1. The Dept. of Justice needs to act. Otherwise, the Rule of Law will be seriously undermined, as is already evident.

    1. @Anthony The less people vote the easier it is for Republicans to win and vice versa. look up “Paul Weyrich – “I don’t want everybody to vote” (Goo Goo)”and hopefully you can understand.

    2. @Max I’ll try but it’s probably important that those who vote are legit citizens and maybe even alive. Just a couple things that might be important for our elections along with no influence from Facebook or Twitter, I mean Russia.

    1. @ScantsRants you called me condescending… and you still ain’t providing facts. Typical lefty feelings over facts🤷🏿‍♂️

    2. @ScantsRants but hey if you don’t mind more tensions with Russia China and Iran, rising inflation, raising interest, raising taxes( undirected taxes as well), more crime, and high gas prices keep voting blue fam 🙏🏽🤣

    1. @David Macaroni Bender I thank you sir for such an intelligent and non-belligerent reply. YES! We must come together and discuss calmly our issues and what we are most concerned about. And I do listen to a brief report of the news simply to find out what is going to be the topic of the day and then I set out to do my own research. If you look closely at the bottom of the credits on these news programs, you’ll see that they state that they are part of the entertainment portion of that station. They do this for legal reasons; they can not be held liable if anyone objects to their content and wants to take them to court for errors of omission, false narrative, etc. because it’s all for the “entertainment” of the community. Basically anyone can pretty much say anything they want (short of outright slander) and not be held responsible for it.
      Whenever I’m researching a subject, I do remove myself from it emotionally. I had to do this when I was caring for my elderly father and couldn’t get doctors to treat him as a human; because of his age they told me to just take him home and keep him comfortable until the end and rolled their eyes at me when I challenged tham. They went so far as to accuse me of being a daughter who just refused to see the truth and it was “wishful” thinking on my part. I set out to do research on my father and his condition and was told by some people on staff at the hospital when I brought him in that they thought I was great because I kept them on their toes and when the doctors did rounds in the morning, everyone else had one or maybe 2 doctors attending them but when it came to my father there was always a minimum of 6 or 7 doctors. You aren’t going to get results if you don’t do your homework, and you have to be objective or no one will listen.
      I will confess that when the Mueller report came out I only gave it a very cursory read- I was running a business at the time, and didn’t have the time to read it thoroughly. I just knew that Mueller didn’t come up with anything concrete to charge Trump with, and that some were “not surprised” that he took some “shots” at Trump given he himself was a democrat and that he knew that the democrats were hoping mightily that he was going to come up with something. So now, I’m waiting for the full Durham report to come out. Since he has already generated some indictments and some of the other items that have already been published (the Clinton campaign buying the dossier and the lies fed to the FISA court, etc.) I must say that I am deeply concerned for our country and what I see going on is an attempt by all the available media to truly divide the citizens against each other so that we WON’T come together and truly figure out just how deep the swamp in D.C. is. One of the items that has come out that strikes fear so deep in my heart that it makes me breathless is the fact that a 3rd party technical company was hired to spy on a President while in office at the White House. Now, this isn’t just a partisan issue anymore. If this happened once, it can happen again. And again. And who’s to say that the 3rd party technical company isn’t or can’t become compromised by one of this country’s enemies? This goes way beyond party hijinks- this is outright treason. I AM concerned about this.
      This is getting longer than what I wanted to write, so I’ll end on this note; were you aware that 22 states have ratified the 28th amendment to the Constitution abolishing money from large corporations from donating to election campaigns? It also keeps foreign actors from meddling also. My understanding is that the thrux of this is that money can only be raised within its own state. Forgive the pun but I think that’s a capital idea-

  2. The American public will always rally behind truth and justice and so we the people are firm in our demand that Garland take appropriate action in the most expedient manner…

    1. @Marjake ur a good person
      im the opposite
      i judge and ridicule these ppl in real life cuz i think thats needed

  3. All we heard about was where r the Hilary emails she should go to jail. Where u at republicans. Keep that same energy here. We ended up getting those emails and there wasnt anything in it. Hope we get all of trumps records.

