1. @Bad Atheist “why you support a white hate person? ” – What a ridiculous question. LOL. Keep simping for AOC. It’s entertaining.

    2. @Ed Simping? Did you get that from homie the clown? You are a whole jabronie and a half lmao!

    3. That’s right they should immediately be placed in reeducation camps and those who don’t comply with the national socialist err uhm the democrat socialist views should be erased. Sounds similar to a totalitarian Marxist approach.

    1. @47 PE We’d LOVE to100% forget all about MTG AND Gaetz. Since you seem to be one of her fans, how bout you send her an email and ask her to stop making a spectacle of herself & start behaving like a mature adult instead of an out of control 5th grade drama queen bully? That goes for Gaetz too. They merely picked up the behavior baton from Their Golden Calf. We NEED to keep our eyes on the snakes in the room. We NEED to watch out for the pestilence & mini-anti-Christ’s in the world-especially the ones right here on our own land. We NEED to know what they’re doing so we can remind the rest of the world “Most of us don’t behave this way”. Just like when Trump was in office, it was good to be reminded by responsible reporters-like CNN- that, for the first time since TV was invented, we can no longer point to the screen & say to our children “SEEE? YOU could be President someday.” Infact, we need to make sure they’re out of the room so that they’re not exposed to the behavior of Trump, Marjorie, Gaetz & those who were/are out to kill Vice President Pence. “Keep your enemies closer”. Aka: The Q/Trump Cult Members. And no, I’m not okay with the burnings of summer 2020, but they were fighting for democracy, not trying to DESTROY it- and right at the source- Capital Hill. Apples & Oranges.

    2. @Brady B. Hull Why would someone with no teeth visit a dentist & when he (24James) can just have another Mt Dew?

    3. Sadly, it is spelled: greene, like mine.

      NO RELATION of which I am aware, or have been able to find.

  1. “Adults are able to debate policy”, than why the heck is Greene there. Please, I’d say what a joke Greene is, but honestly, she is truly pathetic.

    1. @Rich624 don’t get me wrong, I’m really sick of how all the leadership in Washington has to be 110 years old and don’t really like Pelosi but actually she is the epitome of rational debate. Probably too much. Do you have an example of her being irrational? (Said while looking for bug spray. Anticipating crickets)

    2. @BeyondThePale Thanks for proving my point.

      But given how you don’t like reading dictionary’s, it’s not a surprise you don’t know that by definition, fascism is right-wing.

      Maybe you should start taking your own advice. Just a thought.

    3. @TheBase1aransas I’m not sure why me point out all the ways you will fail would make you smile.

      Then again, you actually think something will come out of Arizona. I get it, your gullible enough to believe people that admit they are lying to you.

    4. @Drake Fire “dictionary’s” well aren’t you precious. Try checking one. LMFAO Never mind, I like helping the weak. 

      Plural> dictionaries
      Apostrophe> use for contractions and possessives. Seriously dude thanks but I’m moving on from your middle school level wallowing. Bless your little heart! LMFAO

    1. @WakeUp Sheeple you should wake up. Unprofessional uneducated people like MTG Trump Gaetz just have a big mouth. And you fall for it. Keep on sleeping.

    2. When you challenge a leftist to DISCUSS/DEBATE politics – they literally piss themselves and call it HARASSMENT LMAO. That’s how pathetic the left have become lmao

    3. @drab g ok so she cannot ask any questions and whatever people say about her and accuse her of is the truth. Nice. Really sad

    4. @Richard Grier are you suggesting the green new deal doesn’t exist or the new green deal? Or nothing exists if you don’t agree with talking about it

  2. I grew up with school yard bullies like her. I’m all grown up now and I have to say, ANYBODY ever stalked me and yelled at me like that and she’d be picking herself up out of next week!!

    1. Greene not only bullies people, but boasts of not wearing her mask. She truly doesn’t care if she might infect someone. For the latter, Greene should be arrested.

    2. I don’t remember any bullies in my school because they were jumped and beat until they transfer to a new school.

    1. Marjorie Taylor Green supports Israel our number one ally in the Middle East.
      AOC supports the terrorist Hamas organization. Who is listed as a terrorist organization, & a major sponsor of terrorism worldwide by the United States

  3. You know what would happen to someone who chased me through the hallways yelling about terrorism and being aggressive especially one who has made it a point to be armed….Taser.

    1. Listen up – Greene just calling out the terrorist democrat AOC who stands with the terrorist organization Hamas launching 1000’s of rockets into Israel. Against Gods people.

      Gods holy word on those that oppose Israel
      “I will Bless them that Bless Thee, And curse him that curseth Thee”
      – Genesis 12:3

    2. @FACTS ONLY It’s kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence.

  4. Green is vile to her core. She does not “talk” she spews. She does not at all want peace, she wants to stir up hate 24/7.

    1. @Leonie Romanes my team
      You mean being straight married for 38 years two grown kids and seven grandchildren — my team !
      Your vile

    2. Greene debating AOC lol she would be bringing a knife to a gun fight! Greene believes Jewish space lasers start California wildfires!

