1. This story just keeps getting worse. How could the Sheriff not have this training?
    Did he have leadership training? Courage lessons? Cop tips?

    1. You have no idea how backwards your country is. This is just one tiny example. You’re the only ones who pay for healthcare and THIS is a tragedy?!!? 😛

  2. The practice of Law enforcement with No direct civilian Overview/Accountability should be criminal at this point. There is something new under ever rock, wow…..

    1. @RatherTiredOfTheMess lol just like trump has been under investigation for what 6 years and it’s been a big ole nothing burger because it’s all bs. But whatever helps you sleep at night booboo

  3. His only training was decades of being a big coward and hiding behind a badge. Who stands by while a crazy person is in a public school shooting innocent children? The police did nothing to stop that guy. Some of them stood around on their phones. An hour is how long that guy was allowed to kill innocent people. If that’s not neglect idk what is.

  4. The disrespect for all grieving family still have to go through. Years of investigation while they hold jobs? Wtf!!!!! Don’t loose traction for these family please.

    1. All a hoax/tRiX designed to decieve you into giving up your god giving right to protect you and your family. Never believe the media.

    2. No respect for Texans just because they are the victim. They have no respect for others. This is karma they should take to the heart but being selfish pos they won’t.

    3. In TexAss! The Texassans are going to have to elect people who care about them. AButt and his henchmen don’t care!

  5. The Sad part of all of this, it’s seding a wrong message to a Copy Cat. It starts at the Top with the POS Governor😤😡

    1. 😂 Kari lake didn’t win, so the Governor of fine.
      But if you’re still mass.
      Trump needs a donation. He needs all of your money, so he can be president again.

  6. Sickening seeing all those heavily armed police inside the school leaving the small children and their teacher to fend for themselves! 😱😥😖

    1. @Hypsyzygy actually that’s what i expect the nra to come up with next. For the moment they still go with arming teachers

    2. Honey! It’s TexAss! A bingo of 2 pint brains in 10 gallon hats! Those hats cover their eyes and ears making them effectively blind and deaf. Until TexAss gets rid of the likes of Greg AButt, Ken “sacrifice gramma to Covid for MY economic benefit” Paxton, Raphael Luzzer Cruzzer, John Corny, Goober Gohmert, and Chip Annoy…the state of Texas will be left in the hands of fools and abandoned by god!

    3. A show of force to protect the ones that were suppose to protect the innocent defenceless victims, and to show disdain to the families of these victims. (If we sent diplomats instead of troops into battle, wars would be an exercise in futility)

  7. What’s the sad part, this police department has no active shooter policy in place, but my gym has a policy regarding active shooters posted all over the place. Just incredible.

  8. This whole situation is horrible and it still shocks me up to today having trust for the police is the worst thing you can do I’m so sorry these families have to learn that the hard way🤔

    1. I’m not. They’re pro-gun Texans who didn’t give a crap about guns killing others…its their kid and suddenly they take notice? No sympathy here.

    2. @shlepmessing8703 that is one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard anyone ever say what does 19 Kids dying and police big mistake have to do with black people choose your words carefully😡👿

  9. Qualified immunity lead us to this point. A system that has no means of accountability because you have criminals covering for each other in the system.

  10. When an officer is dismissed, typically the Fraternal Order of Police has helped them resign quietly instead of being fired. This gives bad officers the ability to work for another department. This needs to change. They should not not be allowed to retain any kind of immunity from prosecution for their actions.

  11. With that many officers there, I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t go in sooner. Regardless of commands made to not go in. They could have taken this one gun man down in a second. If I was a parent of a child who either had to witness such tragedy or a parent of a victim I would never stop fighting for justice. How that same governor was re-elected is beyond conceivable to me.

  12. My heart bleeds for the parents who have to fight these cowards more focused on saving their positions than giving explanations and showing responsibility.

  13. Once again, thank you for keeping this story alive. There are so many ramifications of this event that are important for the entire US that most will ignore, thinking it a local event. It is up to individual journalists to keep hammering away until the wider implications sink in. Watergate would probably have been a big nothing but for the efforts of Woodward and Bernstein. And now it’s *you,* Anderson. You have to do this.

  14. I can’t believe that there was no training ! All Law Enforcement agencies have to go through training so how did they get away from it unreal

  15. From the beginning this seemed like an incomprehensibly bad response. Now it’s clear: no training / training ignored / no plan / no chain of command / bad communication.
    Letting the killer keep killing, while pissing away the golden hour to save the injured, is naturally followed by a cover-up, from local law enforcement to the DA and statewide law enforcement.
    My heart bleeds for the many victims and those who loved them, living with unending pain from the original event, compounded by the cover-up, disrespect, and presumably upcoming trials.
    Thank you, Shimon and Anderson.

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