1. “I’m Not Telling You”. Best answer. I really don’t understand the training journalists receive for covering a war. Time and time again you will hear journalists asking questions which can only benefit the enemy or they share sensitive war defence details during to the public. This has been going on from the start of the conflict and only now are some people in Ukraine pushing back on the questions due to the high risk factor that the Russians will use it. Are the news agencies working for Russia?

    1. @drh3b 🤪🤪🤪👉🐀💩One of the main challenges facing the U.S. economy is a shortage of workers, something employers desperate to meet strong consumer demand complain about incessantly.

      Unemployment is now nearly as low as it was before the pandemic, while job openings are near record-highs. Contributing to this tight labor supply: There are 2.3 million fewer people in the labor force — working, or actively looking for work — than before the pandemic.

      What’s holding folks back from returning to the workforce and taking available jobs? 

      Disruptions to schooling and child care are still keeping people who were working before the pandemic out of the workforce now.

    2. How did Putin make one of his puppets, Donald Trump, president of the US ? Some US media helped Putin obviously. Some western media are under great influence of Russia.


    1. @BoBo .. hating what?? … do ur own research and fact checks !! Ignorance is understandable but not arrogance

    2. @Viper that’s bcos Biden is not a puppet !!
      Don’t even talk about how ur trump handled COVID .. it was so embarrassing to watch his ignorant talks .. like chloroquine crap etc ..
      Thank God Biden took over .

    1. @jerry s _”Because we are having chip shortages, wouldn’t it be a good time for America to start making chips here?”_
      We are. Intel will be building two plants in Ohio, at a cost of $30 billion.
      Building is expected to begin in late 2022 and production is set to start in 2025.

    2. @74 Nova _”In fact battery tech is terribly dirty and no real way to be recycled or safely destroyed.”_
      This is fast becoming untrue. Look up Redwood Materials in Nevada. They are partnering with Ford & Volvo to recycle lithium, cobalt, nickel and other elements that are mainly mined abroad, and prepare them to be used again to make new lithium-ion cells at U.S. plants.

      Keep up.

    3. Biden just lied to the American people when he was told by reporters that sanctions against Russia aren’t working and told them he never said sanctions would deter Putin and “sanctions never deter” while in the same breath two of his nat’l security advisors and his VP are telling the American people the president believes sanctions are a deterrent and have always been and continues to be a deterrence! Are these people nuts?

      They may not care about Americans but they better butt tf out NOW before we see the crippling of the American Empire! Trying to force their liberal globalist order upon everyone has failed miserably.

      Russia’s emerged as the first post globalist civilization state that’s brought an end to brandon’s fully woke neo liberal globalist order! DONE! Butt out brandon…just butt out!

    1. To make thing less ambiguous, while everyone is amazed of Biden’s courage as a leader of a Superpower to actually take actions, but in fact he’s only spitting out words like every ordinary man. This make people stop fantasizing. In case anyone want one? For G sake! Go watch a Hollywood movie, there’s none in real life in US.

  2. i mean, holy crap, why do they ask the same question 5 freaking times…we heard what he said, we know what he said…the fishing for headlines by the media is ridiculous

    1. because what he’s saying makes no sense. and it was a huge mistake and a super critical time. the things he’s said are not small things. hopefully people hearing his rediculous answers that many tines will help sink in the fact that this man should not be the president of the greatest country in the world right now. at this rate, he could have the world descending into ww3 before the end of the year. they need to hide him in the basement until elections come around and we can get someone else in office or we are screwed

    2. All reporters like hyeana want find damaged Biden. What the. So important matter who cares putin shouldn’t remain power . Either Biden say or not putin gonna do crazy stuff whatever he wants . Stop disrespectful to president Biden

    1. We don’t use chemical weapons. Period. But if Bidens in office we will respond in kind right? This dudes got verbal diarrhea and it’s making America look weak AF

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    2. Because that clown known as Biden has no clue what he ever says………..do you understand now mo/ron?

