Reports From Ground Zero 20 Years Ago 1

Reports From Ground Zero 20 Years Ago

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Reports From Ground Zero 20 Years Ago


    1. @Big Picture Thinking ivermectin is NOT used to treat Zika outside of clinical studies due to the amount of dosage a person would have to take.

    2. @Allseen974 you are spouting conspiracy, that didn’t happen and you have the wrong news site accused of your little conspiracy.

    3. Ppl with or without vaccines contract and spread COVID 19 it’s a endemic now. It’s not going anywhere and the media ppl love to resight and follow and worship don’t have answers for you.

    1. @Carson Solomon
      You talk big for someone who only created their account 1 day ago, solely to besmirch American policies & promote Trumpian discord. Bot. Troll.

    2. @Mark Evans Mark, literally no one cares what you think. Go ahead and create 5 more accounts, then maybe you can find someone to care. Yourself.

    3. @thegags The prisoners were released by the Afghan government in exchange for 1000 prisoners the Taliban was holding. If the Afghan government did not agree to it, they would not have been released because they were not our prisoners. The 5 major players, one now the head of security in Kabul, were released by Obama in exchange for Bergdahl.

    1. @Mark Evans I didn’t say my opinion on either subject. I just said the comments were coming. I wasn’t wrong either

    2. @irishgrl Are those the same ones that keep typing gibberish comments? You’ve seen the posts. “We’re floating market and other elected to get a little type market”

  1. It’s time for us Democrats to start taking responsibility for Biden’s spineless incompetence. We need to stop acting like school ground children pointing fingers!

    1. This guy’s profile picture is of leo decaprio playing a slave owner who used his largest male slaves as mandingos. That’s all you need to know about this person. Their comments are just meant to troll.

  2. Please remember the American citizens and allies, abandoned by cowardly Biden, that are still stranded in Afghanistan

    1. Please personally thank each and every American that refused to leave Afghanistan since being asked in April. May, June, July, and August for giving this troll donk material for his comedy show.
      Also, remember to thank Trump and Miller for sabotaging the SIV process instead of getting all allies and civilians out before he shuffled away to play golf on permanent vacation

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis No, it didn’t because Conservatism is a serious mental disorder that if isn’t stopped will end Democracy in the United States.

    3. @Steve Stifler yes it does set it straight.That is why you or I respond to put a stop to it. would let a person keep calling you names?

    1. Inflation is due to the economy FINALLY trying to reopen after fifteen months closed due to your cult leader’s inept handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, dum dum.

    2. @Steve Stifler Not to mention his co-conspirators in the domestic oil industry who responded to increased demand with decreased production.

      The price of oil cratered during Trump’s last year in office, reaching $3.32 a barrel the week of April 24, 2020.
      On Trump’s last full day in office, Jan. 19, 2021, the price of crude oil was $52.87 a barrel and it rose slightly to $53.26 the next day, when Biden became president at noon. Those amounts were very similar to the day Trump took office, with crude oil commanding $52.33 a barrel on Inauguration Day in 2017

      52.87/3.32 = 15.9
      Trump raised the price of oil almost 16x ?
      Of course not, *BUT*

      Gasoline prices rose during each of President Trump’s first two years in office, reversing the two-year trend that ended Obama’s second term.

      Prices fell sharply during Trump’s fourth year (COVID) to a level *almost the same* as during Obama’s eighth year.

      The Attorney General is currently investigating the domestic oil industry for price fixing because the peoper response – the MARKET DRIVEN response to an increase in demand is to increase supply, thus lowering prices for consumers.

      Secretary Blinken is also working with OPEC+ to increase production

      Now, back to @steve’s point: • Gas prices have gone up under President Joe Biden, *continuing an upward trend that began in May 2020* .

      • The increase is largely due to *supply and demand* , energy experts say, rather than presidential policies.

      • The coronavirus pandemic prompted a big fall in oil demand and gasoline prices, due to declines in driving and air travel. As the economy has slowly rebounded, growing demand has boosted prices at the pump.

    3. @Steve Stifler ok.. that makes no sense. Your cult leaders are artifificially hyperinflating. Soon gas will be $10 then $15 a gallon.. until driving is no longer an option. You’ll still praise the demented one

  3. When the Twin Towers can down Donald tRump was seen to be delightfully & demonically happy that day & was heard to say ” Good, now my tRump Tower is the Tallest building in Manhattan & NYCity.”

    1. Nah dummy. He was live on the air reporting what people at Trump tower were seeing. The only reason he mentioned the height was because people at the tower had a commanding view. It was breaking news.

    2. @Lee an egostistic comment of ” now my building is the tallest” had NOTHING to do with a commanding view

  4. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter said President Biden, unlike Trump, had the “balls” to end the war in Afghanistan. And she voted for Trump.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis but yet Joe Biden coward to the Taliban caved in like a sissy left people stranded there yeah he’s a real hero

    2. @Mark Evans NOPE, those people in Afghanistan either wanted to stay or they did NOT listen to the request of government to evacuate, they had since last year to do so. It is NOT on BIden but them. The only one who caved to the Taliban was trump with his deal he made giving them 5000 prisoners and a Taliban leader and making the deal WITHOUT the Afghan president present

    3. @Geff Joldblum lol , aww, look who is afraid of FACTS, did they scare you, so now you come back with childish speak.

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