Reporter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 'Why not just call an election?' 1

Reporter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: ‘Why not just call an election?’


Prime Minister Trudeau was asked by a reporter about the timing of a possible election while at a campaign-style funding announcement.

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  1. Build back better. Did he think up that one on his own? Same message, different suit, love from U.K.

    1. Same thing Biden said. He stutters along just like slow joe Biden…. Same crap different country. He just kills the economy every time he opens his mouth!

    2. Please, I lived In London, England. You can’t compare Canada or USA to Uk. You guys are 100 years behind in almost everything. Love from Canada

    1. He answered them. No to your comprehension. But whose required. Come learned or stay lame.

    2. He didn’t answer the question posed to him. “Why not call an election” he’s using taxpayer money to call down his opponents that’s being out on the election trail. He needs to go!

    1. Agreed it wouldn’t surprise me if he campaigns on lowering the drinking age to 18 to get that sector support

    2. Pete Jones: politicians, since the beginning of time, have been doing this. It just not him. I don’t vote on how much money comes into my riding. I vote for the best person that will represent my interests and views on the current issues.
      Stay safe, stay sane, be well

  2. As c-ten did not pass the senate before the break will he stall until they can enact an “emergency response”
    orders in council measure of similar ilk?

  3. If I had a billion dollar for every time Trudeau actually answered a question id still be broke.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the next gen . Because every penny earned is going to go towards paying for this guy’s screw up’s .

    1. I haven’t seen ANY elected politician fully answer any question that may put them in a bad light EVER! What did you expect? O’Toole is no different. Panders to the hypochristians that he needs for votes. Ford is the most inept, Machiavellian clown you could ask for. Deflects criticism while taking advice from long term care CEOs that stand to personally make a ton of $$$ from the pandemic by sucking the federal funds. Moe, Kenney? Blatantly in the pockets of big oil corporations that have the greatest blame for climate change but do nothing for workers they are supposed to represent.
      Send in the clowns.

    1. I think it’s best to replace Justin Trudeau with a video of him saying “we will continue to support Canadians” becauase that’s the only thing he knew how to say!

  5. That is why he has passed less restrictive entry rules into Canada to bring in his voters for the election

  6. Trudeau, the only thing you have been demonstrating is that you’re NFG for Canada and Canadians.

  7. Why did Winnipeg police DO NOTHING as they were tearing down those statues, Trudeau? In broad daylight the cops stood guard for them to allow it to happen. They even tasered someone who wanted it to stop! What a farce!

  8. how can one start a sentence with ‘happy canada day everyone’ knowing full well the hell that the nation finds itself in – from genocide to terrorism by car (cop taken out in underground lot) to communities obliterated by fires to family members (including four children) dying in a house fire in calgary, etc etc etc?

    1. He’s not a leader, let’s make sure we get that right. He’s about as far from a leader as you can possibly be. A better word would be poser.

  9. He is going to call an election as soon as he gets his voting machines back from his buddy joey.

  10. from his response to questions, I don’t believe he understands either the English or French languages

  11. Legit question ask by a reporter: “Why not just call an election?”
    Trudeau: * puts his fingers in his ears* “La la la la la I’m not listening” , ” La la la la la Je n’ecoute pas”

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