Report: Jan. 6 Defendant Was Told 'Wait For Trump's Pardon' 1

Report: Jan. 6 Defendant Was Told ‘Wait For Trump’s Pardon’

Jan. 6 insurrectionist Jacob Chansley, also known as the QAnon Shaman, could face approximately 4 years, Scott MacFarlane reports. MSNBC analyst Clint Watts also joins Joy Reid with his analysis of GOP fundraising linked to the Capitol insurrection.
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  1. “Don’t worry, President Trump is going to pardon you all”….Blah hahaha. NOT HAPPENING! And please do come to your arrest and detainment on September 18th. Make it easy on yourselves.

    1. @Aleta Johnson

      But. Of those “81” million, some were polled. If they had known about hunter biden, china and the rest, they said they wouldn’t have voted for biden.

      I have 2 friends who voted for biden just to keep Trump out.

      They’re sorry now. There are a lot that feel that way.

      That is why the right will win in ’22 and ’24. To keep the left OUT.

    2. @Mary Lamb ….I remember Trump stupidly saying that the the U.S. will overcome the coronavirus crisis with or without an effective vaccine, claiming that the disease will “go away at some point” either way. With modern technology vaccines don’t take 5-10 year to develop anymore. It was probably Fox, OAN, Newsmax or Trump himself lying as usual about the length of time it would take — attempting to boost Trump’s credit. Bottom line, It’s by and large Trumpsters who won’t get the vaccine or even cover their faces.

    3. @MrZlathan3

      And i remember fauci saying Trump was xenophobic for stopping china travel.

      Know what else I remember? Fauci, a DOCTOR saying getting a vaccine in under 5-10 years was impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

      I remember Fauci, a DOCTOR saying masks didnt work. I remember him saying masks work, didn’t work….

      I rember biden and harris telling people to stay away from Trumps vaccine. Then saying we HAVE to take the vaccine.

      I remember biden saying…….

      If you’re going to try to say someone said something stupid, you should make sure your side is free from the same.

      Americans who have immunity don’t need the vaccine. Others do.

      Trump was right. Americans will recover with or wthout the vaccine, thanks to his dilligence, there was a vaccine in WELL UNDER the impossible.

      Check the cdc and see how many die yearly from illnesses, NOT delivered on the sly by china.

    4. @MrZlathan3

      Another lie. All republicans I know are vaccinated. My whole family is. All our friends are. I can’t be the only one with the same thing going on.

      Democrats keep getting sick. Plane full of vaccinated democrats netted 6 sick ones. Hmmmm.

      Obamas birthday party-over 70 people on Marthas Vinyard turned up infected after the party full of , lol vaccinated democrsts????? What? Lol

    1. @James Kevin Why did Trump and his Administration caved to Taliban demands and released 5000 Taliban Fighters from prison along with their leader. Trump’s Administration knew something like this could happen. As a matter of fact the Taliban were planning this all along and Trump signed off on it

    2. That would mean that they would have to produce evidence to back up their accusations. That’s why it will not happen. Maybe you missed out on what the people that were arrested were actually charged with. In court it is evidence that counts, not your feelings.

    3. @Michael AirheartI think the Guy with the horns got a couple years, hoping for a pardon from Trump I understand?.

    1. He doesn’t know what a “Shaman” does, and to top it off, he can’t comprehend the people who are Native American, my ancestors made it what it is by being a people who survived on the land, they came over here with malice and division the very first time they disembarked from the boat , how can they criticize a people that they don’t know? we’re the ones who actually got the bad part of the deal, and now that we’re fighting back- they don’t like it, I think that we’ll have “inclusiveness” but it’ll be at an awful price, especially how they’re not willing to acknowledge that they are wrong about how they have treated people who are different than them in color and actions, we’re not going anywhere, and they need to know this.

    2. This fake MAGA supporter is an insult to conservatives. Seeing as he’s an liberal actor playing a part he’s extremely unbelievable and yet the Left are completely fooled.

    3. @Andrew_Owens I watched in horror that day. I can never forget what I saw and heard on Jan. 6th. What I have seen from the Republicans after the fact shows that the rat is in the kitchen.

  2. This is like some twisted episode of the Twilight Zone where the bad guys actually believe that their ludicrous actions are noble resistance and not a rebellious insurgency.

  3. They don’t really believe it, they just want it to be true. They’ve been waiting for this reason to kick off civil war.

    1. I just hope these clowns show up with their maga militia and call it a civil war and start shooting. I have a strong feeling General Mark Milley and the US Army will be there to settle this civil war once and for all that they so desperately want. I just hope the proudboys and their circus militia have a few late model Abram tanks, cause they are going to need more then AR-15s to even think about winning this civil war coup for trump, who will probably be cheering them on from his golf cart.

    2. @Daniel Sotelo I know you are being facetious, but I am tempted to wish the same thing, if only because it would end this nonsensical division more quickly than this agonizingly slow creep to get them all incarcerated. Rock on!!!

    3. The Wishful Thinker – Good. Let ’em kick it off. Be over in 5.3 seconds after the U.S. military paves the streets with traitor blood.

