Rep. Swalwell: Capitol Attack Was The ‘Largest Crime Committed In The U.S.’

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the ongoing criminal investigation into members of the Trump mob who stormed the Capitol and why “January 6th does not happen” without Donald Trump’s incitement of the mob.
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  1. More to come. According to our legal system, the jury should be a jury of your peers therefore I propose that anytime a president is impeached then that jury should consist of every living ex president of the United States that way no favoritism can be shown by the Senate.

    1. @Doug Ohaver that he is doing. Democracy is an experiment. It takes work. He’s not alone. No one wants it to die. They all took an oath. They need to honor that oath. I personally think Biden should nominate Obama for SCOTUS, the man is so cerebral. That’s another topic down the line I hope. Swalwell is in Cali. I’m not from there. Unfortunately, I’m in Florida and we’re already feeling the pains of voter suppression and having a Republican governor and republican legislature but are trying to get some BLUE down here. What they did at the Capitol was abhorrent and as far as I’m concerned they’re all Seditionists and should be charged accordingly. I hope Trufmp and family and company keep talking. They’re doing law enforcement job for them

    2. @Uniquely Lily I agree with everything you said but unlike you I’m not in Florida I’m in Texas so I can commiserate with you. If we had had a fair election here then people like Ted Cruz and John Cornyn never would have been reelected.

    3. @Doug Ohaver nor would Scott or Rubio or Gaetz have here. There’s a lot of gerrymandering in the southern states. Hopefully, well be able to turn Florida BLUE or at least win more seats in 2022. If we get these 3 out and put more in the house.

    4. @Uniquely Lily hopefully but my hope is waning especially as I watch this Frontline program which basically shows how high end real estate developers are screwing the government out of money and not even helping poor people while they build multi-million dollar properties for themselves down in Costa Rica. As usual, it’s the 1% getting over on the 99%. Disgusting.

    1. @tony moore the people that put straight jackets on others in order to put them in rubber rooms were also right about you 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @TJ I have a suspicion that they will be running over each other in the attempt to make deals in the future.

    3. @Doug Ohaver oh, you’re angry response! I know it’s hard to except you’re being wrong; however, you can still switch sides and join us normal people. You’ll be glad you did after the dust settles, because Biden and his administration will be removed from office before his first term is even close to being over

    1. Humm. While I agree, a lot of the “Indian Wars” were the breaking of treaties with expansionism, and as such, was really an invasion, and therefore technically not really “in the U.S.”.

    1. @R Smith NPR: You literally can’t believe the facts Tucker Carlson tells you. So says Fox’s lawyers. MSNBC: More than 500 people charged for role in Capitol riot. Those 500 charged are Trump supporters.

    2. @R Smith Are you referring to all the video footage they used that was taken by the insurrectionists?

  2. The truth must be told. Start fining ALL of them for being federal officials spreading incorrect harmful
    information too public.Ethics are still a Requirement!

    1. @Crimdor from the book Swalwell claims his family and friends were concerned about his safety, they were going by trumps rhetoric and what they had seen online. Swalwell himself never claimed he had any information of what was going to happen. I mean no one expected them to storm the capitol, I myself figured something would happen but not that.put it together. Maybe i missed something.
      youtube dot com / watch ? v = L c u E B X w i y 8 E

    2. psycobleach46 tullis – ya that sounds about right overall.
      That being said, the fbi did try to warn those in charge of the defense of the capital, and Swalwell is on the intelligence committee and would have been privy to any fbi information which I feel like he should have checked on.
      I’m not placing the blame entirely on him, but it sounds like he could have done his job better and it seems like him and many others failed to do there jobs in preventing a riot at the capital.

    3. @Crimdor the intelligence committee has NOTHING to do with the protection of the Capitol theirs is oversight. That is DC police, capitol police, and the sergeant at arms, and yes the FBI did fail, I think they were the biggest part of the failure.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis – Swalwel could have checked to see if the proper people in charge of capital security where aware of the information the FBI had.

  3. For what it’s worth;
    “…to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, and will bear true faith and allegiance of the same…”

    1. I took that oath too. My country didn’t take it back. The oath I took was 34 years ago. My oath is still valid and has no expiration date..

    2. Henry Balzac, try reading the inscription at the base of the Statue in f Liberty sometime, or the Declaration of Independence ALL the way through, including the grievances against the king.

    3. @Just another human My Brother, Your oath is still valid. I will still stand and fight with you!

    1. Sorry, ladies. Trump will go to jail about the same time Joey Fingers mans up and confesses to sexually assaulting Tara Reide.

    2. Does anyone remember his rally speech during the election about how he “will do a second term and even a third one”. Very good evidence out of his own mouth that he never intended to admit defeat or relinquish the White House to anyone else, doesn’t it? He really believed he would be “president for life” like his pal, Putin.

