Rep. Wild, Who Took Cover On January 6: Officers 'Really Saved Us' 1

Rep. Wild, Who Took Cover On January 6: Officers ‘Really Saved Us’

Rep. Susan Wild, who was captured in a dramatic photo taking cover during the Capitol insurrection, tells Lawrence O'Donnell she has "so much gratitude" for the officers who "literally saved the day for us."
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  1. Congressman Clyde’s peaceful, law-abiding tourists, hard at work putting lives at risk – because, you know, “nothing but us friendly tourists. No need to block the doors with furniture.”

  2. Until the Republican Party condemns this attack on Democracy and distances themselves from it, they should not win any elections, as they are not to be trusted to lead America.

    1. @Richie Tattersall
      That is the sad part…but I do see the need to involve the justice system and courts. As you said this problem has become so political that I doubt any real solutions to this situation.

    2. BLM disrupted the country more than this insurrection, democrats shouldn’t be abled to be elected too until they condemn blm.

    3. Can you identify a single Republican who embraced the Jan 6 riot? The only thing I’ve been able to recall is that Republicans have condemned the actions on Jan 6 while also condemning the “less than peaceful protests” of last year.

      Many Republicans would like to see the same effort put forward to prosecute those who were trying to burn down federal court houses and monuments.

      Let’s have equal protection under the law, not one application for a group that is unfavorable at the time. If that is how the law is applied, just remember that unfavorable groups change over time and you may find yourself on that end of the prosecutor’s investigation.

    4. What a true statement, we as Americans have to show them that on Jan 6th we were shown on World Wide Tv as a Nation that do Not respect Democracy, and we all know that Not true but to correct this Problem, all Voters get ready for next election and Vote Truplicans have forgotten about us voters so we have to show them who gets the Last Word.. Vote

    1. THEIR topic has always been,how to lie, mislead,misinform and say”it’s not us it’s somebody else”.They stay on that topic well,(don’t work, cause anybody that has working eyes/ears know that are LIER’S).

    2. It is a Fascist, purposeful “game”. It works for them. They have perfected that “skill”!

  3. “Former Guy” was dissected by (4) “HEROES,” AMERICAN Patriots. He is solely liable for JAN 6th, a tragic day in American history; subpoena “FG” for his ill deeds performed.

    1. He is NOT solely liable for the insurrection. EVERY Republican that pushed the Big Lie helped incite that insurrection. They are ALL guilty. And must be held accountable.

  4. The rioters surrounded Capitol grounds as professionals and should be held “ACCOUNTABLE” for their unprofessional violent attacks.

    1. They are Traitors. And, the GOP Deniers are traitors. They are working to rig the future “elections” to be in their favor even more. They believed the 2020 election was rigged enough for another”win” and they are SHOCKED that they lost! They have the Supreme Court rigged now. They think they have it rigged enough for another Fascist “win”.
      VOTE BLUE IN 2022…

  5. Saved those people who are mocking them now. The Republican senators can’t even be grateful for their lives.

    1. I believe it was Officer Gonell who said something like All those loving people should pay Trump a visit. I feel the same and think those touring terrorists should likewise visit the GOP’s at their residences.

  6. Postage stamps are 55 cents. Everyone send a letter for each of these officers in care of the committee, thanking them for their honorable service protecting our democracy.

  7. Had it not been for those officers, real heroes, there would have been a *massacre* in the Capitol that day.
    And the GQP’s who were there, would in all probability NOT have been alive now and able to lie about the events.

  8. There is “NO” greater breach than “TRUST” that anyone can imagine than what “Former Guy” projected for the last (4) years.

  9. “A Virginia police officer who was fired after storming the US Capitol was jailed Wednesday by a federal judge because he ordered a large stockpile of guns and ammunition after his January arrest, and posted online in support of future political violence,” CNN reports.Thomas Robertson “was released in January but re-arrested last month after investigators said they found a rifle and bomb-making material in his home, and also learned that he recently bought another 37 guns on the Internet — Political Wire

  10. Laura Ingraham: Giving fake acting awards on Fox “news” to the officers who testified. What a disgrace, laughing at them. So low class, obviously to appeal to her low class fans. Do not ever forget that she did this.

  11. I wish someone would show the CPI where Clyde is hiding afraid of the crowd. Let him tell me they look like tourist.

  12. America should call out EX VP Pence to testify. The rioters were calling pence by his name and looking for pence with a rope to hang him up what do we call that fake

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