Report: Mark Meadows Pushed DOJ To Probe Election Fraud Claims 1

Report: Mark Meadows Pushed DOJ To Probe Election Fraud Claims


New York Times Justice Department reporter, Katie Benner, reports that former President Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, repeatedly pushed the Department of Justice to probe conspiracy theories about election fraud in Trump's final days in the White House. She explains what the news could mean for Meadows and Trump going forward.
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    1. @Drought Tolerant, This post is flagged as misleading. You were flagged because you failed a multi-tier fact check.

    2. @Geoffrey K now, now, let’s finally admit that the entirety of both political parties, every court in the country, the military, the vast majority of the American people, China, Italy and Germany held a meeting and didn’t invite the trumpies.

    1. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime look up PEAD’s or in the old days they called if project 908. Have fun.

    2. @Robert Hylton, This post is flagged as false. All information communicated on this thread in general and in relation to specific comments that were flagged is accurate.

    3. @Rod the delusional sycophantic obsession over a con man is why all of you need to be institutionalized for the sake of the country.

  1. Amazing how deep this goes. It’s like they crave the Lie, and it’s power over the believers.

    1. It’s Republican voters fault for being so gullible. All they want is “power over minorities”. They don’t care about anything else, so they make themselves easy targets every single time.

    2. @Dixon Mopar without insurance companies and just a single payer system you know what Obama originally wanted than you could have kept your Dr genius. Also love the pathetic whataboutism and false equivalency there Q-Tard.

    3. @Damien Darko247 THIS.
      (gop submitted 180+ amendments to ACA, dems incorporated 100+ of those.
      and yet STILL, no gop voted for it.)
      gop is pure bad faith. and have been for a while.

    4. @David Drake they like to remove regulations for clean air/water (bc it’s “funny”?)
      oo OO, they ALSO like to lie. a LOT. (to invoke fear … bc fox viewers’ amygdyla isn’t going to trigger itself, you know? eg. “caravans”)

  2. Cons only started raving bs about election fraud when they started losing. The great irony is that GQP voter suppression/rigging is how repubs have largely gained and attained power for decades as the majority of the people (including many conservatives) have abandoned the un-American party.

    1. @Engage360 You are not McEnany sense but i will get my tin foil hat out of storage just in case.

    2. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime Yes, please. Let’s just go back to 2000 in our time machine and have a do-over. At a minimum, we’d save thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. And so on. Hanged by a chad…!

    3. And many red states retrumplicons came out and said, “The safest most secure election in history right after election day, then they change the election law so they can hold on their power.” WTH is wrong with them. Do they think Americans are so dumb like trumpers. RIH GQP.

  3. The length they are willing to go for power is stunning never thought anything like this will ever happen to America

    1. @Sam Harris Seeing what happened on the 6th the impeachment was not invalid, only the Republicans are.

    2. Are you talking about the Democrats’ HR1 bill that allows them to take over local elections that will keep them in power forever? Like that?

  4. Barr left bc though being an obsequious sycophant he drew the line at treason , he was not willing to suffer the ramifications when the whole truth becomes public. That unfortunately may be left to history books when this time is viewed with condescension. @ Draught Tolerant. Yah. Not so much. And the earth is flat. Plan a trip I hear it’s nice there. Lol

    1. Trump won and knows the real numbers. Space force was monitoring the election numbers in real time using statilites. It’s a big sting, Trump said he caught them all. By Dan.

    2. @Drought Tolerant he is back on the crack rock you know that right. Its sounds like you are as well.

    1. Yeah, I saw that and laughed. The right wing is using the same playbook no matter where they are.

    2. Yup – you’ll see the connection between Kushner/Netanyahu and the Saudi Prince. This will all come out eventually. Kushner’s hiding out waiting for it to all come out. The grifter family in chief really made a mess of everything really. Amateurs.

    3. @Debbie kushner was directly linked to the illegal power grab by MBS, most likely knew about the keshogi murder beforehand as well.

  5. Let’s also remember that Indicted texas attorney general ken Paxton spent over 22,000 hours investigating voter fraud

    1. he’s now saying that trump would have won TX if they hadn’t gotten mail-in ballots suppressed (via R state scotus)

    2. @Rod benghazi:
      11 investigations, $110million total, 33 hearings …
      all so Trey Gowdy could say in interview: ‘there was nothing HRC could have done to prevent or ameliorate Benghazi attack.’
      p.s. mueller investigation made a profit, peanut. cost vs revenue isn’t complicated (you lying freak)

    3. @Adam Taylor yes.
      (cult45 will simply deny the reality, of course. but yes, proven is true.)

  6. There were recounts ad nauseum without any proof of fraud. DOJ under the orange slob was compromised, to say the least…

    1. @Heather Arce Hate Trumps Love is your slogan. But I don’t call Trump exactly love, but I love the “america first” concept

    2. @Robin Lewis it’s not voter id in isolation that is racist. please explain why voter id is required when there is no evidence of voter fraud? Of course, there is that guy who allegedly murdered his wife then voted for 45.

  7. The fraudit in Arizona is going to look for pasta in the ballot after they finished looking for bamboo and burned chikens

    1. There are many who succumb to power and money, but only republicans will sell out America for it.

  8. Donnie lost all the election fraud appeals on purpose because he was finally so tired of all his winning

    1. I though they had IT in the bag after his lawyer shot squid dye as some defensive move.
      If he pulled out the trouser banana something might have been turned over on a peel.
      Maybe their problem was somebody banning straws so they had nothing to grasp at ?
      Straws are also handy when Trump wants to hid in the Florida swamp and still breath.
      That would be quite disturbing for the other crotch grab o dials.
      Its a fragile eek hoe system down thar in the swamp.

  9. Lets have another look at the 2016 election. With a bit of luck, Donald Jobless Trump never was president to begin with.

    1. @E H lindell doesn’t need to know what an ip address is, although he does now, thanks to hiring military contractors to examine the real time data captured on the 3-5 of November . Yep, if was a huge sting to catch them in the act and let them complete their crime.

    2. @Drought Tolerant If they have actual evidence, courts will surely be asking why they didn’t come out with it sooner… that is if their moms will let them out of their basements for awhile. And, “military contractors”?? You must mean mercenaries, and/or the former Erik Prince company debacle.

    1. This is so true, and so scary! If Repugs get in power again, they intend to keep it. Permanently

    2. We don’t want autocracy looks like the Republicans want that what are they hidden to want total control

    3. Autocracy is almost impossible to avoid if these crooks are not punished for their suppression attempts

  10. Mark Meadows is that type of guy who just wants to see everything burned down to the ground…

    1. @Rod Sure. BLM and Antifa burned things to the ground in order to murder politicians they didn’t agree with. They targeted public officials such as the then Vice President.

      When it all went down they were labeled “tourists”.

      Next time you utilize an auto fill function pay closer attention to what you are responding to.

  11. “The world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion.
    Our world is divided into wise people and fools.
    The fools divide themselves by race, color, gender or religion.”
    Nelson Mandela

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”
    George Orwell

    1. you think only fools see that white supremacy is a pernicious toxic sludge that maintains racism?
      you think only fools KNOW that redlining still exists?
      wtf is your point?

  12. These “rules” in congress that one must adhere, should be laws with jail time attached for their violation.

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