Republican Bad Faith Seen In Hollow Objections To Biden HHS Nominee Becerra | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republican Bad Faith Seen In Hollow Objections To Biden HHS Nominee Becerra | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out how inconsistent Republican objections to President Biden's nominee for HHS secretary, Xavier Becerra, are with their past support for a Republican president's nominees. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Republican Bad Faith Seen In Hollow Objections To Biden HHS Nominee Becerra | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Flyin’ Ted’s desperate to get into the news under ANY headline other than, “Rich A-Hole Deserts Texas For Luxury Accommodation In Their Hour Of Need,” or, “Cruz Is Patient Zero in New Super Spreader Outbreak : Fails To Get Tested For Covid After Luxury Cancun Holiday.” I hope their, “objections,” get stomped and they get made to look like the A-Holes they are, when the, “flaws,” in their, “logic,” are publicly pointed out in Committee? I hope they go to jail

  1. Their version of “media” needs the short video to help spread the “BIG LIE” to their followers. It’s all they will see and the lie they tell to support it will be swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    1. @Copper Hopper Warren Yes, I know. His father went to the US first then to Canada then back to US. Doesn’t stop him being Cuban, does it? Do you have a problem with Ted’s Cuban blood?

    2. @Margaret Nicol ROTF… thank you I needed that laugh. (my god parents were Hispanic – R.I.P. Papa Chui )
      As to Cruz, I have absolutely nothing against his heritage. What I *do have* is a problem with people not knowing the difference between nationality ( ie: where you were born or where you were naturalized) and which culture they are descended from.
      The two are not the same and should not be used interchangeably.

    3. @Copper Hopper Warren I get annoyed with him when he goes against immigration when he comes from an immigrant family himself.
      If you know the difference regarding culture then you’ll have empathy with black people who came here as slaves. Too often ignorance has them coming from ”Africa” without realizing that Africa is a continent with about 54 countries – all of which are different. That is so difficult to understand when people (white) can trace their families back to Italy or Scotland or France – but all ”Europe”.

  2. They don’t care how stupid they sound because they know it doesn’t matter. Nothing will happen to them when their hypocrisy is exposed. Republican voters no longer care what is said or done so long as they are republicans and they say the love Jesus.

    1. Or the poticical greedy clown they made of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile they have anyway abandon him and pray directly to the orange.

  3. Folks,, we are officially in “The Twilight Zone”. How these Republican Politicians are not called out even by their own followers for hypocrisy is amazing..

    1. Hypocrisy seems to be epidemic.

      The Pathetic hypocrisy you speak of, is mirrored in your unwillingness to accept reality, and could not have existed/manifested if not for your head in the sand.

      Your Love of TMZ is killing us all, and you jump on the, “it’s Trump” bandwagon…like the world begun in 2016.

      Ultimately, you mutilate reality, so you don’t have to accept you have something to talk about with “ppl”, that really aren’t People…

      Which makes you feel better, about lacking, in the inside.

      I can smell your guilt.

    2. @inter modus Don’t get me wrong,, hypocrisy is on both sides of the isle but Republicans seem to have the edge.. And the wonderful thing about living in this day and age is technology, so all the hypocrisy is recorded and archived,, all u have to do is look it up.. Fox News is worried about a 2 BILLION dollar lawsuit because they spread misinformation,, not TMZ.. Idk if u know this but the Fox group had to send lawyers to defend Tucker Carlson,, and u know what the Fox Groups lawyers told the judge? That Carlson’s show is a opinion show and things he says can’t be based on facts. So what now?

  4. brilliantly said, ty dr maddow, exactly. the gqp cares nothing for or about our nation, about good government, only about their own power.

  5. Is there anything that can be done about senators and representatives who engage in this kind of hypocritical behavior? Don’t say “vote them out”, because that’s not getting done.

    1. @Salt Daemon The only traitors in this country are trying to infringe on the only right that specifically says shall not be infringed….

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog That’s cute, especially the way you’re disingenuously overlooking all of the innumerable arrogant, deluded, and superstitious religious zealots who are deliberately twisting and misreading that right as an excuse to impose the asinine dictates of their own personal dogmas onto everyone else… Also, go look up WTF “traitor” _actually_ means as defined in the Constitution, because you’re using it wrong.

  6. This is coming from a party who thinks someone that makes a mockery of school shootings was a perfect choice to be on education committee……

    1. @andrea Perry I think it comes from their basic philosophy that our system of government needs to be destroyed piece by piece. Fascist dictatorship is their goal.

    2. @DH Brown They _definitely_ have innumerable wet dreams imagining a genuine American Oligarchy! (as opposed to the nascent one currently in existence).

    1. Thank you for not calling him “Ted”, the name he goes by to appease white Christian Texas voters who hate immigrants. I also refuse to call him Ted.

  7. If Biden’s nominee were a doctor, what would their “excuse” be? We know why they’re doing this. It is really sad that people like Cruz are in our government. They never make decisions for the right reasons.

  8. Can we donate a one-way ticket to Cancun Cruz? Every time the guy opens his mouth obviously shames his family, his constituents, and his oath to the Constitution.

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