Reporters Dig Into Why People Delay Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine Shot 1

Reporters Dig Into Why People Delay Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine Shot


Reporters Brittny Mejia and Jack Healy discuss their latest stories on Americans who remained vaccine hesitant until the virus directly impacted them.

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Reporters Dig Into Why People Delay Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine Shot


    1. @J Groovy these aren’t reporters they are MSM PUNDITS, they didn’t go get a story and report on it. Are you TV -educated- brainwashed?

    2. @Make Racists Afraid Again You don’t actually think these reporters are allowed to say whatever they want to? They are told what to say and must follow the left’s narrative or they don’t work. Time to grow up.

    1. I do medical coding. I’m coding a lot of children getting sick from covid. Some are having reoccurring respiratory infections for months after infection. People who haven’t gotten the shot are 100% making others sick. Just keep in mind that all you are possible shortening the life spans of the younger generations with your selfishness.

    2. @The BSydz – That’s exactly what a mask is – a filter. It catches some of the dry virus and keeps the cloud from spreading as far. The virus that gets absorbed in moisture droplets gets caught in the mask. They work. It’s the reason flu cases dramatically decreased last year.

    3. @eatmorenachos Please take 10 boosters. And keep listening to everything the media tells you, you’re too far gone anyways.

    1. @MNGuardianFan I live in the middle of New york, and believe it or not I still don’t know anyone who passed away from covid. I shouldn’t be able to walk a mile and not find anyone who knows of a passing from covid. That or I’m really really lucky.

    2. @Ryan Neary Talk about flaw media doesn’t have any problem repeating how many people died from the virus but they never mentioned how many people die from our food industries that full of contaminants and hormones like our chickens that fully grown in 6 weeks and they’re so fat they can’t hardly stand up for long and they’re unhealthy some die before they’re six weeks old from a heart attack. Approximately 678, 000 people die from food related deaths. Big Pharma also makes money 600 billion dollars off of the vaccine a year and $500 billion off of the remedies from the side effects. Plus the money they make off of the side effects off of our medicine. And guess who’s in their back pocket? It’s a great game they got going on, they make us sick and then they make profit off of our sicknesses.

    3. @Josh B The number of dead is still very small compared to the population. If you knew someone who died of COVID, it would be anecdotal information. I’m from Minnesota, and, as it turns out, I do personally know someone who died of COVID.
      Why do you doubt the numbers? Because you yourself don’t know anyone who died?

    1. @zEropoint68 Explain how “studying something” is the same thing as producing a finished product and injecting it into humans and seeing what happens. Go!

    2. @Larry Azz The real study is over, 2 percent will regret the jab and 98 percent at least get short term protection. Me, I like to avoid virus surges and jabs, life is a gamble

    3. Sorry you would have to be in the UK for that and take the Astra-Zeneca that was made over 3 years ago. You don’t have health research in the US anymore. Trump stopped the funding for that.

    4. @Ginger Nightmare Are you referring to the debunked photoshopped picture of the AZ box with the 2018 date? Ha ha. Okay. Anyway ….

    1. It doesn’t prevent mutations
      It doesn’t prevent you from getting sick
      It doesn’t prevent you from spreading it (it actually increases your chances cause now you 100% have it)
      It hasn’t been proven to be better than natural immunity

      So what does this vax do besides pad big pharma wallets?

    1. As soon as vaers started showing data that went against their narrative they took all the data down.

      Cause you know, facts and what not lol.

    2. no but it just doesn’t exist to fake news just like doctor tenpenny who crushes their argument or doctor yeadon who smashes their arugment or docotr mullis who sabotages their arugment or doctor malone who pulls the carpet out from under their argument, none are misinformation, none of those are dysinformation but they are CENSORED and they play this game of make-believe and by the way if you have a family member who died after getting “stabbed” you aren’t supposed to notice that either

    3. @RAILWAY FILMS Yep. It’s about pretend. A pretend plandemic, pretend safety precautions, a pretend diagnosis. All so you can get your very real toxic injection.

    1. @Jay Dee FYI…From 1955 to 1963 or somewhere in that vicinity 94,000,000 (that’s million) doses of contaminated polio vaccine had been administered. Many suffered severe medical conditions and some died as a result. And that is why my mother wouldn’t allow us to get that vaccine. And by all means fact check this.

    2. @Jay Dee you have no argument. That’s why use the word conspiracy. Cause you have no rebuttal and know you are wrong.

    3. @The Host “The most likely reason why such assumptions have been made would come from a vaccine that was administered to patients during the period 1955 to 1963. A publication by the Institute of Medicine’s Immunization Safety Review Committee explains that during this time period, a specific virus came into contact with the Polio vaccine of the time (4). The virus was known as SV40 and was linked to a possible increased risk of cancer.

