Report: Trump Met Man Who Helped Organize ‘Patriot Caravans’ On Jan. 6 1

Report: Trump Met Man Who Helped Organize ‘Patriot Caravans’ On Jan. 6


Political reporter Hunter Walker reports that just over a month ago, Donald Trump met with a tech CEO who helped organize "patriot caravans" from around the country to protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.
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  1. No matter what evidence is presented proving crimes the DIAPER DON cultist will stick with him.

    1. @Melissa Harris you mean the higher prices at the pump because of a rebound from the drop caused by the Russia-OPEC dispute last year combined with the usual summer price hike due to a different formula In warm months and production still not being back up to norms after demand dropped due to COVID? How much of that does Biden control? Also, do you mean “dossier” instead of “Dacia”? You suggest I should do more research. The guy can’t get a loan from an American bank and his reliance on foreign banks, including the Deutsche Bank that has paid multibillion dollar fines for knowingly laundering money for criminals, makes him a national security threat if he gets in office, as he was before. You don’t need a “Dacia”, fake or real to know that he has never shown any capacity or even interest in keeping his word to his own family, cheating on all 3 wives, or otherwise show any integrity, given his having to pay over $20 million after being found guilty of fraud with his namesake “university”. It’s also funny to me that so many who are “concerned” about children support a guy who bragged about deliberately going into beauty pageant dressing rooms while girls as young as 14 were changing, and getting away with it because he owned Miss Teen USA. His only loyalties are to himself and to “little Donald”, not America or everyday people. Every politician has flaws, but none have been walking masses of hypocrisy wallowing in their immorality like Trump ( though Gaetz seems to be trying for the title of Trump 2.0 ).

    2. @bearly traincot Its a dumb Burisma report on why he is being investigated on possibility… They took it out of context. I saw it and its an old file from 2019 or 2020.. If anything; there is no new investigation at this time.. Some troll kept on posting the link; like its some incredible treasure trove.. He failed to read it himself..

    3. @Melissa Harris its funny how maga keeps assuming Democrat are sick Pedo.. But, fails to mention 15 Republican were sentenced to jail for pedophilia from 2015-2020; including Nader , advisor and Trumps closest friend, who tried to uber a 13 year old boy from another country for some playdate..
      Maga: I assume!!! , because conspiracy!!!
      Democrat: Here are the facts

    1. They planned this. The GOP (or at least, some of them) kept Law Enforcement in the dark, texted details of the whereabouts of Pence and AOC in real time, and gave them guided tours and maps to find their way targeted offices. They will seize power if we let them.

    2. @Ash Roskell I believe Flynn was REALLY involved in the insurrection, and some other republicans of course. It is ROTTEN to the very core and it must ALL come out.

    3. @Harry Longabaugh They were stopped, the Police did a great job in delaying them at great cost and that gave people in the house time to barricade the doors while the elected representatives were taken to safety. Even that dishonest liar who said it was more of a “Tourist Day” was manning the barriers!!. There was real fear because shots were fired from inside the House killing that woman

  2. “We are innocent. We plead insanity by reason of Sean Hannity. WA, WA, WA

    – January 6th terrorists

    1. @William H Music 2021 yep you are correct on all and those are ALL good things. Black lives DO matter. Trans children do exist and need compassion and care not sicko pedophiles who are concerned what’s in their pants. And police need defunding. They do not need military grade weapons and vehicles or robot dogs. They need better training and a reallocation of funds to help better the response. They can actually police while calls such as a mental health disorder isn’t treated with lead.

    1. apstrad – He does! He is always with THE BEST of anything and anyone or THE BIGGEST of them. It sounds like a child who never outgrew the Magical Thinking that normal children grow out of by age six. I can tell by the way his facial expression changes when he is about to engage in that thinking–the thinking he expresses verbally with another disorder called Flight of Ideas. Rambling speech that has no structure or continuity and that drifts from thought to thought.

    2. They aren’t “real” people. To my mind real people are caring, know right from wrong, and can take a loss as a normal thing. There’s always a loser when there’s a winner. These “ people” need a huge wake up call. I’m ready to help wake them. Say where and when.

    3. @Mike Currie I really is nothing more than a cult and we allow supposed NEWS programs to feed them the food of the cult leaders FOR MONEY. NO news or media outlet should be allowed to shout ANYTHING they dont have
      REAL EVIDENCE for. How hard would that be to set up, there should be real punishment for anyone doing that, even closure. How far would tRump have got If THAT was in place.

    1. I’ve said it many times NO TRUMP has EVER served to PROTECT the United States no matter the treat to our Nation. No ONE should EVER believe POTUS-45 would put HIS well being at risk, even if it would benefit him! If you are dumb enough to believe him make sure he and his family are IN FRONT of you so you can see them!

    2. To go back to the party where they were laughing, and dancing, and drinking, watching all the action from the big screen. As drump cried about how trashy his little minions looked.

  3. It should be a private investigation and dig to the bottom of who really orchestrated the insurrection on Jan 6

    I’m gonna take a wild guess…….. Trump

    1. @David Thiel The GOP have been turning this way for years, remember when they tried putting Shara Palin in to be VICE PRESIDENT!!!. Rotten to the core and it is all about them, it’s power and not service to the country.

