been gifted silver spoons, and they both know it down deep.

      The old saying shocked not surprised fits the situation

    2. Totally agree. If any of the temporary appointments were to vote against him it would be easier them. Leaving the administration now is NOT taking the high ground.

  2. “doubly impeached donald trump” sounds like something that would get in his head. i like that holmes… i like that…

    1. You’re exactly right as he has no heart or compassion for anyone other than himself. To be understanding and have love you have to have a heart, Trump has no heart!

    1. Trump and all the people on Wednesday, (Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Giuliani), that told the people to march to the Capitol should be indicted. They caused the death of people that did not have to happen.

  3. All these people “resigning in protest” are not fooling anyone! They’re just trying to avoid possible legal charges and/or prison time!

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