Reporter Presses Putin On Treatment Of Navalny, Political Opponents 1

Reporter Presses Putin On Treatment Of Navalny, Political Opponents


Russian President Vladimir Putin was questioned about his treatment of Alexei Navalny and other political opponents during his press conference after the summit with President Joe Biden.
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  1. People are well advised to ignore putin as much as possible. Until Russia can find some leadership with integrity the best we can do is expose putin for the evil man he is and give him zero attention and no platform to communicate to Americans at all,. he needs to go.

    1. The United States , needs to go after his money’s and the oligarchs who supports him and I bet that will get him to sit his lil behind down because all they care about is money . The United States , knows this but won’t use that against him for some reason and he needs to keep B , out of his mouth . He said nothing about the violence of the insurrectionist.

    2. @Candy Wilson The U.S. shouldn’t do this alone. A collaboration between the U.S. and other European nations should stand together and handle him by his wallet, that’s the only thing and people like him understand.

  2. Yeah, wanting separation of power and political tolerance is considered a crime in Russia. Changing the law to extend your grip on power is perfectly legal though.

    1. Are you talking about Biden or Putin? Is the Kremlin surrounded by walls and thousands of troops?

    2. I Russian and very offend by liberal American using Russophobic hate speech. My family attacked many times by liberals, which is Asian hate crime, but the liberals they think is okay to have the hate crime against us Russians. Fact!

    1. @John Wick I reckon Trump could go a few rounds with Putin, but Putin would eventually knock him out. Biden wouldn’t even make it to the centre of the ring, the weight of the gloves would make him fall over. Fact!

    2. @Chaos We don’t choose our leaders based on fighting ability; with age comes wisdom, and it’s a far sharper weapon then a fist or a sword. Dumb dumb.

    1. @what? oh! yes he’s fantastic. Don’t believe everything you hear about him on the fake news. Fact!

    1. @what? oh! You have that what aoc is Nazi Germany that is fact evolve you think is just another word for programming well forget it.

    2. @what? oh! Like I said you are communist. Just face it you are like Putin that’s out of his playbook what you want. That’s communist when you say evolve you mean reprogram just like that commie AOC.

  3. So, to summarise, Alexei Navalny was imprisoned in the hope that it might prevent Russian people expressing solidarity with black people murdered without justification by American cops?

    1. Right , and why don’t these reporters do follow up questions when they are giving non – sense answers that make no sense?

    2. Pretty absurd, right? It’s almost like listening to Trump speak, although Trump can’t actually manage full sentences.

    1. 30 people committed suicide over the Keystone pipeline being shut down in America… yet, Biden lifted the sanctions that were in place against Russia and now they have one. Biden is a clown.

  4. Putin lies just like Trump. First, you get a long winded story of whataboutism, then he completely dodges the question.

    1. Biden: “I better not take any questions or I will get into trouble with my staff.” Lmao you people are so brainwashed

  5. My oh my. Our previous president couldn’t have said it any better even if he had his cryolas to draw graphs but I guess this is how it said when a real piece of dictator States it without his hand puppet available.

    1. lol are you kidding me we had a criminal president before Biden that WAS ELECTED BY THE CITIZENS, we have criminals running our government, ever heard of ted cruz, mitchy poo the pedo republican matt? We are the same as Russia we just hide it, they don’t

    2. No one does criminal like US. You shouldn’t talk. What are those Clintons up to these days? In jail yet?

  6. Wow he’s not used to being asked hard questions, he doesn’t sound articulate at all , he’s just like a Republican Politician, he’s got his talking points memorized and deflect ,change subject and deny ,deny ,deny

  7. Smh He looked for everything and anything to hold on to as a way to get out of the question smh Hey Putin why don’t you blame jailing and killing political rivals on the US prohibition laws in the 20s….oh how about US slavery….oh oh how about the spying on black Panther party by the US government? What other non-related events from the US can you throw into the mix?

  8. So do you think Putin really understands how the world feels about him and what he doe’s. I don’t think he does, the Russian people need to take back their country.

  9. Putin “I’m not going to comment on that” (except now, when I’m talking about Black Lives Matter) He sounds like donny dump!

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