Republican-Backed Arizona Election Recount Is A 'Rogue Audit' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Republican-Backed Arizona Election Recount Is A ‘Rogue Audit’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Phoenix-based KPNX TV political reporter Brahm Resnik tells Stephanie Ruhle that the Republican-backed vote recount in Maricopa County, AZ is a "rogue audit" and says it could set a worrying precedent for elections down the road. "What prevents them from doing this again in 2022 and 2024?"

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Republican-Backed Arizona Election Recount Is A 'Rogue Audit' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. A ninja (忍者, Japanese pronunciation: [ɲiꜜɲdʑa]) or shinobi (忍び, [ɕinobi]) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks.[1] Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the honor of the samurai.

    1. Precisely what came to my mind. Ninjas practically invented espionage. Not a good look if one aims to be taken for their word.

    2. Okay, by that logic:
      Control or the exercise of control; sovereignty.
      A territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm.
      A self-governing nation under the nominal rule of the British monarch.
      It’s a company name, nothing more. Jesus.. **facepalm**

    3. @Josephus S “Dominion only means having power”. Unlike names such as “Fraud Guarantee” Or Cyber Ninja that kinda spell it out for you.

    1. @MisterTwister Republicans also believe in fairy tales , better be good Santa won’t bring you any toys HaHaHa!

  2. It’s good they are filming the audit from 9 different angles so that the whole world can see it.

    1. @Whitney Mohrhauser the ones that showed them running the ballots they pulled out of the suit cases over & over again allnight long (after they kicked everyone out due to a fake watermain break) worked just fine

    2. @zeek Well good thing that in court they could never bring any evidence that they were kicked out. And the lawyer leading the case even said in court that they were not kicked out and that they had no evidence

    3. @Bob P The media is not in the room. Only one local reporter managed to get in and they prohibited her from posting anything about what was going on while she was in there.

  3. If it was a legitimate election, then an audit shouldn’t worry anyone. They won’t find anything if it was honest

    1. @Michael Kurchak roflmao reeeee orange man bad reeeeeee he will be back in the white house soon pumpkin. Maricopa is just the beginning

    1. @TRON The unprecedented number of statistical anomalies, the unlawful changing of election rules, and the atypical processing of ballots during the 2020 election have left a large number of voters with serious questions about its integrity. Ignoring the concerns of 40% of voters is not healthy for the nation.

    2. @brady chick There are no gimmicks. And how do you know it will be the same result? You can’t know…it’s not possible.

  4. I know what could stop audits- paper ballots…
    No stealing it then when there’s a paper trail..

    1. The important thing is that each of those ballots is real and legally cast by an eligible voter. We need a new way to verify ballots… something that undeniable shows that the named voter is the one who filled it out and mailed it in. Putting a fingerprint on it maybe…? Might be simple to have some paper or film that can take a print from only body oil. Some sort of clear cover sheet is flipped over it to preserve the print. Whatever it might be, it has to be a cheap solution if we have to make hundreds of millions of them for each election.

    1. T Destroyer, the company isn’t qualified, the owner is partisan, pens were brought in against state law (no blue or black pens are allowed in counting rooms with ballots) the person in “didn’t know” and the observer who advised him of it was later banned. OANis the only authorized network to film I the room, excluding every news outlet. This company could alter ballots, could discount ballots, even lose ballots and not be checked. This isn’t an independent audit, it is a hack job, and the Arizona legislature should be removed at the next election for allowing it.

    2. @Julio Garcia You better send Trump some money, so he can hire Rudy and some other quality lawyers to prove that theory.

    3. @Co ho If there was video of fraud, why did none submit it as evidence? It’s because there is no evidence. No lawyer is going to risk disbarrment claiming a video has fraud when it clearly does not. Not even republicans that oversee the election are claiming fraud.

    4. Julio Garcia, let’s look at a few facts, the five states Trump contested all had Republican legislatures, Republican election officials and some even Republican governors. They controlled what machines, the polling places, and the counting. So the Democrats could cheat? Another consideration, Trump’s laziness, incompetence, stupidity, lies and ego caused 560,000 deaths, 10% of the population infected, largest point drop in Wall Street history largest drop in GDP in history, highest unemployment numbers on record with 400,000 small businesses closed, and 8.3 million jobs lost, the first president since Coolidge to lose jobs during his term, and yet billionaires increased their wealth by 1.3 trillion dollars while working class Americans were standing on food lines. Trump lost the popular election in 2016 by three million votes, after all I just cited, you think that the majority of Americans actually voted for him? He lost because of his incompetence, not because the Democrats cheated.

  5. When I was directly involved with VERY expensive High Tech sales, this was a techinque called the “FUD Factor” = “Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt”. It was how we positioned our product and services to instill those 3 factors into a company’s C-Level Executives to leverage them to spend money on our proposition. It was very effective. I’m seeing right through this act as a means to set up future elections in leveraging these 3 factors.

  6. If there was no cheating why are they so fearful of an audit that will be filmed for all to see?

    1. Who wants a bunch of criminal Republicans getting their grubby hands on the ballots and doing a private count with them?

    2. It shouldn’t matter what politician persuasion called for an audit just so it’s a completely legitimate 100% audit

    3. @Blaise Villaume They never did a full forensic audit of all ballots (just a sample set), and this is not a “private” recount. This audit is more transparent than any audit before it.

    1. not wrong, i watched video of the last one, controlled by that criminal sec of state there. counters were seperating obvious fraudulent mail in ballots, identical names, not folded, etc. the democrat managers told them to stop that and put them back in the stacks, ignore the fraud…….. and that is besides, the official state database 700,000 disocovered flipped votes or ghost votes (ie, the people do not even exist)

    2. It looks more orderly that the original counting of the ballots. You are out of control because the truth might come out on the fraud that was perpetrated during the election.

  7. What I call weird is people (any party) being worried about an election audit. It’s almost like they’re afraid of what they’ll find. No fear if there’s nothing to hide, people.

    1. These people are not accountable to anyone, except the people who are paying them and no one knows who that is.

    2. What they’re afraid is not what they will find, there was already an audit that proved no fraud occured. What they’re afraid is if this audit carried out by a company where its owners are huge proponents of the BIG LIE will be messed with. Because if they decide to f-ing rig the audit then even if later in court its proven false it would have already done its job in destroying the credibility of this election amongst the vast uneducated already brainwashed followers of Trump

  8. wait..she is describing what happened in Georgia when they pushed everyone out , then cameras shows boxes of ballots being pulled out and “counted”.. nothing to see here ….sure

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