1. She lost her son to suicide. She had been trying her best after that . She was paying tribute to her father with the movie. While reviewing his life may be rewarding, must have been difficult to review about it constantly with the emotional overload attached! The poor girl! May she rest in peace, it’s no wonder her heart gave out.

    1. @Zak Fred Not everyone goes to heaven not everyone knows salvation that says ok I believe in Jesus. Believing in Jesus changes your life Elvis was not one either just religious

    2. She needed Christ you all do we all need Christ personally He welcomes to heaven His own not every jesus on tv is God’s son pray for discernment please🙏💙

  2. Such a sad time i really dont think she got over the death of her son sending my condolenses to her family RIP Lisa Marie Presley

  3. The light in her eyes were already gone at the golden globes. We’ve watched her for her whole life and it’s obvious something was wrong. I’m praying for her daughters and momma during this time. This is so sad, may the Most High bless your soul, rest peacefully, Lisa Marie.

    1. So sad for their family… my guess – it was accidental/suicide via fentanyl, perhaps barbiturates…
      ‘to numb my pain, I must numb my brain’ – Anon

  4. This precious woman had a harder life than most think, as Leah Remini said. To lose her eldest son so young to suicide is horrific. On red carpet, she even insinuated she rarely leaves her house. Her entire life, the interest in her for 54 years was always about ELVIS. That is very rough, folks. Rest In Peace Lisa.

    1. ​@Trisha my heart goes out to you. Devastating. I have 2 Sons in their 20s and that has / is always been my greatest fear. I occasionally have dreams that something bad happens to them. I wake up in a sweat in fear. I don’t think I could handle it honestly. You are strong. Peace be with you.

    1. She went through a lot. The death of her father when she was so young, as well as her own son’s death. Hard to recover from that.

    2. @AngelWings She didn’t know how I was before she died. She didn’t believe in me. On top of that she is a white woman. They are the purest form of evil in the universe. You don’t even know who I am. Yeshua( Pbuh) has nothing to do with your species anymore. (Ref: Stars:Fixed)

  5. She was a cool lady. After seeing the Elvis movie recently, I watched some of an interview with her from many years ago, and she was so honest, respectful, forthcoming, smart and authentic with the interviewer. So sad – my heart goes out to her family. RIP, Lisa Marie

    1. @ComealongComealong Thanks for sharing that. I hadn’t listened to it and didn’t know it was originally a Mac Davis song. Elvis and Lisa Marie sound great on that song. I listened to Mac Davis’ version and also Candi Staton’s version and she has a great voice as well. RIP Lisa Marie.

    2. @Rich Strobel Elvis and Lisa Marie singing together popped up on my feed one day. Glad to know that you enjoyed it too. You’ve got me started now – looking for other covers! It’s a song that just stops me in my tracks whenever I hear it. I wonder what injustices against black americans Elvis saw and heard about. His voice on this song is everything 🎶

    1. I really doubt you even thought about her when she was alive and then you say she’ll never be forgotten? Yes she will.


  7. You can see everyone sitting around her constantly worried about her, she looked very sick and obviously very proud and wanted to be there for the event
    Rest in Peace Lisa Marie 🙏💗

    1. She put up a great front,to get through the evening!! You can tell she was taking in slow just to get through!! 😢

  8. I was completely shocked to hear this horrible news! It’s so sad….I thought she looked unwell at the GGs and didn’t recognize her at first….My prayers go out to her family at this time. I pray that she is reunited with her son, her father and other family members. RIP

  9. Losing a child is a tremendous strain on your body and mind. I lost a son in 2018 and thought I was going to die too. I didn’t but I’m not the same person that I was before. I can understand how this happened.

    1. I lost my husband to suicide in 2018 I was 6 months pregnant and lost my precious baby boy halfway through pregnancy in 2014 and I’ve had 3 early losses as well so I know about grief also and it does change you the grief becomes apart of your daily life my prayers go out to everyone grieving it’s a hard journey

  10. Losing her son and the emotion of this movie memorializing her Dad and who knows what else. So devastating and shocking to lose Lisa like this with her young age and the timing.❤💕Prayers for Priscilla and Lisa’s children and family and friends.❤🙏🏻

  11. Grief is pain to only those that who have truly loved and lost someone or something that was deeply meaningful and irreplaceable in their life!….

  12. As an actor who once played Elvis on a TV series in Hollywood, I send Priscilla my deepest condolences.. RIP Lisa Marie..

  13. I can’t believe this. I was literally quoting her on a Michael Jackson video last week. As the biggest MJ fan, she was the dream. We all lived vicariously through her. She always had nothing but beautiful things to say about Michael and we absolutely adored her. She was also Elvis’ little girl 💔. I can’t imagine what the family is going through also with the untimely death of her young son. She only lived 4 years longer than Michael and died in the same way- cardiac arrest. My heart hurts 😢

  14. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in Memphis or my mother is around this age but this death is hitting me hard. I’ve always love Elvis and have been surrounded by his music and Graceland but this is just shocking to me.

  15. It’s so hard to loose a child. Seeing my own mom struggle through life after my brother passing was tough. My mom just lived, but wasn’t really living. Lisa didn’t look well at the Globes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa and her family knew she was struggling with her health and that her time here on earth was near the end. My deepest condolences to her Mom and to her Daughters. Rest in Peace Lisa Marie, alongside with your Dad and Son. 🕊️🙏

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