    2. @Antonio Santos His Royal Emissary was the Keeper of the Female Megaphone That Shalt Declare How Great the Activities of Her God Anointed Despot.

    3. @Ron Wylie I agree with you 100%! Money talks and BS walks no matter how crappy they are and there is enough of them for sure IMO!

  4. January the 6th it was “lets walk down to the Capitol I’ll be with you”, January the 7th it was “I don’t know you”.

    1. @Baddaddy We ALL saw the capitol police fighting, we ALL saw them being beaten with sticks and fire extinguishers, We know the name of the Policeman than was killed and even his MOTHER. We ALL saw and heard that Police officer begging for his life. We SAW the barricades in the House and the fear that led to a woman being killed.
      NOW, what did YOU see?

    2. @Owain Beavin He would never have pardoned them anyway!, he has NO remorse, no shame and no loyalty.
      He is a traitor to the oath he took to defend the constitution.

    3. @Ron Wylie Indeed but you try telling his deranged supporters that have been arrested and are awaiting to be charged. Oh but our saviour is coming to to save us they’re all in for a rude awakening.

  5. Trump will be reinstated as president on the same day that I’m reinstated as the 14th Dalai Lama.

  6. You know those unmarked goons Trump used in Lafayette Park?
    How many of them were used on January 6th.

    1. @B. T. :
      “Trump’s hotels in Canada permanently closed.”
      I just wanted to say that trump only leases his name out and doesn’t really own anything; people start taking his name off their buildings and he will be sleeping on a bus.

    2. @Snoglydox
      Bottom line Trump is not receiving any revenue from those two hotels.
      His name has become toxic as far as future franchising of his name is concerned.

    3. @B. T. :
      He will still be receiving revenue until his name is removed, and from what I read, for at least in Vancouver, they are rebranding.

    4. @Snoglydox
      How so when TA Management has filed for bankruptcy with an approximate debt of 4.7 million.
      Gotta go!
      Have to try out a new rifle.

    1. @Lil Pudge This should be EXACTLY the same as if it had been Al-Qaeda attacking the Country, exactly!, it is terrorism, they have their own armed groups in the background. NOTHING will ever be safe If they dont investigate, we all NEED to know, the republicans ALREADY know.

    2. @Diana Nutt Well said, no one has moved on, how could we, we KNOW their are groups working against the government just under the surface, like Al-Qaeda we need to KNOW who these people are.

    3. The American people haven’t moved on. Americans want individuals held accountable but it doesn’t appear Congress does. So while the talking heads spin the narrative people fear this will be like everything else and nothing will be done. Congress needs to take a good look at themselves and how they get their job done. Some changes are needed. Americans are loosing confidence.

    1. AND Europe, there will be street parties, WE are ALL with you {except our own far right nut cases, yes we have them also but no political party supports them the way those republicans do}

  7. Violent caravans are ok with the rethuglicans. But giving rides to voters is a crime now because they lost.

    1. @Antonio Santos C’mon, get with the trolling-manual Antonio! You know it’s “sheeple”. “Human sheep” is just lame.

    1. @MrMentalflossed I feel for you, We KNOW it is not all republicans, but there is something deeply wrong when such a lot of the same type of low people make up the bulk of the party. It is finished, we need another party for it all to work so they should start up a new one WITHOUT all the right wing creatures.

    2. @Scott Davis This should be investigated EXACTLY like it was any other terrorist attack, there is zero reason not to.

    3. @Ron Wylie were i a Republican in these splintering times i think i’d not want to stand by & see my party hi-jacked by fools & thieves.
      let them form the new party & good riddance
      to bad rubbish; they’ll never make it alone.

  8. That’s funny, he said “that guy went to mar-largo seeking funding” that means he left mar-largo assout.

    1. I think tRump did not pay him for his so called work and he wants to be paid! tRump rips everyone off!

  9. I’ve heard exactly one journalist ask Kevin McCarthy if he was afraid the GOP involvement would be brought to light in the investigation. He ran away so we know what happened and why they are pretending it never happened

    1. @Greg Vetter No it isn’t. The lady with the bullhorn is Rachel Powell. You are perpetuating an already debunked rumor. She and Boeberts mother, Shawna Bentz, happen to look vaguely similar but they are two different people.

    2. @Greg Vetter A Google search does not verify this absolutely. There is a lot of chatter about its veracity, but with no definitive resolution. It makes for a good story, but without irrefutable proof, it remains rumor.

  10. Cloutgrub sounds perfect for Trump. With all of his post-insurrection “clout”, he could get a dozen followers there.

  11. Don’t forget, people mobbing a police line is what ordinary “tourists” do according to Trumpists.

    1. @Nancy Ross That, and the peaceful protester in the wheelchair who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet.

    2. @kevin cattell Dude, you could’ve just staked a claim at the Trump Tower and made off like a bandit, lol

    1. His blog posts get less than 2,000 shares on social media. I’m nobody special and I get way more shares than that regularly.

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