    3. For Biden it’s endless since he gives different answers all the time. He is too senile to remember anything.

  3. You don’t have to apologize what you said is right it’s about time that someone can call what Putin doing is not right.

    1. I agree. Putin just said what we’re all thinking. The Republicans are always ready to pounce on anything. They’d blame Biden for cancer if they could……..

  4. Is it just me or are these reporters asking the same question over and over of “why did you say that” and “what did you mean” ?

    1. Trying to grill him on horribly stupid things that he can’t say due to foreign policy. It will be used by the Russians for propaganda, and we will continue to follow Germany’s leadership.


    3. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
      – Martin Luther King Jr. –

      Pray for Palestine🇵🇸
      Pray for Yemen🇾🇪
      Pray for Syria🇸🇾
      Pray for Libya🇱🇾
      Pray for Afghanistan🇦🇫

      = Before God, we are all equal =

      Let us pray for everyone who suffers🌎🙏

  5. Good Grief – Sometimes the Press thinks that they are smarter than they are – asking really stupid questions – Biden is right, at this point Putin is as Putin does, period. You Go Mr. President! – Ssssnaaap!

    1. No one besides Russian people can decide who is going to be in power in Russia and people on Donbass can decide

  6. Wonder what the Ukrainian and Russian dead and injured from this war would say to the reporters asking this of Biden? Maybe the reporters should also ask our POTUS, “Do you think you hurt Putin’s feelings?”

    1. Many in the Ukraine,especially the men forced to stay, don’t support Biden and Zelensky. This is the reality CNN doesn’t report.

    2. Biden has no balls. He is all talk no action and proly someone ordered him to say this. Putin is a straight alpha masculine guy.

  7. How cool would it be if a reporter stood up to ask a question, but before they did they excused themself and said, ‘before I ask my question Mr President I’d like to ask my fellow journalist to please stop asking the same question over and over. The President has clearly answered them all. He is the eldest person in this room but you guys have the bad hearing… now back to my question Mr President.” That journalist would instantly become a legend 🙂

    1. Those close captions arent near as tired as the American people of their kid sniffing demtia ridden potatoe president.

  8. Really so you mean all those reporters went to ask the same question and got just one answer? “My personal feelings, not a policy change”. Joe Biden.

    1. Thst is the whole point of this …. You still don’t get it !????? 5 pre approved and answers bjden already had prepared and rehearsed on how to answer …. Then the last guy whoever that was did not get preapproved from the White House !!! I cannot believe they even let him speak ??? He is the only one with a real question

    2. Biden knows there’s no need for him to go after Putin as the Russian will do that for him.
      The whole reason Putin started this war was because his popularity was falling and he was hoping for the same boost he got when he invaded Crimea.
      But this time around there is no ‘quick victory’ and that’s why the Kremlin is so keen to make this about Biden.
      The need to deflect the heat from the failed Ukraine war and try and put that blame on the West.
      The Kremlin is looking for some kind of minor miracle to turn this Ukraine disaster around.

    1. Figuratively speaking it may feel like a hundred years ago. It’s fairly annoying and revealing of one’s maturity, when they’re always looking to” get a gaff on someone” and can’t look at conversations with an intelligent mind and maturity.. but ya funny haha he thinks he’s more than a hundred years old! Lol also I’m dumb!

    2. @Michael Hughes The real pitiful thing is that Trump is no better….in fact he’s been clueless for decades…….never should have been burdened with the office.

  9. We are sorely in need of some quality journalists. I can remember when you couldn’t figure out what political bent a reporter had.
    Oh, but that was when they were looking for facts not re-affirmations!

    1. @Calvin Cooley That would be fine with many Democrats as long as they were not corrupt…this time.

    2. @Jimathy Johnathy Nope. Sorry, too much chaos and corruption…..There’s more to being president than just being a smartass……

    3. @Commenter I agree, just be sure you don’t just fall for the one who pisses you off the most…like last time….

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