Rep. Tim Ryan Expected To Run For U.S. Senate In Ohio | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Tim Ryan Expected To Run For U.S. Senate In Ohio | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. Tim Ryan will definitely become the Senator from Ohio if he runs, he has solid support from the working class!!

  2. The guy is right that the D’s need to focus on main street, and not be driven by wall street. Modern manufacturing expansion, update the economic environment of the middle of the country. Stop the desperation of so many Americans. Do it for the people, all of us.

  3. We have to get out and vote every one of us talk to your friends talk to your family make it a trip vote vote vote

    1. We just had an election in November 2020. The vast majority of people do not care to talk about campaigns and elections when it isn’t until November 2022. So Get a life.

  4. WOW !! Imagine that, Doing something to HELP people would make you very popular… Who woulda thunk it ?
    Think Main Street, NOT Wall Street and you WILL win…. Gooo Tim !

  5. CONGRESSMEN Need To Stop Walking The Party Lines And Start Upholding The CONSTITUTION Like They Took An OATH TO PROTECT !

    1. I am in my late 60ths and what I have seen is that “OATH to PROTECT the Constitution” only protects what they WANT, therefore the OATH could be done on a roll of toilet paper.

    1. I really liked him when he ran in the presidential primaries – thought then that he would make a great senator.

    1. They are saying Jim Jordan claims he won’t run for Senate… not that he won’t remain in the House. Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of his stink that easy!!!

  6. Wow, I may get a good Senator after all. Portman has been in absentia for 4 years, passively following the RNC order to ignore ethics, constitutionality and his oath of office.

    1. Gym Jordan has his safe little QAnon district, but Ohio is not totally infested with QAnon. May the more humane human win.

  7. Indeed, we need more congressmen who could understand the hard working reality of the working class.
    We do NOT want those rich, spoiled kids, who are greedy and selfish, who are advocating for the wealthy class, taking control over our lives.

    1. watch what happens to working class jobs once the EPA goes into over regulation insanity and the other agencies follow suit

  8. It would be either a miracle or a conspiracy for the seditious GOP/MAGA/Insurrectionist party to do the right thing! The Dems need to make serious challenges in 2022!

  9. Jim Jordan needs to go back to the corn fields of Ohio. Thank God Jordan is shutting up and sitting down and NOT GOING TO RUN FOR RE- ELECTION . !!

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