    1. They’re not out of touch with anything! The want a pre civil war country where white people rule
      Supreme. Don’t people get it? They’re not insane, they’re just racist, just like Trump.

  4. Hoping the Gov’t pulls out the stops and shows the qanon crowd arriving by clown car what time it is on Sept.18. Amazing logic – let’s hold a second violent rally to show that the first violent rally wasn’t violent. Riiiiiight. Good luck with that.

  5. The DC police chief should tell his officers before the rally: “This time, treat these people as though they were black.” That should sort those Republican terrorists out for good.

    1. @Joan Cooley He is saying the exact opposite. The cops largely ignored the traitors on Jan. 6th, who coincidentally were majority white.

    2. @Nick Hewes aah got ya thank you. Being new kid on the block, there’s bits when I’m not sure if people are speaking “tongue in cheek or being incredibly nasty to each other “.

    3. If I was a would be rally (insurrectionist) freak, I would not mess with the DC police chief right now, in view of the justifiable anger he must feel for the suffering of his troops. Better if the feds take over the defence of capital hill. I agree with you though. Because there was not one black face on Jan. 6 , it certainly lays the blame squarely on the racists. There can.t be any doubt about that.

  6. Once these men with “daddy issues” waiting on DT realize he never cared about any Americans will eventually turn on him! I hope they storm Mar Lago.

    1. @angela thomas I,m kinda in agreement. The new law banning abortion in Texas is a worrying sign, I believe. The growing strength and representation of strong women is a serious threat to many men. I,ve always been afraid of a serious backlash, and now we,re seeing it more overtly. Nothing will stop progress, so maybe it,s the last gasp of a return to the fifties mentality. We,ll see. Let,s not lose hope.

    2. Seeing how Trump has been working the same con on his marks for over 4 decades I don’t see daddies boys turning. Trump is good at working the ignorant and cowardly.

    3. @angela thomas Did I say that? Even men with strong, independent wives, or other strong women in their lives can secretly resent the rise of feminine power. Look at the hatred aimed at Nancy Pelosi. It,s not that they want to subjugate their wives, but hate being forced to compete in the work place. I think a lot of men are conflicted, and pay lip service to feminist principles. The rise of the ‘me too’ movement has proven just how men actually treat female subordinates and rivals. It,s not pretty. My own experience has proven that it,s not just some random bad guys. It,s commen.

    1. Well, yeah, but look how far down the delusional road the man that HE was following was. Mindless doesn’t even begin to describe 45.

    1. @markus warner please, coming from a newbie, trying to cause a uproar over nothing,did YouTube finally approve your account? You just got it not even a day ago

    1. @the cat’s pajamas when you have no comment, you resort to advise me of who just occupies the wh..but, ultimately, has failed America and Afghanistan..

    2. @J WPRESIDENT BIDEN has done a lot more than Trump has ever done. When Trump was Pesident all he did was mess up our Country did nothing for the people just for himself!!

    3. @Adam don’t make the perfect, the enemy of no the good. You’re not paying attention. It was one like you that brought up the polling. Biden failing? History will bear truth on one man(Biden) . The other.(Trump)An alien. A bona fide lier.

    1. Look at the fake views and fake comments. It’s all by Antifa extra YT accounts. I wonder why they won’t show up in real life for Biden’s rally…. they don’t exist

  7. The thing that makes no sense is the small followers are punished but the guy who started this whole fiasco is allowed to continue pushing the big lie!

    1. Did you miss the memo where Biden’s FBI announced that there was no insurrection? The whole insurrection narrative was a lie.

    1. @Linda Selander Yup & because they were nonviolent…they have actually effected the change they were working for. (btw that one fire that faux news played on a loop for weeks was found to be started by the police with their dispersal grenade so pls dont fall for that fake news)

    2. @Kim C remember we give them the power to server they stopped serving humanity a long time ago. There are a lot of reason why people do things. There is always a what if we can’t be naive and believe this gov or media has your best interest and that they are telling you the truth.

    1. @donhill5 Whataboutism. Clearly all who try to distract from the truth are so embarrassed and ashamed of the insurrection that they need to divert attention away from it. It,s never going to work. Nobody who saw the riot will never forget the horror off those indelible images seared on our brains. Americans trying to prevent their government from a peaceful transfer of power. A process that has been successful for 200 years. Americans trying to overthrow their own govt. and put a mad man back in office. Frightening and sickening. Who could ever forget it.

    2. @Ricky German you will never happen? You can’t even articulate. If you think it can’t it is almost certain it will.

    1. I voted for Joe Biden, didn’t know he was in cahoots with China, or touched little girls. Then I saw Afgahistan (sp), and my jaw dropped, leaving American citizens being and all that armory going to the Taliban.

    2. @omik redarhcs The exit deal Trump negotiated was so bad that Biden had to delay it by three months. It still sucked. How do you get Trump to screw in a lightbulb? You don’t, he lies and says he did it. Then Republicans sit in the dark and say the light is on.

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