Republican accuses China of 'worst cover-up in human history' 1

Republican accuses China of ‘worst cover-up in human history’


CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, a top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, about the origins of Covid-19, the potential evacuation of thousands of Afghan nationals whose work for the US could make them Taliban targets, and election reforms in his home state.
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    1. @William James just to help you out, they are scientists trying to save lives, sorry that your education failed you

    2. @Tanya Degurechaff The trumped up stop the steal Lie for one. Assaulting the election certification for two. The fake media movement for three.

  1. 11 minutes and at no point does Jake Tapper ask, “Hey, these are serious accusations. What are your sources?”

    1. @SoulsBorne Geralt you sound mad, still not over the election lose? you are the brainwashed, all you do is support a political opinion and not science. amazing how you talk about yourself without even realizing it.

    2. @Eric your taken your shot and stopped wearing your mask, right? I mean because science and all.

    1. @Saintsrockitall No they/we don’t, that Wuhan market looks lethal theres a good chance it started there, also no proof of either yet, but a sterile lab seems to be less likeley than that cess pool of a market. It’s possible the three lab workers got it at the market

    2. @John Mcsorley The media is now reporting that 3 scientist from the lab was infected back in November 2019. Biden has now called for an investigation. All this time and no finding that it came from an animal. Even Fauci is now convinced this is more than likely how it happened. The Chinese people that spoke up on this for over a year have disappeared. Wonder why?

    3. @Saintsrockitall Like I said no proof where it started yet. Ever hear of the Spanish flu ? it killed millions over a hundred years ago, it got labeled the Spanish flu and still it’s called that although it started in the U.S. The market is close to the lab those three scientists could easily have bought food from there.

  2. I have never understood in these situations why they don’t preauthorize the folks who are helping the military so when its time to go they all get to go.

  3. Don’t you already have to have an ID? You do here in Oregon – Again they are solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

  4. Why do i feel like im the only one who remembers NORTH KOREA KIM saying he was gonna send the U.S. a special CHRISTMAS GIFT in 2019 !! HELLO !

  5. They need to restore the faith that they undermined in the elections by making it easier to dismiss the votes they don’t like, huh? … Yeah, we can’t possibly see through their subtle plan here!

    1. @Kris Tigger you must have missed your stupid Republican lawyers, they tried to use the Minnasota voter log for the Michigan audit, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE,AND YOU STILL DONT KNOW, IT WAS AS ALREADY DEBUNKED, KOOL AID

    2. @Today The truth, as you say, is what is being investigated, for speculations, watch fox news! Ofc everyone knows it originated from china, but further than that, is what is being investigated currently.

    3. @Cid Sapient actually, there’s only fraud if there’s actually fraud. When you spend months looking for the fraud and don’t find it… theres no fraud. But for some reason, there is a large population of nitwits in this country that believe it if someone says it enough times.

  6. I’ve been voting from my living room since Bill Clinton’s re-election. No other method of voting makes any sense to me.

    1. Republicans think that’s too easy.
      My state votes by mail. When I see lines of ppl standing for hours, it’s hard to believe this is American.

  7. We should make special accommodation for Afghan translators for the simple fact that they helped us out. And on a practical note, we might need them again in the near future.

  8. Let me guess. Because he’s a Republican, mouthbreathing keyboard warriors are going to call him a conspiracy theorist.

  9. McCaul’s attitude changed and he became defensive when Trapper asked about voting restrictions.

    1. In this case, no. There is evidence the virus leaked out of the lab in Wuhan. The REAL conspiracy is how the American media (and Dr. Fauci) covered it up for nearly a year.

    2. @Darth Quantum “There is evidence the virus leaked out of the lab in Wuhan.”

      No, actually, there isn’t.

      “The REAL conspiracy is how the American media (and Dr. Fauci) covered it up for nearly a year.”

      Conspiracy theory nonsense.

  10. You lost me at the “so you conducted your own investigation” statement. These days saying that to a republican is like asking, “so what is your Qanon conspiracy theory for today?” Didn’t want to hear the bs answer.

    1. Right… no cover-up there. Trump was busy covering up the truth of the virus here, but that’s okay with the Republicans.

    2. @Paul S
      How did he attempt to cover it up and at the same time took actions? Such as: suspend traveling from/to China and eventually other countries (oddly, he was called a racist xenophobe for this action. Joe Biden does the same with India, and he’s praised), declared national emergency opening up the states to federal assistance via financial or access to federal emergency agencies, shut down the country (even as he urged everyone to open, he left that decision up to the governors), signed the DPA. Which helped restock our PPE, signed executive orders to help the everyday workers, signed stimulus bills (media won’t give him credit), initiated Operation: Warp Speed. Before he left office, the country was at 1 million doses per day. Oh, he also had covid press briefings daily.

      Or do you just ignore his actions because you hate him?
      Perhaps you don’t understand the the layout of our government? You familiar with our government… right? Federal and local state government? Presidents (being part of the Executive Branch) do not interfere in the actions of each individual state. Furthermore, the governors, working with state legislatures, and state health officials make the policies for their state, in guidance with CDC.

    3. @Paul S STHU with that BS. He didn’t want a panic. No one wanted a panic. Talk about the cover up that Cuomo did in NY.

  11. Weasel: “I haven’t read the bill.” You know full well the main issues. 70% may agree on ID but that’s because they don’t understand the situations where people don’t have ID and can’t easily get it. Plus, your party is filling their heads with lies about how prominent fraud is when it’s actually minuscule.

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