    3. @WakeUp Sheeple MTG is delusional and twisted. I guess you don’t have no kids and you don’t care about morals. And honesty and trust. You are horrible just like her. It’s the facts

  5. Serious question: Why don’t these journalists in the halls pull out their phones and record instances like this just as proof? I mean, you know MTG is going to say she didn’t do whatever she’s accused of.

    1. @Chair Yoga For The Ageless Plus three witnesses at least, maybe more. I doubt US Capitol security is going to make a deep fake. HR can sort it out I am sure. Greene just needs to start acting like a professional instead of a teenage bully. Companies have policies against harassing coworkers, so Greene needs to act civilly. She can email AOC if she wants to, but that would be a private conversation, not a PR stunt. Networks need to stop covering Greene’s publicity stunts

    2. Dakota Hughes We thought that after getting rid of Drumpf that We could get back to normal… but the Republican “New Normal” just keeps rearing it’s nastiness… in time, hopefully soon, the journalists will be walking with camera phones fully charged and ready to expose these imbeciles.

    3. @My Tale directed energy weapons they are real things just not call Jewish space lasers. CNN has even reported on direct energy attacks on the capital.

  6. She tries to question supporting terrorism when she supports Proud Boys who literally attacked the Capitol.

    1. @Damien Williams 95% of blm and antifa protests were peaceful, as per trumps own agencies reports. Biden, pelosi, and schumer all condemned the violence. The attack on the capitol was an attempt to overturn an election based on a presidents lies. In what way are these even remotely the same thing lmao. Trump even said he loved the terrorists/traitors. His own words. He loves traitors. Youre a moron desperate to find something to scream MUH BOTH SIDES about when even trumps own fbi says you’re wrong

    2. @Damien Williams Why are you attempting to excuse the capitol insurrection by bringing up other examples of violence that were condemned by dems? How stupid are you

    3. @Dan Lambert True, FOX reported it days after on the 22nd. The police released the cam video tuesday night, on the 20th, some stations reported it that night and ABC, NBC, CNN, & other stations reported it the next day on the 21st. Your pants are a blaze.

    4. LOL! How do I “ACT like Congress wasn’t led thru tunnels”…??? I never said anything remotely to that silly accusation. Secondly, the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capital were The Proud Boys, Anticom, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Bois… What towns and “regular” citizens are being held hostage? LMAO!! I’m pretty sure you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. @My City Sucks
      He did try to have her killed. He sent a pack of rabid MAGAts to Congress, and these terrorists said themselves that anyone who got in their way would be killed.

      Republicans are The Insurrection Party.

    2. Lunatic ? Lol. Let’s fact check who’s the lunatic- Marjorie Taylor Green supports Israel our number one ally in the Middle East.
      AOC supports the terrorist Hamas organization. Who is listed as a terrorist organization, & a major sponsor of terrorism worldwide by the United States

  7. The more MTG is despised, the more righteous she imagines herself to be. She doesn’t get that she is just plain despicable.

    1. @BeyondThePale I’m neither a leftist nor from America. If this didn’t make your maga head explode, try another one

    2. yet the right wing want nothing to do with you and you claim that separation would be “oppressing” you – GO FIGURE

    3. @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger LMFAO you’re preciously simple. I’m not MAGA and I never said you were from here or leftist. Don’t let those panties bunch up again

    1. To me, she looks like a thumb that got hit really, really hard, and then someone drew lips on it and added a wig.

    1. KAREN = a viral term used to make fun of leftist women and men.

      If i told you the definition of BAIZUO you would probably cry yourself to sleep lmao

  8. Greene lives in an alternate reality where trying to hang the VP of the United States and bouncing fire extinguishers off of Capitol police officer’s heads is considered normal behavior.

    1. Fact- Marjorie Taylor Green supports Israel our number one ally in the Middle East.
      AOC supports the terrorist Hamas organization. Who is listed as a terrorist organization, & a major sponsor of terrorism worldwide by the United States

  9. ‘Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.’

    1. @Sullen AOC didn’t run away… and AOC is not afraid of the “Clown’s” li’l sister… there is a place in the Halls of Congress and in the Capitol where debates take place… a decorum… and the easiest way to teach a child is through actions… behavior… and tiny “bite-sized” lesson which keep them from choking on REALITY!

    2. @eltorocal MTG doesn’t deserve decorum. Neither do most of these creeps. They aren’t children who need gloves, they are fascist adults who mean harm to myself, friends and family. We should verbally shove the truth down their throats until they choke on it.

  10. So this is the second time Greene has accosted someone. Remember when she went after a survivor of the high school shooting? Greene stalking people and vomiting out her hatred is truly a psychological problem. Greene is truly the definition of trash.

    1. @Kelly Mc Why is it that 90% of the posts from you liberals look as if they are coming from a ten year old?

    2. @Rich624 If AOC had responded by simply telling her to shut up, MTG would have gone full snowflake and said she was accosted.

    3. @Kelly Mc I wouldn’t understand why you sound like a ten year old? You are right about that. If you are not a ten year old, then you are right, I am completely baffled. And by the way, completely baffled why a grown person would post on the intellect of an elementary school child.

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