      More recent research has not yielded further evidence of this risk, however, the committee did note that the research does not provide sufficient evidence. Further research may still be needed in order to provide more accurate details.

      Thus, even though there was a possible higher risk of cancer linked to this particular vaccine, it is important to note here that the only reason was due to the contamination with the SV40 virus, which is not part of the Polio vaccine. The contamination is also no longer present in the modern-day Polio vaccines that are provided to patients. ”

      You told us to look it up. there it is. that doesnt back up your claim that vaccines cause cancer at all. You’ll need to provide the evidence since you are making the claim. the burdon of proof is on you. None of this has any relevance to the covid vaccine

    1. The funny thing is, there’s no monitored vaccine event reporting system. VAERS reports are “unverified”, and they remain “unverified” …. seemingly forever. There’s no way this is an accident. Either way, it’s amazing that there’s no serious effort to monitor deaths following vaccination. The vax cult wants to inject every person on Earth, with ZERO monitoring! We could easily be at a million vax deaths in the US already.

    2. JUST IN: Fully Vaccinated GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Reveals Covid-19 Infection – Experiencing Flu-Like Symptoms, Goes Into Quarantine

    3. @The Host You don’t have Covid by getting the vaccine!!
      It is not a live virus. The vaccine causes the body to produce its own antibodies to immediately fight Covid if you are exposed. If you get Covid and are not vaccinated your body has to form antibiotics from nothing and the virus will ravage you before your body has produced sufficient antibodies to fight the virus. The vaccine allows your body to have the ability to fight the virus immediately which minimizes symptom severity.

    4. maybe show some reports form Doctor yeadon or Doctor Tenpenny for a change while you’re at it..

    1. You don’t want those govt free incentives of beer, hot dogs, Krispy Kreme donuts while they claim it’s about “our health”?

  1. Some people want safety over freedom. Now that the vaccinated have their safety…they want your freedom.

    1. Lmao you people are completely insane. “ my freedoms my freedoms” lmao you are so triggered. Please get Covid spread it to your family don’t go to the hospital if they get sick better yet never go to the doctor reject all science and medicine as you are all skeptic of it all. Your “freedom” to spread a virus lmao

    2. @Denise Espíntypical “I hope you get it and die” response from a horrible human being.
      I already had it. Was like a cold for 2 days for me. I did talk my parents into getting the vaccine. I’m not anti vax…I’m anti mandatory vax.

    3. @Denise Espín vaccinated people can spread covid too. So what does the shot do in that aspect? Nothing.

  2. because it is not fda approved and i take care of myself. and brand new technology. no long term research. is that enough reasons?

    1. *We could easily be at a million vax deaths in the US already, but we literally have no way of knowing!* Isn’t it interesting that there’s no monitored vaccine event reporting system? VAERS reports are “unverified”, and they remain “unverified” …. seemingly forever. This is Big Pharma’s wet dream. It’s mind-boggling that there’s no serious effort to monitor deaths and other events following vaccination. How is this acceptable?

    2. @MNGuardianFan I get that, I guess I’m just tired of their misinformation bs. Keep up the good work!

    3. @DDay your while family died over something that was preventable? You have no regrets? You just stood by and did nothing? Is that you Satan? WTF

    4. @MNGuardianFan CDC published this yesterday that the vaccinated need to wear masks because they are spreading that variant to unvaxxed

    5. @john gibson Which issue/post are you referring to?
      But to your point.
      Yes, the CDC advises that vaccinated people wear masks because even vaccinated people will give off the Delta variant. They themselves will have minimal symptoms like with the other variants, it is just they can spread it.
      Unvaccinated will both spread all versions of the virus and they are at a vastly higher risk for moderate to severe outcomes than those who are vaccinated.

      As a note, if this was purely political or about the big pharma profits, why would they tell us this? It would go against the narrative that the vaccine is ‘oh so wonderful’.
      The obvious reason is they are giving us this information because it is what it true. They are following the data and their goal is to keep as many people safe as possible.

    1. @Mary Halverson oh that’s right you all think she’s a lizard alien. So she doesn’t eat or drink like us or get vaccine’s like us? She didn’t hide the fact that she got the vaccine but trump did hide the fact that he did. God luck with the delta variant.

  3. 74% of the Massachusetts “outbreak” were vaccinated. If vaccinated please wear a mask, social distance, stay home indoors, and please help keep the unvaccinated safe from the volunteer plague rats.

    1. I’m actually wary of vaccinated people. What genetically modified material are they shedding that I might breathe in?

    2. @Wesley Wyndam-Pryce The CDC claims 74% of the people testing positive in the latest Massachusetts outbreak are fully vaccinated. Please stay home, wear the mask, self isolate, and stay away from the unvaccinated we don’t want your plague.

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