Rep. Spanberger: Combatting Extremism On Social Media 'Incredibly Important' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Spanberger: Combatting Extremism On Social Media ‘Incredibly Important’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) discusses the importance of combatting violent extremism on social media. Aired on 02/09/2021.
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Rep. Spanberger: Combatting Extremism On Social Media 'Incredibly Important' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Unless the voting is secret, The Church of Baby Cheesus will acquit their Toddler Messiah and forevermore render impeachment as an enforcement tool worthless.

  1. Years from now, our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will be in history class learning about the day a US President ordered an attack on our nation’s Capitol in order to stay in power, and bring down our democratic republic. And if we’re still alive, they’ll ask us what it was like that day on January 6, 2021.

    1. @Trump Reelected2024: If you’re so down on China I dare you to throw away the
      keyboard you have your hot little hands on.

    2. @Trump Reelected2024 All I care is We the People fired Trump’s a## and kicked him to the curb.. Everyone is cutting ties with him.. He’s going to go absolutely flat broke from all the lawsuits and debt… The loser is done!! lol.. Biden is your new president, get used to it QTip.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith The first time he did it was when he wanted his “followers” to clear Lafayette Park for him. He called for “MAGA night” at the White House. They were too stupid to pick up on his call to action, so he had to have Barr pull some ridiculous stunt instead. This time, he was clearer and more specific about what he wanted. He’s been priming them with his “Q” nonsense since 2017.

    4. @Janet Crawford That’s going to fly over everyone’s heads, because they do not comprehend that it’s a battle of good versus evil, and which side is which.

  2. If people were being pushed into areas by algorithms where propagandists and white nationalists were waiting to influence them, then something needs to change. It is also not helpful to have people moving from Twitter to other platforms in order to remain immersed in white nationalist echo chambers.

    1. @Gnarlen you desire to move people out because you hate free speech.

      Private companies are not responsible for the views of their users because their views do not represent the company,

      Thus means the purge is done on political grounda

  3. I’ve seen the crap. Nothing pushed me! Gives them opportunity because they definitely have the inclinations already!

  4. You have no idea the abuse that goes on in homes during this shut down…and all this government mess. People are angry both sides. The abuse is horrible behind closed doors.

  5. This country reflexively goes to more policing of some form and ignores other approaches. That says something about our national phycology as well as the psychology of those people who believe in conspiracy theories.

    For example: Many people have mentioned they were in poor mental health space. Universal healthcare such as Med4All which includes mental healthcare is important.

    We should take a holistic approach.

    1. @mark Evans Of course, after all the damage he has done, true American should always remember this clown.

    2. @mark Evans: It’s not Trump, it’s the sad, unnecessary deaths and destruction of America that’s so compelling, everything from self-induced political fraud to environmental horrors. I just read an article about that new-style horizontal hurricane that caused billions of damages in Iowa, also blowing down 65% of their trees.

    1. Apparently the LEFT is…they’re following an absent minded fool that can’t remember the 50+ executive orders he signed… Good one…

  6. (1) in the netflix documentary, social dilemma, dorsey literally says within the first two minutes that no one expected this. amazingly though just recently he along with zuckerberg came before congress and both said, that the entire world needs them. this is congress not doing it’s job that allows this, period!! in fact laws exist for these incitements, since just like with any other business they would be prohibited from operating if this degree of mayhem occurred at their establishment. (2)what draws them to social media is something the congresswoman and also mr melvin may have heard of, but commit by omission something undeserved by anyone decent. i’m talking about fox legally allowed to call themselves news!! msnbc won’t touch this though and i’m willing to bet the congresswomen has a history of discussing this abusive use of a business license as if it were a reference point!! facebook, twitter et al got their tactics from msm, algorithms are just another dimension to them. so singling out their abuses is just a distraction. in fact and all the while if someone was assaulted at a fox office next week the number of people who’d be surprised might not even reach double digits!! cut the head off the snake of these propaganda machines and stop playing games before democracy is killed off due to businesses defining speech as something without consequences. just like they have dark money polluting it to a point where right now we’re witnessing republicans totally without concerns for average americans, period!!

    1. Aka the false claims act.

      Government suppression of true claims is totalitarian fascism, but allowing any individual to sue (an)other(s) on behalf of the state for false claims provides a mechanism and incentive that allows such controversies to be resolved and deters false claims.

      Expand the lincoln act to include gov employees for one.

  7. Maga cult: “I thought the police were on our side?!”
    Police: “You thought wrong.”
    Maga cult:

    It is only because of the incompetence of the maga cult that they weren’t able to do more damage.

  8. So much hateful comments I still see on Facebook, if they dont like the news article, no empathy for the person they do not know, they lash out and attack, comments are an opinion, when comments are the new norm, and dictate thoughts in a moment without a higher consciences to a person’s self worth, and deliver a intelligent dialog it isnt going to stop, I just dont even go to a comment section anymore, the hate just keeps elevating and this is a problem, I read the article and keep my head clear on how I perceive the end of the day I really dont care your opinion or swayed to re act, to an opinion..its just that…they pull you in with buttons to push and that makes Zuckerberg as rich as he is..awaken your senses to self worth for everyone or dont say anything at all

  9. I HOPE REP. SPANBERGER runs for a Higher Office in Our Government or in the state of VA….this lady is concise and dedicated to her job for the people

  10. I thunk the thing peoole get wrong about the constitution is the heavily implied *within reason.*
    You have freedom of speech *within reason*
    You have freedom of belief *within reason*
    There’s a tipping point with all feeedoms, because there are always peoole who will, like Republicans, try to abuse those freedoms in bad faith. When your beliefs start adversely affecting others because they’re objectively false, you’re not coverd by that freedom of belief, you’ve stepped beyond reason.

  11. Don’t worry feds, some of us Americans have been challenging extremism in every nook and cranny of our society while you’ve been on the bench

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