    3. @Tim Kozlowski yes it’s terrible when the president turns the great republican recession into the longest economic expansion ever that gets destroyed by the very next republican admin.

    4. @Edward Riley I.2 % growth is not strong. And we never went into a recession last year. So you’re wrong.

  4. So here’s what I want to know right now: will the committee investigating everything that happened on January 6th have the power to arrest, then jail those who incited the insurrection? People like trump sr. and jr., Rudy, stone, Graham, Gaetz, etc. etc.?

    1. Funny how the whole DJT cult likes to accuse someone else when they get caught in their crimes. So obvious!

    2. I have read that they have subpoena power and this also allows them to charge them with lying under oath if they lie or refuse to answer directly. I also read that they can turn their evidence over to the DOJ for charges to be imposed based on the evidence.

    3. Harry Balzac, just one of the many pathetic, hypocritical losers who can’t or refuse to open their eyes to the blatant corruption, amorality, incompetence and criminality of Trump. Because they falsely believe he represents their short or long-term interests and positions they are willing to support him blindly at any and all cost. And shameless reach for their tired “but Obama, but Hillary, but Biden” tear buckets. So pathetic. More importantly, dangerous. Losers like Hitler, Mussolini, Duerte, Putin relied and rely on such puppets to attain their goal of autocratic rule and silencing their oppositio. Morons.

  5. The Capitol riot was a Republican Riot. This is the first time a political party in the U.S. tried to overthrow this country’s government.

    1. Obama violated the United States constitution on a daily basis. Biden not only continues in his footsteps, but has literally stripped away our national borders and left the states open to invasion (!!!). How is illegally and treasonously stripping away our national borders not a literal overturning of the constitution and the lawful United States government?

    2. @Barry McCaulkiner oh ! Those delicious trumpanzee tears ..keep them coming 😫😢😪😭

  6. Rep Eric Swallwell is one of the best in Congress. We’re lucky to have him. He keeps fighting for justice.

  7. Why haven’t each of these people been charged with five counts of murder?
    If you commit a felony and someone dies as a result, you’re guilty of that death.
    I guess they are waiting till after the felony is proven because a jury might be squeamish about sending people to prison for life.

    1. I think that would not be justice. It would be vengeance. There were many people that did not partake in violence, or even entry to the capitol, that would be wrongfully prosecuted for murder. Building individual cases may be time consuming but it is in the best interest of justice.

    2. NBK, Again with the lies. The Rich white guys support the Republicans, just look at the 2017 tax bill, it cut taxes for the top 1% and multinational corporations. It passed a delayed tax increase for working people. The tax deductions for working people expire on a schedule over the next four years, not so for the wealthy and multinational corporations. Look it up! Regarding racists, the Republicans in the state legislatures have passed laws that every survey, including the Heritage Foundation, have said have impacted black and minorities far more than white voters.

    3. J Lock, how it works, or how it’s supposed to work. The Republicans are trying to destroy that too.

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  9. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    The constant lies, denials, deceits, delusions, gaslighting, dog-whistles, crackpot conspiracy theories, projectionism, Whataboutism, bogus victimhood, and hypocrisy of Republicans is disgusting and alarming. The Republican cult has poisoned itself with its own propaganda, choosing to live in a dystopian fascist Orwellian fantasy world. The Republican cult has been radicalized to such extent that it poses a clear and present danger to our society, our democracy, our country, and the world.

    Republicans have been programmed into a mindless fascist partisan cult that is unhinged, delusional and evil. And it’s extremely dangerous to our security, to our democracy, and to our country. They’re essentially a domestic terrorist group, and we should be targeting the leaders of that group with the same vigor and determination we would a foreign terrorist group attacking our country. Don’t know of a time since the Civil War when our nation has been at greater peril, and we need to recognize that, acknowledge it, and act upon it accordingly.

    1. @Jennifer Middleton ~ Most welcome! As always, folks are encouraged to share or repost any of my original YouTube commentary they like—-no personal accreditation even required! Educating, enlightening, provoking thought, and occasionally even entertaining are the goals, not recognition, popularity, subscribers, or profit.

  10. It was ALWAYS trump’s intent to “take over” the presidency as an autocrat since the first election in 2016! At every opportunity he degraded the press, building up the atmosphere among his supporters. he wanted to be like Putin.

    1. Putin is way smoother than Trump could ever be. Trump was tactically stupid to be a crybaby with the press the way he was. Under Putin, toads like Zuckerberg and Dorsey would do as they’re told or end up in prison. If they were lucky.

    2. You are dam right, 45 tried to commit treason and still is. His plan was over throw the government and become a dictator.🤮

  11. It’s odd because those grounds are considered sacred for all the lives lost over freedom.. Whether civil or hostile threat… Trump had no respect for this country let alone any flag…

  12. The GOP members that opposed the Electoral College votes are responsible for this as well and must be held accountable.

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