Rep. Swalwell: Trump DOJ Data Seizure 'Suspicious' | MSNBC 1

Rep. Swalwell: Trump DOJ Data Seizure ‘Suspicious’ | MSNBC


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tells Kasie Hunt that he believes the seizure of his and Rep. Adam Schiff's phone records is "suspicious" and "politically motivated" given others had access to the same information but did not have their data seized. He also says newly released emails from the Trump White House to the Justice Department pressuring them to challenge the 2020 election outcome "on brand" for the former president.

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Rep. Swalwell: Trump DOJ Data Seizure 'Suspicious' | MSNBC


  1. “I searched thru your phone honey but I was only looking for an old picture I didn’t read your txt messages.”

    1. @Jock Young I cant find anywhere that he cut ties with her and the same people in China are still the same biggest contributors to his campaign fund.

    2. Here are the questions I want answered.

      — If Democrats didn’t rig and steal the election, why are they so afraid of forensic audits in key battleground states, specifically the current audit in Arizona?

      — When Trump was an 8-to-1 landslide favorite with bettors around the world late on election night and clearly headed toward a landslide electoral victory, why did five states suddenly announce they would pause counting for the night? And how come Biden was suddenly ahead by morning?

      — How come Michigan apparently had a dump of 149,772 votes at 6:31 a.m. on Nov. 4, 96% of which went to Biden?

      — How did Wisconsin count 149,520 votes for Biden from 3:26 to 3:44 a.m. on Nov. 4?

      — How come Philadelphia vote counters were so desperate to keep witnesses out of the counting room? Why did they refuse entry to witnesses (to Republicans) until those witnesses had a court order in hand?

      — Why were the windows in a vote-counting location in Detroit covered with cardboard so nobody (no Republican) could see inside?

      — There are videotapes filmed in Detroit of vans pulling up in the middle of the night with what obviously look like boxes of ballots. In Atlanta, there are videotapes that clearly show ballot containers appearing at a vote-counting location after a fake water main break was used to force all GOP witnesses out of the counting room. Why can’t we discuss these videotapes?

      — How come Twitter banned me for life over mentioning these videotapes?

      — How come the Arizona Senate’s liaison for the vote audit says Maricopa County hasn’t complied with the subpoena by turning over passwords to Dominion voting machines?

      — How come the Biden DOJ suddenly wants to stop the Arizona audit?

      These are all valid questions. Why do we get backlash for asking them and posting them on social media? What are Democrats hiding? What are they so afraid of?

      In the end, that’s the proof Democrats rigged and stole the 2020 presidential election. The truth is in their ridiculous, heavy-handed overreaction. They’re desperate to stop you from looking into or even talking about this.

    3. @Jock Young your in every comment Eric your burners obvious af. We all know u got pegged by a Chinese spy stop trying to cover it up in every comment.

  2. This guy should be put in in a CCP jail for the rest of his life for turning his back on his CCP girlfriend

    1. Clean up Washington DC: Adam Schiff leaked secret congressional testimony to the press and Eric Swalwell was banging the Chinese spy, Fang-Fang.

    2. @Regulatory Affairs don’t forget Diane Feinstein’s driver/spy of 20+ yrs. What country was he a citizen of? Chi-Na?

  3. I can certainly understand why this clown would be nervous about someone seizing his electronic files. That treason charge carries a heavy price tag.

    1. Yeah. Hunter &Joe are probably getting a little nervous.but heck. They got a corrupt FBI, DOJ & m.s.m to cover there tracks. People are so gullible. Soon it will be to late for America. Wake up

    2. @Joe Jones Where’d you get your information? The Russia hoax people. You people don’t want the truth, you’d be happy if they convicted Trump with made up evidence. They’ve tried. If you really want to get a conviction, investigate the Obama administration. Make sure you bring a bus cause that was the most crime infused administration ever.

    3. @maxxwell m Treason is going for Skeletor Pelosi, ShitForBrains, SwallowsWell, and Heels Up Harris

    4. @Jock Young You make my point. Data is an excellent place to find evidence. It’s understandable he wouldn’t want anyone poking around after his little encounter with Asian espionage.

  4. Was he really looking for something he thought existed (ie, a “leak”), or was he just mining for dirt he could use as leverage against them?

    1. @mike briganti Well, gee, before the 2016 election, Lindsey Graham told us that Trump was a poor choice, and possibly dangerous. (Cool thing about the internet, those videos and news stories are still circulating, 5 years later, one only has to do a search for them.)
      Now, Lindsey is Trump’s unwilling pal, defending to the political death a man that lacks all conservative Christian morals.
      How else do YOU suppose that came about, in 5 years?
      If you haven’t picked up on that already, nothing any YT commenter can say that will make you see the light.

    2. Certainly would explain all of those “anonymous sources” and “high-ranking officials” that would provide false information to the press

    1. @Sue B he also ruined Obama spygate on private citizen’s being spied on through their cell phones , don’t tell me you conviently forgot that part

    2. @Yo Pappy Too lazy & brainwashed to look It up yourself? It was all over the news for months. But it went away, just like every other accusation against Democrats. Gonna come back to bite Democrats in the @$$.

    3. @Bill Burgess Too lazy to give links. Why should we look for it to prove that you are right. Now prove you are right or shove it.

    1. Like the $ Biden’s getting from Russia. Biden shutdown a pipeline in America, & buys into a Russian pipeline. So ya, lets follow the $$$.

    1. Matthew Roy. It was for Hillary. & now Hunter Biden. You’re sofa king brainwashed, & a hypocrite.

  5. These China Bots posting pro Democrat comments have quite a sense of humor!!
    Very entertaining!!!

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