Rep. Ted Lieu: Gaetz Should ‘Leave Voluntarily Or Be Removed’ From Judiciary Cmte | The Last Word

Rep. Ted Lieu: Gaetz Should ‘Leave Voluntarily Or Be Removed’ From Judiciary Cmte | The Last Word 1


  1. He’s flailing, trying to throw everything he can at the wall to see what will stick. I’m not sure we have seen him quite this nervous before…

    1. @t w There’s no need for the quotation marks. He strongly believes in family values. How you feel about that isn’t relevant.

    1. @ROOKTABULA Are you aware that all of the comrades in the USA are Democrats? Everyone in the USA that has ever collaborated with the Russians has been a Democrat. How do you not know that? I learned that when I was in grade school.

    2. @y e s That has never been true. The Republican Party was founded on freedom, equality for all, the rule of law, a free market economy, lower taxes, a strong military, war when necessary, and stopping the Democrats. That’s the exact opposite of what Satan wants.

    3. @y e s They all do what exactly? You didn’t include any reference to what you’re talking about. 🙂

    4. @Happy Dance Gaetz and Epstein didn’t know each other. Try again. Do you not believe in due process?

  2. The creepy creep will resign when the pictures of him and under age girls are made public.. I’ll bet my house on it.

    1. @Al Tischler

      I like them, I find them truthful and very accurate.

      Unlike yourself a garbage spewing Maga loser.

      Have a super day. 🙂

    1. @Emil Aslan He is innocent until and unless he is proven to be guilty. The innocent verdict is only vanishing if you are opposed to the rule of law and due process. Being accused of something will always remain completely and utterly irrelevant.

  3. If he’s guilty I hope his father will not be able to bail him out like he did when he drove drunk and refused an alcohol test.

    1. This should be the final straw for his father. He’s bailed his son out more than once. I hope he does tell him “I’m not helping you with this case.”

  4. Hahahahaha.
    Honestly, he’s exactly this kind of person: rules, laws and ethics are for everyone else, not him.
    Always a hypocrite; he has no reason to hold any job/position having to do with ethics.

  5. This made my day just to hear he’s on his way out. The Evil he spread will be no more in our capital

    1. @Mister Roger you’re just being sidetracked from all 6 forensic audits on the fraudulent election as well as the boarder crisis. Democrats never waste a crisis. If they ain’t got one. They make one up. Im all about pedophiles being taken out. But, it’s clearly an extortion plot foiled by the new York times. Let’s see the wire tap his dad wore to gain evidence and incriminate the ex DOJ employee then. After all, that’s the investigation they speak of except they changed the narrative to fit their story rather than the truth. And ysll eat it up

    2. @Joshua Richart Something is not adding up. Based on the timeline provided by Rep Gaetz father the allege extortion attempt occurred more than 6 months AFTER the FBI begun its investigation into Rep Gaetz allege indiscretions with a minor. Normally extortion would happen the other way around – a threat then an investigation. Plus former AG Barr would never allow a investigation against any loyalist unless there something there. BTW in 2017, Gaetz was the only member of Congress to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill which also doesn’t look good in light of recent events. I do have a lot of questions but I really would like to see the lawyer who rep Gaetz accused, Rep Gaetz and the FBI wire so we can see who is lying. However don’t too excited because based on the timeline the allege inappropriate relations will have to run its course since there is no evidence to tie these incidents together.

  6. It’s a act of self preservation.. No more DUI’S. No more bar pickups. Now he’s hanging around Dairy Queen.

    1. FBI refuses to comment because the investigation in ongoing. Now that T***po’s goons are out of the DOJ they’re not gonna spill the beans and taint the jury pool. If/when they have enough evidence to present the Grand Jury, he’ll be indicted and arrested.

    2. We’re still innocent in this country until proven guilty. If he’s guilty, he’s going to prison and if he goes to prison I hope “bubba” sells his behind for a pack of Camels.

    1. @DONeirLEMON If you watch the video of how his friend got elected and then hired all his wedding party to be on the government payroll, you will understand the corruption.

  7. ‘Matt Gaetz trafficked minors’
    The story you suspected all along was behind that smarmy, callous grin.

    1. There’s a photo published of Gaetz, Joel Greenberg and Roger Stone together… now that made my skin crawl!!!

  8. Basically an adaptation of the “mY fAtHeR’s RiCh” defense that has gotten him out of everything his entire life.

    1. @Cold Beer Again with that noting burger? It seem like the only argument this bizarre new right has is: “I know you are nut what am I?” with no supporting facts

    1. @John Smith he does have the choice to resign… Isn’t that what al Franklin did from a “just joking” photo… Choices do have consequences

  9. The look on Tucker Carlson’s face as Gaetz attempts to solidify an alibi, is priceless. 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

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