    1. @Marjake “our country” what makes you assume I’m an American? I hope you know every other country in the world views America as the global Laughingstock

  4. 7:37 gap? WOW, that’s the LEAST amount of time he watched Fox any given day other than a golf outing.

  5. Just like when Nixon had that 18 minute gap on his tape for the Watergate hearings. Not too suspicious, eh?

    1. @Man James that would violate the Monroe Doctrine….do you know about the Cuban missile crisis in 1962? America resolved that without firing a ahot.

  6. our government can pinpoint a terrorist in a hut in the middle of the desert but they can’t find 7 hours worth of phone calls by Trump?
    Is Merrick Garland even trying to prosecute Trump?

  7. It seems pretty clear what happened… the fact that people are still trying to dispute it is beyond me..

    1. There is no reasoning with a fool, so I don’t even try. They can look up the facts as well as any one else , but understanding over a two syllable word , may prove difficult for some of them. But some remain very good at the whole Deflect/ deny or lie approach

    1. Nixon had some sense. He fkn resigned to save his country the embarrassment of a impeachment. More balls than trump. Any day…
      Nixon never attacked our Capitol. He killed four at Kent state university 😂

  8. …and yet he and all his current sitting Senators and other political conspirators walk around untouchable!

  9. What a complete DISGRACE and pathetic excuse of a ‘man’!
    And What a disgrace for the Divided States Of America!

    Lock Him Up! Or lose all credibility as a justice system!

  10. Merrick Garland, you’re about to be called upon to prove, once and for all, that no man in this country is above the law. Do not disappoint. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

    1. I’m assuming you feel the same about hunter Biden? You’re a cnn fanboy so probably aren’t familiar with what I’m referring to but make sure you stay consistent

    2. @Chris Davis I suppose it’s yet to be determined whether he actually has one or not. He may just playing the cards very close to the vest right now. This is, I fear, rather giving him more credit than in the end he will deserve, but he has the unenviable task of potentially sending a former president of the United States to prison for what will essentially amount to charges of treason, and those actions cannot be undertaken lightly. Having said all of that, it would be useful for those on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting the verdict of whether all are held to account for high crimes in this country or just the unfortunate few if he could give some sign of which way the winds are blowing at the DOJ. Then again, given Trump’s penchant to stall everything out on appeals and with go-nowhere litigation, maybe Garland is just waiting to drop it all on him in one big, beautiful bomb without any warning to prevent DJT getting those ducks in a row in advance. The less culpable he is allowed to think he remains, the less prepared he’s likely to be when warrants are finally served down at Mar-a-lago.

  11. It makes me curious why he specifically is denying he knows what a burner phone is. They also say he could have used an aide’s phone. But he didn’t deny he did that to my knowledge I’m beginning to follow this story. I bet he did use a burner phone.
    No way would he not be in direct contact with the criminals breaking into the capital. He said he was going to join them and never showed up. Now he’s telling people at a rally to give up their lives for his issues. He’s cray cray as hell and the mental health professionals tried to warn us about him.

  12. This is an embarrassment to the United State’s of America. First he has a great personal relationship with our biggest foe (Putin) then he orchestrated this capital attack. Not to mention how he verbally attracted the ethnic group in this country, this would be huge to prove him involvement 🙏🏾✊🏾💯

  13. Love sanitized call logs. When you leave a gap of more than 7 hours leaves a lot of questions. Trump thinks he’s clever but the truth will come out. It’s time that until these 7 hours are defined, Trump needs to sit in a jail cell. It’s past time that Trump’s obstruction is punished.

    1. Yeah, during the night when you are asleep and can’t call people, it would make sense, but during the day? And on January 6th nonetheless. Coincidence? I think not!

  14. “So who did you call during those 7 hours?”
    “I don’t remember.”
    “You’ve said you have one of the world’s greatest memories.”
    “I don’t recall saying that.”

    1. @coachafella no one was charged with anything in that lawsuit Trump was fighting but settled because he was running for president.

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