Rep. Tlaib: It’s Important That We Stop Playing Games With People’s Lives | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Rep. Tlaib: It’s Important That We Stop Playing Games With People’s Lives | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Democratic Congresswoman from Michigan, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, co-authored a formal amendment to raise direct stimulus checks from $600 to $2000. She joins Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Rep. Tlaib: It’s Important That We Stop Playing Games With People’s Lives | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. What about all of the people who are going to lose their unemployment benefit the day after Christmas. No one is talking about that

    1. @Priscilla Robb Sometimes humor helps with pain.
      I was sorry you didn’t get the sarcasm, not for it.
      Poverty will always exist in the world. It is honorable to help others when they are down, but know it will always be there.

      Ever heard the story about the starfish on the beach? Let me know, it’s quick. I won’t bother you with it here.

      But it will lift your spirits I guarantee! : )

    2. @Maggie Hubbard Your correct there. I don’t think it will help even if he does sign it.

      My comment was sarcasm pointing out that the government doesn’t give two shitz and pretty much has failed us all lately.

      Have a good one!

    3. I believe the King in the White House is a pathological liar & con artist & no one is going to get any kind of stimulus money & I also believe the government will be shutdown (for Civil War aiding Russia) Indefinitely.

    1. @CherBear Obama’s own advisers said the were only lucky that it wasn’t as deadly…..they let it spread like wildfire and did absolutely nothing….

  2. Unemployment goes, republican should get their act together. Trump should get it done. Fastest easiest way possible. F….Mitch Mcconnell.

    1. He’s veto will be struck down on the 28th. It’s just a smokescreen for his pardons of corrupt politicians,laywers and war criminals

    2. @Rall Deform If he does not sign, or vetoe the stimulus package it is not a veto. And if it isnt signed by the 3rd the bill is dead.

    1. Wrong…he doesn’t want 4 billion to go to foreign countries for pet projects like gender research and other stupid liberal projects…

    2. You should already know what Trump wants: immunity from prosecution, after he vacates the White House next month.

    1. Well rand Paul spoke today and said he absolutely will not do this because working families don’t need a stimulus

  3. Not that I am not grateful for anything from this government, but in how many states can people live on $2000 for 3 months? This bill they say they are trying to pass will last up until april. the last relief was back in late spring which expired back in october, which just means the possible $2000 will pay for past bills. Looking at other countries like Europe, Canada, Japan, etc, they treat their citizens like actual human beings rather than playing politics for so many months.

  4. Trump does ONE ” good” thing and we’re supposed to ” forget” about his ROT over the past FOUR yrs ?!!

    1. His GOP cronies and especially the horrible wealthy class donors and supporters are all rotten and undeserving losers. I am not sorry. They are going around literally saying the people who died from Covid would have died anyway, and then calling giving food to the poor “communism”. They are making a mockery of democracy and everything America stand for, they are disgracing the blood of our ancestors. People stand up and speak out while Goliath is on its back. This is so wrong on every level – just intolerable and wrong.

    2. I mean, that “one” thing isn’t done until the deserving family get their checks and extended benefits. For now it’s all talk until he gets this “groupies” to fall in line for the sake of the American people.

  5. Georgia render McConnell powerless and vote in Osoff and Rev. Warnock to the Senate. Y’all are AMERICA’S hope for monthly disaster relief checks!

  6. I don’t think Trump will agree if it in a separate bill… we will see. Trump never did something because he care about American people… there must be something to catch… for him …

    1. Don’t expect anything but grief until after Trump is gone. He’s obviously trying to punish America, for voting him out of office.


  8. 74 Million Americans think the MONSTER is a GOD who in FACT CARES …..0 ….ZERO for other Human Beings …Maybe these Idiots will WAKE UP

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