1. @Overworkedandunderpaid exactly. Maintaining their proximity to power and ability to profit off of it was first and foremost.

    1. I dunno, Discussing it is Alarming!!! This was the President of the United States.🐘🐘🐘

  1. Like trump once said if you plead the 5 th that means your guilty so go ahead pompeo plead the 5th

  2. Sounds like a Republican,…get everything you can out of someone, and then turn on them!
    A humane person, wouldn’t have even nominated him.

  3. Thumb this up if you’re looking forward to seeing Donald in matching hair, skin and jumpsuit 👍

    1. @Deborah Wade fake news, I interact with dozens of people everyday, nobody mentioned anything about food lines ever. There were some shortages… never saw a “foodline” once tho.

  4. With all that they still supported him protected him knowing he was unfit shameful and continue to this day disgusting

    1. @Harold Moore be insulting because someone sees things differently to you ,says a lot about you ,but you are still wrong ,hope that annoys you , I imagine you to be a bully,the sighns are all there,

    2. @Harold Moore not talking about Biden in my reply to you ,dont try to twist things YOU called me clown that’s how shallow your answer was

  5. They all knew, that’s what they wrote in their books, it’s what they didn’t do (25th) that shows how much they just enjoyed the power, they just didn’t know how far Dumpy would go to maintain it.

    1. @Friar Brandon Mom is gonna be really pissed off that your back online and making stupid, childish posts again, dude…

    2. It is also a slow and complicated process that would doubtless have lasted at least to the inauguration.

  6. The problem of the “acting” cabinet members occurred to me too; they need to amend that amendment to be more specific. Plus, can’t the president fire any of his cabinet members at will???

  7. Minchin and Pompeii must be weak-minded men who subdued the inclination to do what they knew was the right thing to do. Their inability to stand up to the Bully-in-Chief at that historic moment makes them look spineless.

    1. All around we hear the sound, the voices in our ears
      Trying to bring our whole world down, playing on our fears
      With their silent moves, their deciding who, their gonna give the chance to
      All the while their phoney smile just wants to romance you. -Canadian musician, Frank Marino 🙂

  8. That’s another reason he had so many ‘acting’ cabinet officials, as a safeguard against the 25th being invoked.

  9. Don’t know how much day dreaming and crafty napping I’ve done waiting for something other than dust and tumbleweed out of the DoJ… Now my head is SPINNING!! 🙌🙌✌️😄

  10. They were all cowards and love their party more then they love their country. These same people say that they would vote for him again if given a chance. Really sickening.

  11. Pompeo says that discussion never happened. Mnuchin just got interviewed by J6C, under oath.
    Pompeo is expected to appear before the panel soon.

  12. Hmmm . . . Is crime an executive privilege?

    Might there be some issues better adjudicated however long required than never?

    It would seem to me that executive privilege is property of the office rather than of the person of any occupant.

  13. The two weeks between January 7th and Inauguration Day were very dangerous times. Thank God Trump didn’t try something desperate, like attacking Iran.

  14. Everybody who signed their loyalty to Trump instead of the Constitution should be scrutinized for their actions.

  15. Listen: He chose people intentionally unqualified for their positions, as well as loyalists. This makes them beholden to him. If you have competent people, they would have likely acted.

  16. Everybody knew how terrifying this man was and nobody acted because nobody didn’t want any heat on them🤔

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