Rep. Torres On Receiving Threats, Including From El Salvador President 1

Rep. Torres On Receiving Threats, Including From El Salvador President


Rep. Norma Torres comments on threats and intimidation leveled against her; "it has been very personal, the attacks that have been unleased on me and my staff, from the President of El Salvador himself."

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    1. All I can tell you is that she is lying true her teeth ,if all of you do some research you will see that she has connections with the oposición in El Salvador ,and those people just got bitten in last elections,they did so much damage to Salvadorans,they are so corrupt like you people have no idea,and this lady wants them to remain in power over there ,now WHY IS THE BIG QUESTION!!

    2. @Hector Josue Silva Acosta now my question to you is,are you from El Salvador? If not have you ever visited El Salvador?? And/or have you ever talked to the regular people in El Salvador???if by any chance your answer is NO then you have no idea of what are you talking about ,and I say this with all do respect sir

  1. OMG this is terrifying!
    I hope she is getting the protection she deserves – this is absolutely deplorable!
    Trump has reduced America to one of a third world nation where politicians are threatened and murdered!

    1. With all do respect I can assured you that’s this lady it’s lying ,I got all the facts of what’s really it’s going on,and I will be more than happy to share them with you

  2. To think some tin pot politician from another country can do this and get away with it. It’s gonna take ‘years’ to rid the ‘bullying effects’ of TRUMP STINK from our national scene…

    1. Well, he spent 4 years showing the world that America is weak and pathetic, and will instantly bow down to dictators and terrorists, and will not only surrender but actively work to achieve their goals. They saw the orange traitor on his knees before Russia, China and North Korea. And now they want their chunk of American pride.

      Biden’s got a lot of work to do to remove that stain.

    2. Yeah but we had better start charging those involved instead of letting them continue the damage.

  3. Those people who make those death threats and have extremism thoughts they are so dangerous, so backwards, so sick and they are the ones in need of help of counseling and psychological.

    1. She is a lier don’t believe anything she says, she keeps attacking the best president in el salvador ever the only one who is actually doing something to fight corruption, insecurity, poverty and migration of people to the US, she has side with the opposition party of El Salvador and those people are corrupt

  4. you stand against bullies – NEVER let them force you to do anything against your better judgment

  5. Take Back The Future.
    Join The Sundance
    For A Constitutional Convention
    And Renovate The Republic.

  6. Tell him to bring it on because we can send them back to the stone age. Remember all you have to do is take a couple out and the rest get the message

  7. This insurrection has help from outside the country. We keep letting the trump loyalists dictate and we won’t have a country much longer. Best be putting some people in jail.

  8. Wow. This congresswoman needs physical protection. And foreign ambassadors from banana republics threatening you? Kick them out of the country. Holy Moses what’s going on?

  9. This behaviour that has been put up on this Lady is shameful. Every single family and person in her district and everyone who voted for her should be outraged.

  10. I see this as Trump’s legacy.
    Since he took office, the culture here has invited an uptick in threats and violence.

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