Rep. Swalwell Says The Republican Party Is ‘Rolling With Cop Killers’ 1

Rep. Swalwell Says The Republican Party Is ‘Rolling With Cop Killers’


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) discusses Pelosi’s announcement of a select committee to probe the Capitol riot after Republicans blocked the creation of a bipartisan commission and Kevin McCarthy’s continued failure to meet with officer Michael Fanone.
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  1. Salute to Office Michael Fanone and to all of the Officers at the White House January 6th 2021 .

    1. @Dach Trump couldn’t even say oragins. Couldn’t walk down a ramp he claimed it was wet and slippery yet the General had no problem. How about inject disinfectant stick a powerful light somewhere windmill noise causes cancer. Fell in love with kim.But could just be that trump is just a fking MORON.

    2. richard…thing is…most of those cops were republicans who voted for trump. i guess you get what you paid for!…lol

  2. Did Swalwell coin a new name for the GOP as “Rolling With Cop Killers”

    1. A new and accurate description.
      Fits well along with “traitors”, “cowards” and “scum”.

    1. Agree with you basically, however at least a handful of the GOP Congress is standing up to the lies Trump left behind: Kinzinger, Cheney, Murkowski, Collins, Romney and the list is growing.

    2. “The enemy is within the gates is the most formidable; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own civility, our own criminality that we have to contend.”
      – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  3. Good, keep investigating, but this time when “anyone” refuses a lawfully issued subpoena, arrest them immediately!!! Then the rest will show up…

    1. Exactly… Time to stop pretending that republicans are doing anything in good faith… Subpoena… Arrest…

    2. YES!! & they should use CAPITOL police to arrest & transport the republican straight to the hearing!!

    1. @JSM 1980 Thigh-land, (Trump couldn’t even say Thailand), The Oranges, (Trump couldn’t even say Origins)!

    2. “The enemy is within the gates is the most formidable; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own civility, our own criminality that we have to contend.”
      – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  4. Calling McCarthy a weasel is an insult to a species that has integrity. McCarthy has zero integrity. He has no honour. Shame on him. June in Ireland, a US citizen

    1. Somebody needs to check McCarthy’s basement for a pod, and see if the human version of McCarthy is there.

    2. McCarthy has been buddies with Trump for years; evidently trying to curry his favor and earn brownie points with Trump. Jordan has been Trump’s pal too, to the extent that he went to the Impeachment Hearings first day of hearings with his mind already set on how he would vote. He’s almost as corrupt as Trump in that way.

  5. Mccarthy’s duty looks like being 45’s inflatable doll. Mr Fanone shouldn’t even try to see such a coward.

    1. Yeah. It’s almost like if you commit a crime you get punished. It ain’t about trump it is about justice

    2. More like hated on. Goes to show where the evil is. You support people like that?

    3. Yes, Loue you’re so, so correct; like Flynn, Cohen, Manafort, Stone, and now Giuliani. Who’s next? Even the most ardent Trump supporter will one day have to admit that: Trump tends to lie and to use people to further his own ruthless goals, for his own power and glory.

  6. Use the findings of this committee to push for another bipartisan independent investigation (by FBI) for the Jan 6th insurrection. People must know the truth.

  7. Weasels are lovely critters. Kevin McCarthy is not. Nor do we like McCarthyism 2 any more than we liked McCartyism 1.

    1. It’s like the criminals are running the prison, and don’t want their criminal behaviour or treacherous involvement in 1/6 exposed.

    2. The truly frightening thing is, “both” McCarthyisms have a connection to Trump’s favorite lawyer of all time, the satan spawn SOB better known as… Roy Cohn!

    1. Slugs, weasels, cockroaches… They’re all all right! Just be real, he is only comparable to a diaherea blowout and subsequante pile that you sometimes see around the backside of a building, no more, and possibly less .

    1. Right! I can’t even go to Publix anymore. I loved Publix, but I’m not paying for any Insurrectionists!

  8. The Republicans are complicit in the killing of these police officers if they do not back an independent review of what happened.

  9. Talking to McCarthy is a huge waste of time. If your name is t Trump he isn’t interested.

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