Rep. Swalwell: Madison Cawthorn Should Face Consequences For 'Bloodshed' Warning 1

Rep. Swalwell: Madison Cawthorn Should Face Consequences For ‘Bloodshed’ Warning


Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s warning of possible 'bloodshed' if fraud occurs in future elections is slammed by Rep. Eric Swalwell. MSNBC analyst Clint Watts also joins The ReidOut with his analysis of violent conservative rhetoric.
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    1. @jp heeney That means nothing to me unless you also want to investigate Biden and his goons, America is being played by both sides, today anyone that is not in the click is slandered and removed. and the media is their tool.

    2. @Dale Catalone

      I 100% agree with everything you said.
      I don’t care if they’re Republican I don’t care if their Democrat if you’re inciting violence I’m over it!
      it’s time for the country to come together and learn to communicate .

    3. @Life is what you make it The only people who are going to turn this into a civil war already wants one. And your dismissel of what Cawthorne has done by pointing at others tells me you don’t actually care as long as the right isn’t blamed. You can’t point fingers toward someone else when your buddy is under fire and then put on a self-righteous act

    4. @Life is what you make it can I say there aren’t corrupt democrats? No absolutely not,too many do the bidding of corporate entities who pay for their election campaigns,the same on the Republicans side,can we ignore the fact the Trump admin was basically a criminal enterprise?no absolutely not,the only thing would be to go after corruption at the highest levels & if you try to compare trumps corruption to anything Biden has done then you have no clue.

    5. @C. S. So was it ok for people of the house just last year encouraging violence while calling for defunding the police, hound those that they didn’t agree with, both sides do the same thing, wake up!

  1. An animal is at it’s most vicious when trapped. He knows he’s going down. They all do. They have nothing to lose as the scrutiny on their 1/6 actions draws closer.

    1. @Judy Corso I watched the Hugh Jackman movie, so yes. I know who he is. Two things I would point out though. First, I specifically said “problematic political speech”. And second, America’s standards these days are far from what they were. As an expat living in the states, even I can see that.

      One need look only to Donnie 45 to realize that the standards that applied to those era clearly is not the America of today. Where justification and distortions can get any public figure out of most troubles.
      Andrew Cuomo’s recent ousting was successful only because _his own party_ deemed his behavior unacceptable. If today’s Republicans actually hold their members to any kind of standards, I honestly don’t see it.

  2. “They’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime.” Are we sure Trump didn’t accidentally say Mexicans and meant republican representatives?

    1. @Jina Ringhofer lots of room for our USA brothers and sisters your free healthcare, common sense regulation, and low crime is here when you’re ready. Got some ice cold strong beer waiting for ya eh.

    1. @charles caldwell Do you think Republicans are the only ones who served and ARE serving? You will be fighting the military. I will watch it on t.v. with a beer. Good luck.

    2. ​@Nicholas Parker it’s the Proud Boys and Booger Boys, neo-Confederates, neo-Nazis and white nationalists trying to start a civil war and were the ones who infiltrated protests to cause violence and mayhem.

  3. Is he planning on going around to the federal prisons and tying up a rope from his horse to the rear window bars of each cell, and yanking them out, like in the old westerns?

    1. @Erin Thor When you lecture others of telling lies and then resort to calling them all “coke heads,” you have lost all credibility and become an automatic hypocrite.

    2. @Tony Ray because they suppress the vote, exactly what they’re attempting to right now do after the last election.

  4. Rep. Stalwell offers the snakes his throat and then, when they strike, he wrings their necks! Compliments, Sir.

  5. Cawthorn doesn’t want anyone to empathize with him for his personal plight. He wants everyone to despise him instead.
    Dude needs serious counseling, not a Congressional political platform!

    1. This dude has needed serious therapy long before the accident he has had serious behavior issues before college

    2. @Ram Deo Prasad In the corner, quietly agreeing with the fanatical Fascists because Daddy Donny told him to.

  6. Wow, this has gone too far. This guy has just yelled “fire” in a crowded theatre. This stuff has to stop NOW>

    1. Until the media starts to report facts equally, this will get worse, you can’t blame people that are taught to hate thru propaganda, True Hitler move.

    2. @Life is what you make it when I was younger I used to wonder how Germany fell for such a leader. Now, having lived through a less successful version of Hitler, I have a better understanding

    3. @Douglas Hughes So you support, Defunding the police, silencing free speech, propaganda reporting, spewing hate, division, socialism, all things democrats are doing, look it up, it’s there if you open your eyes.

  7. Sidney Powell said everything we need to know about the “big lie” when questioned…so would this stooge.

  8. Cawthorn is the truespawn of the Orange of Discord, having lived an equally untethered and consequence-free existence.

    1. They won’t vote him out. Republicans LOVE bluster. They still believe the Berlin wall came down because Reagan said to Gorbechev to tear it down (of course only in public and not to his face.) That’s why they love trump. They love blustering strongman authoritarians. That’s why KY keeps voting for McConnell. They love that he obstructs the Democrats and skirts the rules. Power and control mean more to them than anything else including their own well being.

    2. Eric Fartwell had a relationship with a Chinese spy and Joe Talibiden called his black senior advisor “boy”. They should both be sanctioned and voted out or resign.

    1. You might want to study Hitler and compare Democrats and Republicans, Dems are using far more Hitler plays than any Republican, but watching propaganda networks will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear.

  9. They removed MTG from committees for her remarks, why isn’t he AT LEAST removed from his assignments while this is investigated!?

    1. @Rachel Garber Mccarthy doesn’t agree with him, he just doesn’t want to offend his idol, the former Commander and Thief.

    2. @Joe Conner So he’s as spineless as the rest of the mumbling Fascists in the GQP that just blithely go along with the Traitors and Terrorists.

      Y’know, they hung THOSE people at Nuremberg too.

    1. How is supporting freedom fascist, by your comment it makes you fascist, remove people that don’t think and speak like you, you’re a hypocrite.

  10. Mr.Swawell, is absolutely correct about everything he has said. These are Republican threats to everyone. They must be prosecuted and now!

    1. Was that you tone last year when democrats were saying go hunt them where they live???? or are you just another hypocrite.

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